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Free Speech Social Media Communication Platforms

Gab is a community of people from around the world who are working together to build open source software products that preserve the freedom of speech, sovereignty, and privacy for everyone on the internet.  Our mission is to protect free expression, decentralize the web, and democratize access to information for all people, everywhere.  Individual liberty, open source software, and user privacy are at the core of our company’s mission and of our community values.”

Since finally signing up in December of 2017, I find I just keep going full circle.  Back to Gab.

Back to the Wild West…

The only problem with Gab is that there is no verified official Government Accounts and no verified Government Representatives to engage in conversation.  Gab is not ‘Government Endorsed‘.  Incidentally, it is also not corrupted by Political Correctness and the fraud of Speech Control.  I should not say that there are no verified accounts as I was under the impression United States President Donald J. Trump had had a verified account there.  It also happens to be where I supposedly chatted with him by mere happenstance.  My part of that conversation deleted for my own reasons.  Things have changed on Gab since.

Of course it would likely do me well to stay off of mainstream Social Media, concentrate on staying quiet, keep my own boat afloat, and put my mind to where I would like it to be.  Hopefully I have not allowed the addictive lures of Facebook to derail my overall meager situation too dangerously far, but I would like to do just that.  Concentrate on keeping myself afloat, finding peace and harmony within myself, exploring and perhaps even implementing some constructive convictions; ideals – ideas – purposes, etc.  I keep looking back over my entire life, if I had only done the things I knew I should do, if I had only done the things I that had wanted to.

Anyways, perhaps I can still find my way if I can just maintain a casual non stressing flow of work.  Keep it simple.  I try, but it is not as easy as it should be.

Back to Gab.  They have the right idea.  It actually fits in quite well with many of my former ideas and even this website.  WordPress, this website, these are the right ideas too.  It is not set up the way I would like, but everyone should have control of their own text.  Their own expression.  Everyone should have this kind of thing.  The Individual should be in control of his communications.  Not the Community.  Not the Communists.  Not the Corporations.  Not the Capitalists.  The Individual.  Thy Self.

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