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Month: July 2018

BC Courts – Juror Summons

On July 3rd, 2018 – The same day I walk out of the Courts, for right or wrong, not binding myself to a Common Law Peace bond, the British Columbia Sheriff’s Department summons me as a Juror.  I wish I was not so suspect, I just cannot help but correlate this act to what I have seen on television.  Is this not one of the tricks of trade in catching ‘the bad guys‘ ? 

British Columbia’s Lower Courts

Legalities of the Lower Courts

Thoughts running through my mind since June 22, 2018.

  • The dictated Peace bond only empowered the Abusers, not the real Victim.

98702-1 Mischief – Charged, Stayed, Dismissed and Acquitted.

  • If I dismissed my lawyer outside of a courtroom and he runs into the courtroom representing the case against my wish regardless…
  • ..and I was demanding to represent myself in front of a judge while calling my dismissed lawyer who never listened to his client a piece of shit
  • what authority did they all have with the dismissed lawyer to setup the carry over of Bail Conditions without disregarding my true representation?

No one should say I should have done this or that

It’s just too difficult access the internet, it always is, but it seems even harder these days.  Anyways, I have no reason to not follow through with everything I have said.   I really do not, the State has willingly aided and abetted my siblings in their bid to coerce my elderly mother into taking my life.  Her circle of old cows are no different in their gossip of ignorance.  Neighbours, disappointing and my extended family has been abysmal.

RCMP Member & the Constitution

I am not going to bother rambling about my day, but I will say that there has been a very strong interest on my part over the last few days to walk out into St. Johns St., Port Moody and right into a moving car so that the PMPD has to deal with it.  I actually have little other choice it appears.  It will all just be covered up anyways, I doubt a Coroner will actually do much.  I met one at the emergency shelter, it felt like he was a ‘plant’.  Same with that Interpol Officer, he felt like a ‘plant’, but he wasn’t.  Anyways, onto the story…

November 12th to July 12th

That would leave me exactly forty two years and eight months of age.

Not bad.  Oftentimes dipping into low points, well I do not even want to call them low points, but in succumbing to the reality of this situation being that I have been murdered by the state through injustice in a manner that even a ‘doctor’ described in a forensic report as cruel, suicide is a pragmatic and completely sane outcome.  I have stated this before here.  It is not a ‘mental health’ issue to be dealt with by prescriptions and treatments.

Against All Odds

For anyone who visits this site you literally have no idea how impossible the odds are for me.  Literally impossible.  The least I have wanted to do is to put my Truth out here to the Internet.  There are so many reasons why I have done this, but it is literally impossible.