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You should be…

Not showing up here and manipulating an elderly citizen for your own monetary gain. I find it disgusting that you walk free. You destroy an innocent person’s life, you lie, you cheat, you steal, you manipulate, you committed perjury and half the government aides and abets you in those crimes (knowingly). You go after your own flesh and blood for wealth and control you did not earn, nearly killing someone innocent several times over, even endangering your own mother who you have gloated it is so easy for you to manipulate, and here you are.  Walking around free like you are somebody. No remorse. No regrets. No shame. What a sad corrupt world this is.

Your boyfriend is a piece of crap too.  Befriends and entangles himself with someone who fucked over her ex-husband, her children’s father.  Merges his life with someone who attempted to control, steal and murder from her own brother.  Then sucks up to the mother like another piece of crap with his hand out.  Using the the properly to store his furniture, his dog, etc.  Use and take.


Absolutely corrupt.  The police, the medical system, the social system, victim services, the courts – absolutely corrupt to the core.  The politicians everyone.  You let a little manipulative thieving cunt, in conjunction with my piece of shit brothers manipulate, coerce steer an elderly person right into my death, over and over.  Aiding and abetting.  This is not even just a family problem anymore, it is a political problem, a system wide problem.  All you kill innocent people and try to sweep it under the rug.  If they survive, while they are emasculated and trying to pull their life back together… you just continue aide and abet.  It’s healthier for me to let it all go, but you are all too stupid to look in the mirror and face your own faults, which means I might have to write it all out so at least before I get hit with more corrupt bullshit I can least die leaving behind what pieces of garbage you are all.  All of you.  Pieces of disgusting shit.  Take, lie, cheat and steal.  As long as your own ass is covered, that is all you losers care about.  Pathetic.

Suddenly rather than keeping tabs on my mother daily via the phone, my little skank sister is here continuously doing who knows what with my own mother, pretty much ensuring that she keeps that wedge in the mother-son relationship that almost resulted in death, multiple times.  You are all pieces of fucking shit.  Everyone of you.  Cops, politicians, medical stall, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, all of you.  Just useless communist garbage.  I find it unbelievable that the population is so stupid that put up with all this shit and even believe in it.  If I did at one time.  It’s easier to believe that it’s all for the common, but once you are forced to see it.  Once you are forced to see just how corrupt all these entities over such a simple problem, there really is not turning back.  You can all deny, you can all make excuses like losers, but you are all human garbage.



I do not like this post being here.  Originally I put it up and then took it down.  Then I put it back up again, because it is just the same thing cycling itself over that led to the police involvement in the very first place, except now things are even worse.  Anyways when I added to this directly above I was tired.  When I am tired I am exponentially more vulnerable to my emotions.  I am not going to re-read it to myself as I already know what I wanted to add here.  I wanted to add that I was tired, which removes my filters.  I do not like saying what I said about family members, police, government workers and on and on, but it’s all true.  It’s also how I feel.

I do not know if you can imagine this, but I have been undermined and stabbed in the back most of my life.  It made dating much harder.   I am a single guy.  I literally stopped dating ten years ago when my sister began her divorce and crashed into this house.  Ten years.  I had enough problems dating from issues surrounding my family and the compounding weakening of existence for others to take advantage of predator-wise.  The world is not a nice place.  I still had the odd fling, the odd friend, the odd short relationship, but the last date for me was probably 2012.

Last week some attractive younger woman started messaging me, expressing interest and capturing my interest.  I almost remembered what it was like to have a girlfriend, at least the better aspects of one.  She asked me out, got herself all excited.  We skipped the original night and went the next night.  For me, I would it would have been better the night before or the night after.  Anyways, I am broke, still struggling through basic problems hoping that my finances will not become an issue.  Hoping that I will not have come to the conclusion that we want to rent and I cannot, or hoping that I not going to end up opening the wallet spending excessive peanuts that I simply just do not have.

As it turned out, not only was she younger, really good looking, she came from wealth.  Her parents I assume have a lot of money.  She makes a ridiculous amount of money.  Her yearly bonuses are more than an Officer’s yearly salary.  So here I am in this hot and cold, back and forth, uncertainty with this woman and mixed signals, not feeling very worthy but at the same time almost feeling worthy enough to connect.  It just ended abruptly.  I knew what she wanted, we didn’t go there.  I wasn’t really hurt over it because she’d likely just rip my heart out down the road anyways.  I think she’s fighting her own biology for her lifestyle and career, but that’s her business.

The next night kinda lacked in comparison until I found myself in the company another younger woman, who was actually much younger, and more sincere than I first assumed.  I still haven’t called her back again to try and befriend her and just casually go out as she seemed to have wanted.  My point is, I ended with some late nights and I was really tired when I wrote the above.  I would rather it not be here, but with the lack of sleep, the emotional pulls, the remembrance of just how much of my life has been flushed down the toilet and the absolute lack of  care for anyone in a position to not just show me the respect to fix this personal situation in a genuine true manner, but the absolute lack of respect towards the country and the rest of the citizenry is just appalling.

These people do not want to fix a system that is broken.  They just want to look good serving themselves.

Anyways, I was tired when I wrote the above but it’s true.  90% of the population, 90% of people in positions, are just pieces of fancy garbage.  There is not excuse and no justification.  You do not need anything to do the right thing, but the will.  I have noted ZERO will.  ZERO.  I have however noted that my website hits have more than doubled.  I do not think that is from my Facebook activities, but likely the slow updates and content on this site.



I am just going to put this here because I am ‘banned’ from speaking to friends on Facebook.  By other means the only friend I would want to post this to in the moment is currently ‘banned’ as well.   She’s a really nice, really smart lady.  At least I seem to think so.

I just came back from seeing Stockwell Day in person at a local Conservative Party event.  What that was about, why I went, what I thought of it all is besides the point.  I did note when I arrived that it was right near the Coquitlam Detachment.  In leaving, in speaking to another person who attended I was struck by his views.  We seem to have enough opinion in common, but I was struck by some of his views which are in sharp contrast to mine.  Maybe he said it all in the beginning, he watches too much CNN and he watches too much Fox News.  I do not watch either.  I do not get spoon fed.  Consequently, I am not always up to date but I am also not filled with the twist.  Driving back I couldn’t help but think about his views, the differences between American and Canadian politics, all the flaws I see in the political system and how the majority of people at that event seemed “cucked”.  I could go on, but I am not going to.

Stopped at a light, I lit a smoke then I felt like a bum for how that must have looked to the Officer who was hiding behind a sign looking at me while scratching his chin.  I was surprised that it was a yellow stripe and not a blue stripe.  Good looking Officer.  Looked good in uniform.  I have no issue with him.  Seeing him only phased me for a moment, then I went back to my thoughts.  Along with some new thoughts.  That was on the border of Port Moody, I would have expected that to be Port Moody Police and not RCMP.  I see a lot of police lately.  I know most of it, if not all of it, has nothing to do with me.  I did however wonder start to wonder.  There has been government hits on here lately.  Most of it unproven, just educated observations, then today the outright no hiding government network taking a look.  I don’t really care, I am not posting any of this for attention.

I did observe in my peripheral vision, that the Officer decided to walk away from his hiding spot.  This after watching me for a bit.  I am not paranoid.  I don’t even care – but if he was there to just to observe me and write reports please just stop.  It is just adding to the long wastes of paper already written.  I know I have shot my mouth off on a local politicians page regarding what I saw in regards to the picture she posted.  The bottom line to that, is that you guys are getting a little too queer, a little feminised, a little too political, a little too corrupt for my tastes.  If you are going to do anything, do not observe me and write more reports, get online and talk to me in front of everyone.   Talk to me where I am psychologically balanced and everything is fair for each party involved.  Where each party has no ability for anyone to lie and cover their bullshit.  You can even do it here on this website if you had to.

Thanks for reading.

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