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  British Columbia’s Finance Minister – Facebook and Timing
    May 25th, 2018            , ,

B.C. Finance Minister Carole James delivers her first full budget, Feb. 20, 2018. (Tom Fletcher/Black Press).

This post was the result of timing, not planning.

Meanwhile,… this third generation Canadian may as well walk in front of a car and kill himself because no one in this country knows how to actually help someone help themselves without forcing them into corrupting dependency. Nor does a government know how to apply common sense solutions to someone innocent they railroaded and murdered unjustly. It’s pretty simple what I have needed to fix myself, I have been stating over and over only to continually receive the opposite. I understand politics, I understand liabilities, I understand motivations, I understand more than I likely appear to. To fix myself, I have to fix the system which instantly brings negative responses from everyone I meet. I have been struggling to remain free, unhindered, unburdened, untied and independent in thought for two plus years to do what I need to do to save my life. Not only to save my life, but to save my truth and integrity of data so that I can forensically write it out myself in high detail, correct my situation and offer it all to what is referred to as the system for its own study. Basically, I want to state these are the facts in the purest of details, these areas here, here and here, in my opinion would benefit all of us Canadians, all of mankind, if we very simply applied common sense and complimented our existing structures by very simply introducing this very basic, very simple to implement solution and then ask what do you think?

This is not an attack towards you, you just had the timing of coming across my Facebook feed as Finance Minister at just the right or the wrong time. I’ll leave you to decide that. My intent was to write a well constructed letter to multiple parties including Mr. Farnworth. I do not think I will have that chance now and perhaps its all not possible now anyways. Not with this much time passing and this much personal mental health damage along with the fact that in even mentioning all of this before doing what I needed to do tethers my mind and somewhat cripples the purity of my thoughts. If I never understood the full meaning of independence, freedom of conscious, freedom in all its forms, strong and free – I sure do now.

 I just came back to see if you kept this post here. I have only witnessed you remove one of mine. Freedom of Expression is important to me, especially with elected officials. So I am trying to offer some complimentary words to your actions and lack thereof here. I am tired and they are just not coming to me.

Anyways, since I am here I would like to make a correction. It’s not suicide the State has driven me into, it’s outright murder that is how I see it. My lawyer gave me some drivel as to how I am upsetting the Crown. When I am sitting in a Crown Administrative Office and telling the Administrator and my Lawyer to forget it, I will be a suicide long before my court date as they are setting June for dates on Charges that should have never of taken place, let alone not dropped in my Arraignment, incarceration, breaching, etc. I had to ask myself today in a moment of peace… is the intent really to murder me, because one could actually come to this conclusion, rather easily.

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