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Dear Facebook

Dear the GOVERNMENT ENDORSED Social Media Communications Publishing Platform known as Facebook,

I am Canadian and you are infringing on my Natural Rights to Communicate with an Elected Member of Parliament and my fellow Canadians during a Canadian Federal Election. This goes against my Constitutional Rights in Canada.


This is no different than a Government Endorsed Corporation going around gluing the beaks of birds shut to fulfill that very same corporations political agendas. It is a violation of my Natural Rights, it is a crime against Humanity, a crime against Mankind itself.

Quite honestly I have nothing against you people, but I do think that I just might believe that you should all be brought up on Criminal Charges and Tried for these Crimes. They are Crimes.  It is Criminal behaviour, your conduct that is. People MUST have the ability to speak in their own names, on their own accounts and over official government pages in their respective countries in the absolute very least.

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