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Insured by God

The whole System is corrupt.  Nice letter.  I note how the communications of a “private” corporation are frequently timed, well uniquely timed, continually when I am about to interact with Government Agencies.  This tells me that there is a leak of information somewhere and that privacy laws, are all bullshit used to instill one-way controls.  I have Testified in Court, I believe on four separate occasions, that I have been MURDERED by the State in the good name of Her Majesty the Queen, Queen Elizabeth II.  Every time I turn a corner I get @#$%’ed again by someone, somewhere in the government, and the effects just keep continuing.  Right now, I just returned from confirming the negative effects of a government employee which dates all the way back to January of this year.

“We are prepared to have a reasonable discussion

That is very well of you, however those in government positions apparently do not.  In fact, they would rather just bury their crimes and move on.  It has already been said.  If I have no Rights neither do you.  As it is, I am tempted to write “Insured by God” on my license plate and continue going my own way.  This is only compounded by my immediate situation, the information that I confirmed today, and your letter.  Earlier this year, perhaps it was late last year even, people who are friends with people who have dined with the President of the United States Donald J. Trump told me that they believed I really had spoken with him over the internet.  He is like that I was told.  The manners in which he engaged me that is.  Do you know what he spoke of?


If I have learn to forgive after being decimated unjustly just to try to manage to attempt to try to move on while continually facing problems that should not be there, maybe what you represent should do the same.  That is, maybe you should learn to forgive and to move on.  I might write more in depth here, but it is critical that I put my attention elsewhere at this moment.

Comments on Insured by God

  • Concerned Canadian

    I am concerned for your well-being stranger. I know you do not trust the government, but Do you have a family member or loved one you can get back in touch with? Your writing is symptomatic of paranoid schizophrenia.

  • dan-berladyn

    Well, lets see. I generally like people commenting here but they do not seem to take advantage of the ability too often. Thank you for stopping by.

    “Paranoid Schizophrenia”.

    I find it odd that you would give me a label, but it reminded me of something earlier on tonight. I was told by a Facebook friend (which I have never met) that he has some damaged condition from his childhood vaccination that leaves him in the “Savant Spectrum”. I looked that up. I skimmed a page on such and then I replied to him. I told him that I do not like labels. They are fine for giving a generalization about a characteristic, but a person is not their label. I have never met him, but I am not going to look at him as a “Savant”. I am not going to look at him any differently than I already have.

    Are you familiar with the Citizens Commission on Human Rights ( If not, you should look them up. You should watch their videos and come to understand just how these labels are created. Labels like “Paranoid Schizophrenia”. Psychiatry is a pseudo-science. I believe, at the tax-payers expense, I have seen twenty psychiatrists. I have had a lot to say about meeting those people, but for one reason or another at most times I have not had the means to say those things while I had had the will. You can listen to the recording of the last psychiatric meeting. I believe it is on this site.

    There is nothing wrong me. I am a normal person with some not so normal external affairs. To compound this, I have been immersed in a System that even well experienced Police Officers and Lawyers tell me doesn’t work. Now, I might agree that I am possibly partly dyslexic as I note that I constantly make typos, skip words and even mis-order words as I type – especially if I have a lot to say and I just want to hammer the text out. It is often disappointing to come back to my text and see errors that I feel I should not make. However, my writing here and what I believe you are commenting on is not some “psychiatric” illness.

    “Mental Health”

    I drink too much coffee. I don’t often get enough sleep. I have a tooth that keeps wearing me down with pain. Facebook loves violating my natural right to speak in my own name which gives me momentary issues. I am getting old. I am self employed and I earn an honest living with my hands. I have been railroaded and shafted by government services, which imploded my finances, caused property losses, destroyed relationships, crippled my income, gave me health problems (or exasperated them) and much much more.

    Do I have a family member that I can get in touch with? Well, seeing that family had brought all this on me in the very beginning, and seeing that systematic destruction was so thorough, not only did it kill my cat, I literally watched the overwhelming majority of my extended family turn their backs as my immediate family members poisoned them with untruths to cover their own rear-ends. This is all rather sad to say actually about my extended family because their very own parents would have never of been so stupid.

    Of course, everything is compounded again by the System itself with it’s own inherent bias against males. I have been through a lot of crap and I will not be written off as some label that masks reality and gives everyone else a comfortable way out. Thank you for your comment.

  • Concerned Canadian

    Forget the labels, then. I am not commenting on the quality of your writing but the thought process and the ideas in it at times. You should try to reach out to somebody to at least help you face-to-face deal with the emotions of the hard hand you have been dealt.

  • dan-berladyn

    I never replied to you as my tooth has been causing me to avoid responding to a lot of immediate needs.

    Anyways, what I would like to say is that there are 7,000,000,000 plus people on this planet. To my assumption, this website is available to any one of them provided that they have internet access. Many people, including police departments, have been invited to engage me here in front of the entire world for all to see. Right here out in the open. Right here out in the light. However, no one wants to do that.

    Face to face, like you claim would be of assistance has proven to be anything but. There are several reasons for this. Some of them are purely psychological. I often find text to be a more neutral means of communication. I find there is less interference. I find there is less bias. Maybe I don’t like someone’s shirt, or their nose, or their haircut, or their snort. Maybe they do not like mine. Through text, there is less irrelevant details to colour perspectives. Secondly, it provides a natural wall, time and personal psychological peace before providing deep answers.

    Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it assists in guaranteeing integrity before the World. There is no way an individual can engage me online, then (un)intentionally slant reports against the truth, for that individuals/organizations own benefit. There is no schmuck with a piece of paper making a false claims burying me in bullshit which the less than critical thinkers easily buy into (without thinking twice about it). On top of this, even if an individual is trying, not succeeding, and the two of us get no where – others can easily pick up where things have been left off. Efficiency. I do not like repeating myself. It is tasking.

    I strongly have felt that much positive change could be brought to the world, to all of us, if I could have maintained the means to follow through with everything I had determined prior. Which is rather sad actually, because up until I started to go through what I did with the System, I generally had the means, the time, even occasionally the energy and the desire for the purpose. There’s lots I can still do, but I am somewhat personally adrift now.

    Do I abandon everything and live out whatever is left of my life to the best I see fit?
    Do I attempt to congeal, regroup and try to fulfill some prior deep personal convictions?

    You cannot answer that for me. Really nobody can. Only myself. Before I can even answer that, I have to heal and find stability, which.. are areas I keep falling short. It is just a repeating cycle. I need to get stronger, but I am not strong enough to get stronger. I mean that financially, physically, emotionally, etc. When I begin to feel like I am on the upswing and have found continuity in such, boom… something ridiculous knocks me backwards.

    Anyways, it’s not worth explaining. If the work would flow smooth enough, the rest of me will follow. If not well…

    Meanwhile, I will try to keep it in mind, which ideas, which letters and which direction are truly worthwhile. We each only have so many trips around the Sun. If we didn’t take such for granted, perhaps we would all have a better go of it.