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Port Moody Police


So what do I do here with a System that is clearly broken, with a System that knowingly KILLS innocent people?

This is the last thing that I need to be doing.  Everyone’s job for them.  You people have had somebody here for three years, somebody who you have been earning your livings off of (by driving him into his death), this while he wants to fix this System for everybody.  For all of you government-paid employees going around and driving everyone into bankruptcy.  You worry about repainting the lines for parking at the police station for your own comfort instead of someone you, and your peers, murdered.  This instead of fixing the System so it actually works with integrity, efficiency and accountability.  You could have changed the whole world for the better if you just stood with INTEGRITY , accepted the offer and did the right thing, answering the call.  Nope, much easier to play dumb and be a self-serving system-monkey. 

Then there is the populace.  Even the populace is pathetic.  Quite honestly, the over-whelming bulk of problems in Society would disappear with what I could see was needed.  All it would have taken, was the right meager support, the simplest things you could imagine, instead of helping me…  honestly it is mind-boggling.  It gives me the worst head-ache.




These Officers only care about themselves and what they think are suppose to do (for themselves). They do not care about my mental health, about killing me, about my religious convictions, about truth, about anything, it’s the same old thing. They want to forcibly remove from my own home, they want to interrupt and stop me from typing this. They do not care that this results in death. They will not talk about it in front of the world, but they tell me I am not working with them, they do not care for the truth. They are godless pieces of shit who are bringing one of Her Majesty’s Subjects great harm against better knowledge and better intents.

“I do not understand” ” I do not get it”  –  The Officer stated, the Supervisor stated.

Well, he sure said it.  He doesn’t get it, but he wants to force his way onto another person over something he does not understand.  Moron.


They need to leave NOW.

You should not even be trusted to speak to my mother.  You will coerce her just the same as you did the other times.

For your own benefit.  You corrupt your processes.

I need help someone help me, the officers are BREAKING THEIR OWN TO HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.



I have ZERO psychological peace

  • John Berladyn These cops are complete pieces of shit
  • John Berladyn Lying pieces of shit
  • John Berladyn They are CRIMINALS helping CRIMINALS
  • John Berladyn Drive someone into their DEATH who cares?

    They just VIRTUE-SIGNAL and assist help people coerce and Elderly Woman into killing her Own Son.

    Then the LIE in Court. Lie in Files.

    Lie all while they pretend they are offering the public a service.

  • John Berladyn They all sworn an oath not to damage Her Majesty’s subjects, these stupid fucks do not even realise…
  • John Berladyn Nobody cares that the System is corrupt and that it can be fixed for everyone. These piece of shit, you should see how many there are… sitting her, protecting someone who disposed of their own Blood and Flesh. Protecting someone who drove one of their own into suicide. Protecting someone who drive someone into nearly dropping dead right in front of them. Protecting someone who manipulated and coerced a senior citizen for unjust enrichment.
  • John Berladyn These MORONS could have fixed the world, instead they take it upon themselves to serve themselves. All of them.
  • John Berladyn This System could be fixed, but they would rather hurt someone and drive them into their death than assist that person in making that happen. In making the System better for everyone.

    They guys are so proud to stand here and tell me that I am not co-operating in being thrown out of my home after the woman who has title has manipulated AGAIN for unjust enrichment.


    Even their CHIEF lied on Television to everyone about this.

    I know your RCMP HEADQUARTERS visits here and you have miles of documentation.

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