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Month: December 2018


This just came in the mail.  My immediate thoughts were that someone read my posts regarding Medical Services Premiums on Member of the Legislative Assembly’s Facebook page.  That perhaps someone in government decided to track me down.  Then, I remember that I requested a Voting Package and that would have updated my mailing address.  However, that’s not right as these were always mailed to the above address.  Maybe it is simply because I have not filled out any paperwork for Welfare.  It is actually healthier for me to not even respond to the monthly requests to file.  If I cancel the open claim, then I have committed to abandoning that meager assistance.  If I file whatever information they seek it will drive me nuts to be reporting as it degrades my perspective.  I do not know why the MSP mail stopped coming and suddenly it has re-appeared.  At least not at this moment.  If I listen to myself inside however, I know that I simply want to write DECEASED on the envelope and send it back.