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Month: April 2018

My Father…

Nevermind the real history and what is truly just, my Father would have never have prevented my access to that house.  Never.  If you refer to my emails to Dr. Owen James, I would not have prevented access to my siblings in need either.  My mother, I know exactly how she came to her spoken words, her actions and all the influences upon her.  My siblings, their disgusting behaviour and their greed is…


Unjust Enrichment and outright  Murder


The Police/Mental Health/Judicial Systems who knowingly helped them…


are proof that they are Unfit.


No matter how many pieces of paper are used, at the end of the day, they do not matter.  Your work speaks for itself.  Two years ago, I told the Lead Investigator (who told me she was not an investigator) that she had no idea of what she had taken from me (my life).  From her facial expression it was obvious, she didn’t.  I also told her that I would be a suicide within five years.

Upon trying to save my life ultimately from the damages she brought, what does she do?  She Charges me again, against my mother’s will, making my situation even worse.  Now, the sanest thing I can do is kill myself – I have just been through too many things.  If you know the true history, you know I’ve actually done nothing wrong and I am the one who did what was right.  I am a victim of lying scheming manipulating siblings, exceptionally poor police work and a Justice System that no Canadians I know of believe in.

Bail Office –

I didn’t say any of this to my satisfaction.  It doesn’t really get going until about a minute and a half in. In doing any of this I am probably only harming myself by not verbally approaching this with a clear intent.  The Bail Officer who I am speaking to is really nothing more than a ‘Clerk’.  Just from his answers alone, he has no comprehension on the bigger picture, no different than many people.