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Dear Port Moody City Council – Re: Mayor Rob Vagramov

Dear Port Moody City Council,

As per Dianna Dilworth’s invitation via her verified Twitter Account, I am responding to her welcoming the opportunity for City Councillors to hear from City Residents regarding the personal affairs of the current Port Moody City Mayor.  I do not know any details of the current legal affairs regarding the duly elected Mayor Rob Vagramov, but I can pretty much assume that none of you were there yourselves in person to witness whatever did, or whatever did not happen, between himself and some sort of woman.  In fact, I would venture to guess that Mayor Rob Vagramov is the only one who knows what it is he actually did and actually did not do.

As a MALE Life Long City Resident who has been in this City since before I was born, with the exception of a few recent years where I was unjustly RAILROADED into homelessness, destitution and nearly into suicide (which was only prevented by other homeless people making death threats and physical assaults my person, thus draining my energy and preventing me from committing the final act), I have a few things to say.  Please listen carefully.

I was RAILROADED out of my HOME by Port Moody City Officials after I had asked them for help in period of my life where I nearly dropped DEAD from stress.  That was my 40th Birthday in Port Moody.  Nearly dropping dead from stress while those at work were concerned that it might happen right in front of them.  Stress.  The worst thing that anyone could do in that situation was add more stress.  Shortly there after I was RAILROADED out of my Home and into a very painful destruction.  My home which is intertwined with my Biological Life more so than most of you could ever begin to comprehend.  I want each and everyone of you to understand something about me.  I am only alive and surviving by the grace of God and the love of Her Majesty the Queen.  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, in case any of you need to be reminded.

I was RAILROADED out into the streets with no notice into complete financial destruction, into the loss of my livelihood of twenty-five years, into the loss of my Dignity, into the loss of my Pride, it even KILLED my beloved cat who helped me get through both my Father’s Death and my Grandmother’s Death.  My cat who would wait for me to come home.  My cat who would follow me up and down the street.  This, not even two years since the deepest, darkest, blackest six months of my life where I was literally facing the final trigger into suicide every hour – for six months plus.  A former co-worker had bumped into me by mere chance during that period.  He immediately turned as white as a ghost because he thought that I had less than a week to live.  He thought he was looking a Dead Man Walking.  There is no way I could ever condense to you what I have been through.

I do not even believe the overwhelming majority of you sitting around that table could ever comprehend what I have been through by the likes of BUREAUCRATS and Accusations.  False Accusations,  automatically engaging bureaucratic justification which has resulted in what I can only imagine is an expenditure at the Public Expense of well over million dollars.  This expense to supposedly protect a “Woman” and literally drive a Innocent Man into Suicide, solving everyone else’s “problems”.  Don’t get me wrong, what a great thing for people employed by the government.  So many jobs for people living on the public purse collecting their pay-cheques were justified bureaucratically. Not only this, but self-perpetuating skewed statistics are furthered, which just happens to result in even more wasteful public expenditure at the tax-payers expense.  All this while actually endangering that same woman the System was pretending to protect.

I want you to understand something.  Men and Women are not Equal.  It is a Biological impossibility.  We are all God’s Children.  You have one of God’s Sons sitting in the Mayor’s Chair.  As Daughters, you should treat him as such.  I went through everything I went through because I saved my Mother’s Life.  I likely extended my Father’s Life.  Do you know how I was treated for doing such?  I was FALSELY ACCUSED.  Accused of mistreating a woman by people trying to Unjustly Enrich themselves while using “WOMEN’s SPECIAL PRIVILEGED RIGHTS and PROTECTIONS” to manipulate the System and the Populace to attain their desires.  Your so called ‘Equality’ laws, where women are unnaturally elevated like Preying Manti.  Empowered to abuse and destroy their Male counterparts for short term, short sighted gain and long term loss.

Do you know what the news feeds regarding this Mayor affair look like to me?  The news feeds look like a bunch of Hens are trying to the Rule the Roost and out the Rooster.  I wish I was as good as Foghorn Leghorn, but in reality that is all this really is.  A bunch of women (and weak men) being emotionally manipulated.  A bunch of them attempting to manipulate each other while attempting to draw the public into their senseless drama.  This is an effort trying to dispose of a Man by means of a mere Accusation.  An accusation of a supposed private natural affair which has nothing with his ability to do his democratically elected job.  In fact, one could even go as far as to suspect that this is being used to undermine our ‘supposed’ democracy and turn political favour against the expressed public vote for the gain of who knows what.  This must be a very old game.  The game of: “Kill the Men, Reward the Whores, Collect the Profit”.

Quite frankly, I think that there are COMMUNISTS holding positions in the City of Port Moody.  I also think that there are very large external Capitalist Financial Interests in Port Moody.  Big Money interests.  When the Cat is away, the Mice will play.  I have to ask myself the real reason why Councillors want the Mayor removed.  What personal benefit to their positions and to their personal interests is there?  Without the Mayor, what do the Councillors want in removing the Public Will expressed during the last City Election?  What gain, what motivation, do they have?  We can look at the Queer Svend Robinson who admitted to stealing jewelry for his boyfriend out of a jewelry store. He did not lose his government position.  An Admitted Thief.  A proven thief not losing his position to influence the public purse and still to my knowledge is in the continual pursuit of the game of paid politics.

Please shut your mouths and let the ELECTED MAYOR do his job until he is proven Guilty.  Proven guilty in CORRUPT POLITICISED Courts that is.  You people sitting around that table, you are intelligent enough to understand that concept correct?    Innocent before proven Guilty.

I would love to be EMPOWERED because just the like Police Chief going on the air in a pink shirt expressing on television what a great job his Police Officer’s of this City are doing, including the ones who knowingly misrepresented a NARRATIVE to the CROWN, driving me into an inevitable suicide, laughing and giggling while doing so, after expressing that they do not want to deal with the issue before them…  Imagine if you will, there I was in a homeless shelter, breathing FENTANYL, being physically assaulted by both MEDICAL STAFF and Homeless Junkies, Mentally Abused by so called Corrections, while trying to make the best of my situation for ALL PEOPLES rolling back and forth in mental health, up and down, wrestling with potentially committing suicide…  Right there for me to see during that period was the Police Chief of Port Moody on television.  What a Great Job Everyone was doing, including and especially the “Lead Investigator” in my case.

The Police Department of Port Moody does not engage me in fair open discussion in front of the Public Eye.  They seem shy of coming out in the open light in front of the world.  Rather than engage me about bettering the Policing System, the Medical System, the Court System, for all peoples, government employees and private citizens alike, they simply ignore me.  Not only do they ignore me, they Delete and Block me over Facebook.  A Government Endorsed Social Media Communications Publishing Platform which at one time was my ONLY viable means of communication.  Imagine that, your life is such a mess that the only means that you have to communicate is Facebook.  The only means you have to contact the police in your overall state is Facebook.  You cannot even contact the Police in an Emergency because the Police have blocked you.  Imagine that if will.

A Government Employee of British Columbia had confessed the following words to me: “We know we KILL PEOPLE but no one knows how to stop it”.  Here I was.  I know how to stop it, but no one will listen.  Maybe it is because I do not have a ‘government approved certification’, a piece of paper, for the telling the government how to stop killing people.  A government in which government employees have confessed that they do not know how to stop.  I do not want to pick on the police, but I have to say: Great “INTEGRITY” Port Moody Police.   Laugh at someone you nearly killed, cut off his ability to communicate with you publicly, delete and block him, and ignore all pleas to better the System for all the World, front of all the World.  Great job.  Way to Lead.  Way to put the City on the Map.  Priority number one for Port Moody Police top brass: “Better Staff Parking”.  I overheard that conversation first hand while trying to recover and pick up the lost pieces of my life.  Better Staff Parking.  I was willing to give my life to better your jobs and you only care about staff parking.

I would love to EMPOWERED because I bet that many of you holding your positions around that table are not only completely inept, but absolutely SELF-SERVING.  IE: CORRUPT.

Leave Mayor ROB VAGRAMOV alone to do his job.  Please respect him while he is doing his job.  Thank you,

Daniel John BERLADYN,
560 Foress Drive,
Port Moody, BC
V3H 1J2

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