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Month: May 2019

This is my Given Name, I have the Rights over such. God given Natural Rights.

You cannot imagine what I was up against daily when this picture was taken. Trying to survive after being railroaded out of my home and livelihood, just months after I nearly dropped from stress on my 40th birthday, not two years after nearly going through the longest, darkest, blackest six months of my life, on the very edge of suicide every single hour of every single day. A friend had bumped into me turning as white as a ghost, he told me later that he thought I had less than a week to live. I go through all of that, only to unjustly have the weight of the ‘System’ try to kill me. Anyways, my point is – does anyone have a good picture ?

Free as a Canadian Goose

Canadian Bill of Rights

“The Parliament of Canada, affirming that the Canadian Nation is founded upon principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God, the dignity and worth of the human person and the position of the family in a society of free men and free institutions;”

I am a Man.  I identify as a Man.  I am meant to be Free, like a Canadian Goose.

Law Enforcement, whomever, you do not try to pull me over.  You do not attempt to infringe on my mobility.  You do not do a single thing to impede my ‘Truth’, nor my ‘Mental Health’, nor my ‘General Overall Health’.  You have already been clearly instructed and informed verbally in person.  Do not touch me, do not approach me without contacting my person online, before engaging in free conversation in front of the World.  Alternatively, email is acceptable as long I am left with the psychological peace to reply, look after affairs and freely contact the world beforehand.  Do not impede me.  Do not cause me any more harm.

Port Moody Police


So what do I do here with a System that is clearly broken, with a System that knowingly KILLS innocent people?

This is the last thing that I need to be doing.  Everyone’s job for them.  You people have had somebody here for three years, somebody who you have been earning your livings off of (by driving him into his death), this while he wants to fix this System for everybody.  For all of you government-paid employees going around and driving everyone into bankruptcy.  You worry about repainting the lines for parking at the police station for your own comfort instead of someone you, and your peers, murdered.  This instead of fixing the System so it actually works with integrity, efficiency and accountability.  You could have changed the whole world for the better if you just stood with INTEGRITY , accepted the offer and did the right thing, answering the call.  Nope, much easier to play dumb and be a self-serving system-monkey. 

Then there is the populace.  Even the populace is pathetic.  Quite honestly, the over-whelming bulk of problems in Society would disappear with what I could see was needed.  All it would have taken, was the right meager support, the simplest things you could imagine, instead of helping me…  honestly it is mind-boggling.  It gives me the worst head-ache.



National Intelligence – Intelligence Information


Hello patriots,

I have a big, big request to You!!
Can you PLEASE pass forward this charge to the President of the United States of America Mister Donald J. Trump?

I think, it is from big importance for all People in Europe!!!
Please, support me to forward these 12 pages from Europe to the President!!
This will help him to clean the political situation and drain the swamp!
It is very important, that these pages be forwarded to President Donald J. Trump!

Here the title of this letter is in 12 (twelve) pages:

Charge against Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Dorothea Merkel because of participation in genocide to the disadvantage of the German people in accordance with Legal Paragraph 6 Article 1 No. 3 people Criminal Code (VStGB)

Best regards and thank you soooooo much!!

Steffi Baumgartner