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Month: March 2019

Community Standards

Where does Independence fit in within a Community?

Independence vs. Commu-pendence


The below was my initial effort to respond yet again to a system that does not work to my standards, I have cropped it at four pages.  I do not even have the toner, nor the paper to print more than four pages.  Realistically it does not matter.  I am not dealing with a system, nor with a people who never wanted the same positive outcomes that I did, nor the most efficient and integral means to get to those best outcomes.  It is out of my of my hands.  I have been murdered by the State.  There is no resolve to this situation.  Not with the parties involved.  They have had over three years.  They can prove me wrong, but at this point they have simply corrupted too much.


Sorry, something went wrong…

Alright, well Facebook is ‘down’ and it is not just me.  Fine.

I am overly sensitive after being controlled, restricted and blocked.  My bad.


The below is as Posted Elsewhere in response

Well Mr. President,

I feel that I owe you an apology on some level.  I do not know the exact reason.  During your election, I had one day of doubt, just before the elections concluded in November.  I think the whole nation felt the same way, but I always felt guilty because I never doubted success at any other time.

Temporary Update – Court

The court related affairs of today have been pushed up onto my next appearance, March 20th, 2019.  People have been visiting this site. I feel obligated to say something.  I am just too reluctant at the moment to break everything down into a post.  Essentially nothing happened today other than an exchange of words and perhaps some additional acceptance of this system on my behalf.  I swear I develop partial ptsd before each and every trip down there.