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Month: January 2019

Facebook – Freedom of Expression ?

I said I was not going to get upset about blocking me for a week.  I am not upset.  You did me a favour.  I needed off that platform so I could concentrate on work.  Your timing was perfect.   Prior to this I was really concerned, drinking too much coffee, responding to too many responses.  I have tremendous problems as it is in this situation.  I have to secure work.  I have to keep all the problems I am burdened with away from work.  I have no routine.  I have no discipline.  I have no muscle.  I have no pride.  I have no confidence.  I do not even have money to put gas in the truck.  Those are just some of the simple problems.  I needed off Facebook and suspending me for a week was good as it allowed me to focus on actually working without unnecessary distraction.

Government of Canada – Who Art Thou ?

Relax.  I have no idea who you are.  For the record however, I would be a little more comfortable this hit was RCMP Headquarters and not Pips.   There is just something about big government unions justifying their existence by defending the inexcusable at the expense of us non government employees.  Of course, I am likely being an ass in saying this.  I just cannot help myself.

My site has been popular the last few days.  I am not sure why that is.  I am not sure it is a good thing.  I am not sure if it is a bad thing.  I am not sure if it is something that I have done or said recently.  Maybe I am just an open file and deadlines are looming?  Of course, I can see that not all of the increased hits and attention are Canadian.  I am not going drive myself crazy looking at site visitors anymore, but if I wanted to do just that there are a few locations that look to be of interest.  I see Cisco Systems was visiting.  I hope that doesn’t mean that they are going to make some network changes to mask visitors.  It’s always interesting to see government attention.  I only wish, as I often do, that this site was written better, more complete and more purpose orientated.

What are we up to everyone?  Protecting our self-interests or are we actually doing something for the benefit of mankind?

Government of Canada – Shared Services

I am not sure why you are looking at me again. Likely from my links to unverifiable information on independent video feeds that I had posted?

I should be more careful about the possibility of spreading misinformation. Especially information that is so hard to believe. Yet on the other hand, I do give credence to such information. At least I did in the moment I had decided to share it. It had all seemed rather tangible for ensuring people in key positions can be controlled, manipulated and extorted.

Anyways, I suppose my word play on bible scripture wasn’t enough so Facebook eventually found another post to raise issue over. I kind of deserve that one and I shouldn’t have typed it. Simply a result of ‘group-think’. The result of influence and not something I necessarily believe.

Facebook Ban – Perfect Timing

Banned for one week. I am not going to complain because the timing was perfect. I want off of there. At least you gave me my words. That is an improvement. I knew I was pushing the envelope when I posted that, but for all serious intents and purposes, it was nothing more than a word play on bible scripture. I did not say anything that the bible itself does not proclaim.

Merry Christmas. Nail me to a Cross. Everyone else seems to want to.