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Month: August 2019

Royal Bank – thanks for that screw up

I am back dating this (Sept 23rd), maybe I will write it in later.

As I expected, that one little “mistake” on your part, putting a hold on what was literally CASH deposited into my account, was exactly what I did not need.  A snow ball effect.  I can almost make excuses for the “mistake”, but what I cannot excuse is the lack of admission and the deflection of blame right back on my person.  You people caused me a great deal of stress, which cycled into even more stress.  I assume it was you phoned the police which added even more stress as I had to tell them to leave the property where they are not welcome.  Then, once the complications of those weeks were factored in, trying to keep jobs rolling, appearances up and trying to manage assistance while my ability to pay for gas and food is cut off…  then to have all that time wasted, only to be treated like a child by an Assistant Manager on my fifth appearance over that very same money…

That on top of an impossible customer (another unrealistic anal paper pusher) and wow..  I had literally had to shut down and walk away from the rest of my jobs I had lined up.  Now I face an un-pretty situation.

Anyways, I do appreciate the lack of monthly charges for the last few years.  I appreciate that.  You helped.  I didn’t want to close the account, but having a woman try to take “charge” of me and dictate that I sit four times while repeatedly instructed her not to tell me what to do, then to have to deal with her playing games after I asked to close my account; ridiculous.  She should have just phoned the police like she kept threatening.  Instructing an Officer to Charge her with THEFT in front of all of your Customers would have been worthwhile.  Even if the Officer failed in his Duty.  Which, one likely would have.  It was theft.  Denying me what was rightfully mine.  My threat to do just that was likely one of the only reasons I got my money out of there without wasting anymore time.

That and perhaps a few decent guys just told her to give my money.  I did not deserve to be treated as if my financial matters and your mistakes are of no concern to my person.  I now operate without a bank because of someone’s screw up that your corporation could not admit to.  Thanks for your part.  All that I had wanted was for you people to be honest and to not treat me like I do not matter while several tellers lied through their teeth about it all.  It was very apparent.  By the way, it is none of your business why one of your clients gives money to another one of your clients.  You are fucked.  All of you.  The whole system.  You happily engage in trying to control the ‘peasants’.  Disgusting.