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Month: August 2018

Hey Fat Fuck…

My instinct is normally right.  Funny how that works.  I am going to put this back.  Do you know why?  Because you really are Communists.  Just like the City Police Department, you are paid too much and you care too little.  My world for twenty five years of work was one of integrity.  One were your word was your bond and your actions spoke for themselves.  I have not met a single entity paid for by the Government who has not lied in files, lied to my face and acted poorly out of self-interest.  Most of you would not last in the environments I worked.  Communist Criminals feeding on the backs of others.  If I could only write my thoughts through the day.  If I could only finish one letter without interruption.  First they came for my nieghbour… people love claiming that one don’t they?

Yeah you… the guy with the ugly dumb fat wife.  You the guy that used to tell me you loved drinking pop like a teenager. Two litres at a time.  You the guy that would joke that you weigh over three hundred pounds and you loved KFC, thinking it was really funny to state you were going to have a heart attack oneday.  You the guy working for the government bragging about what a great job you had making $40/hr at triple time plus benefits.  You the guy who used to tell me jokes about niggers and fags, using that exact language.  Telling me stories about how loose the police are in stating the same things.  You the guy telling me how many of your peers supported Trump but you were all too scared to voice your opinions (because you are all a bunch of pussies).  Although I shared many perspectives with you, I never lowered myself to calling people niggers.  I didn’t like it when you did it.  So now that you can identify yourself…  here’s the message:

Keep your fat fucking hands on your own property and your nose in your own business.  Do not touch what is not yours.  Do not fuck with something as personal as you are fucking with.  You fucking goof.  You have no idea how disgusting and insulting it is cause you are an ignorant fuck.  I know you mean well.  I know you mean to be polite, but you know what asshole?  If you were not so fucking ignorant and you really wanted to help the person you making offers to – you would have helped me you stupid fuck.  I get insulted enough in this situation as it is.  You are just another piece of shit who sat there and watched a guy get murdered.  A guy who was asking you for help.  Then as he’s dying you come along and virtue signal, stepping on him over the most personal of things to him.  You know what….?  You know what you truthfully are?   You are a Godless Communist.

Aside from stating such harsh things, I generally like you.  I accept that you do not entirely have the same perspectives that I do in life.  I accept that you do not understand that you are crossing lines that you should not.  However, seriously you need to cut your own grass and tend to your own garden.  You are hurting me in ways that you do not understand.  I do not need anymore hurt.  Do not touch what does not belong to you and keep your nose in your own affairs.

This message will only remain here so long.  I do not like the language.


Well, what should I say?  I have a terrible headache.  There has been so much I have wanted to say that I am now paralysed.  At least temporarily as there have been too many setbacks.  I am now unintentionally prolonging my own course of action.

Where does one start when Government ‘Services’ continually bury a person in issue after issue after issue?  If any of them have their way they will just give me more issues, compounding the situation even further.  As if not being able to pull my life together, not being able to return to working, not being able to function independently is not enough.  The absolute failures over the last three years just blow my mind.  What an incredibly obtuse self-centered bunch of elitist systematic ‘educated morons’.  Here they have had someone for three years wanting to properly, truthfully and efficiently resolve a situation and all they do is give him more problems.

The last thing I need to be doing is spending time that I do not have to recover my life on rallying the support to tell the Crown Administrative Counsel and the Criminal Justice System that all of this is not in the public interest.  I appreciate the RCMP for emailing rather than any other action, but each of those emails consumed a day.   They consumed a day while I am struggling to obtain the resources necessary to keep functioning and do what I have determined I need to do.  Then there is the Port Moody Police.  Their actions have dumped some new tasks on my plate, but really there is so much I want to say in response that I am just overwhelmed.  Stay away from me.  You are too corrupt and too stupid.

Realistically, I have already been murdered and there is no recovery.  I am not threatening, I am just saying it the way it really is.  You have cost me too much internal damage.   To much internal damage after I already took years of too much internal damage.  I have already ascertained the other week that if you morons want to arrest me and put me through all of that unwarranted bullshit again – it will be over.  There will not even be what there is for me now.  The will to at least hang around and possibly find a way through this situation.  It’s too bad I have to distract myself to gain enough health to function.  I can post away on Facebook, but I cannot concentrate my energy into viable ways of writing my way out of this without having my internal health implode from all the bullshit incurred.

If you people had any brains the first thing that would happen is the dropping of all Charges, Conditions and the Arrest Warrant.  Of course, things have been like this since day one.  There was no care in December was there?  If did manage to kill myself in January where would things be?  Just filed aside, case closed?  Next?  I cannot help but see the whole lot of you as criminals.  Each and everyone of you making your living like vultures consuming the carcass of a Canadian who did nothing wrong.  The Charges are so important to you all that you just throw them aside for your own convenience at will, but if you kill me by unjustly denying me the right to life while enriching those who do not deserve it – oh well.  You have made a complete mockery of Justice, Healthcare and ‘Service’.

Maxinne Bernier as Prime Minister?

Maxime Bernier s'adresse aux médias

EN DIRECT | Point de presse du député de Beauce Maxime Bernier à Ottawa

Posted by TVA Nouvelles on Fimmtudagur, 23. ágúst 2018

It’s worth a shot.  I find his English as a second language to be a bit tough at first, but if you break that barrier and listen, his words easily earn him respect.   During the race for leadership I was following him until I read his views on Canada Post, Canada’s Dairy Farmers, etc.  His belief in completely open-markets frightened me.  As I believe is likely to the case for many Canadians.   Either way, I am going to pay attention to Max again as I never realised the leadership race was so close.  With the dangers of vote splitting aside, I do not see this as being a bad thing for the Conservatives.  Max in my view would be far better at earning respect while working with Trump.


New Website Layout and Styling

With some long over due changes to the website layout, look and feel I am happy.  The changes somewhat reflect my situational improvement.  I am healthier in mind and spirit.  I think this new layout reflects the same.  Now if I only had time to go through 3000 plus posts and correct them for proper display.  I am not going to bother but I do hope this change marks positive improvements to my life and to future posts here on this site.  If anything the poorly written pages before this point are exactly what they were meant to be.  A repository of notes to rebuild my history in case there was ever a need.  Believe me, even I have a hard time reading them.  Improvements to continue with time.