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This is my Given Name, I have the Rights over such. God given Natural Rights.

You cannot imagine what I was up against daily when this picture was taken. Trying to survive after being railroaded out of my home and livelihood, just months after I nearly dropped from stress on my 40th birthday, not two years after nearly going through the longest, darkest, blackest six months of my life, on the very edge of suicide every single hour of every single day. A friend had bumped into me turning as white as a ghost, he told me later that he thought I had less than a week to live. I go through all of that, only to unjustly have the weight of the ‘System’ try to kill me. Anyways, my point is – does anyone have a good picture ?

Do you ever give me a headache!

It is bad enough as it is.  I see the notification message changed again.

I have many answers to this….  you will have to allow me to nurse my splitting headache…  before I complete the form.

Nice ‘open’ and ‘transparent’ form by the way.   I could probably use 10,000 characters or more to reply in full.  Nice masking of communications here.  Maybe it expands and it will all be fine, but I likely have already written enough reasons to start an encyclopedia all over your platform.  That is just me, never mind every other human-being walking the Earth.  Never mind my real world situation that I guarantee you know nothing about on an internal level.  The clock is ticking and just like my siblings and the police, you are preventing me from looking after my immediate needs.  From what is really important.  This is a crime against humanity, a crime against life, a crime against knowledge, a crime against God.

If you want that explained in full, I need more than a tiny text box.

hd 8824 – tro

Thank you President Donald J. Trump, and everyone else involved in correcting this issue.  I only wish I could bring all my words together that I have ever stated towards this topic, polish them and then enter them into the text-box  above.  This head fog I have, the headache, it just not go away.

The Liberal War on Free Speech

My administration believes that ALL Americans have the right to Free Speech. We will not let the Left's war on Free Speech win!

Posted by Donald J. Trump on Föstudagur, 17. maí 2019
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