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  Subject: $825 Assistance in Housing.
    March 2nd, 2018           

From: Dan Berladyn <>
Sent: March 2, 2018 4:10 PM
To: *******
Subject: $825 Assistance in Housing.

Hello Mark,

I apologize that I didn’t first realize you were opening the dialogue when you first said hello yesterday.  Your appearance caught me off guard.  I had just returned from the Bail Office where we were both confused over being already assigned to you. 

You stated that Amy contacted you over two weeks ago, yet I just learned of you yesterday, I wonder if you know of a Nurse?  (Psychiatric Nurse Gloucester) Apparently I am also assigned a Nurse that I know nothing about.  It’s Ok if you do not know, I just thought I would run it by you.  I find the more people in the chain of help, the less I know of what is going on.  Perhaps this is no one’s fault as Amy had to take some personal time away from work.  Things happen.

So..  in attempting to keep things simple:

  1. All things being the same, I need a private room and a desk.  I need rest, I need peace, I need privacy and I need to be able to process thoughts and build the energy to focus them into simple things, like writing an email or more complicated matters, like writing a Judge or forensically rebuilding my history.  Since I am climatized and adapted to the Salvation Army, the location, the current level of services and the local amenities, moving over to their private rooms would be the most logical choice.  Not until May they have said.  Too late.  Actually it is already too late.
  2. Unable to obtain (1), the next best thing with be a private room with internet to rent within short walking distance to the Salvation Army.  This way, at your levels of financial help, I will still have access to food.  Just for your information, I do not use alcohol or do drugs, but I am a heavy smoker.  I cannot afford to smoke on the “Assistance” levels I get and I deem it very dangerous for my well being when I run out of cash, which is upcoming again.  Smoking does many things, including keeping me balanced.  If I choose to abstain for good, I am too mentally incapacitated to put my mind to my problems.  Do not waste my time mentioning useless substitutes.
  3. If I am unable to obtain both (1) and (2), I can rent a place anywhere else – however I will both not be able to feed myself, nor smoke, nor deal with any other problems.  Like the fact my eyes are long being damaged by not replacing my contacts, nor taking them out.  Never mind clothes, a phone, printing paper, or anything else, including toilet paper, soap and laundry.  Never mind court for charges that are so ridiculous that they are CRIMINAL and as my first lawyer stated in 2016, I should sue the Police.
  4. Obtaining employment.  Since my own Profession of 25 years is not an option at the moment, excessively damaged and more complicated than any outsider will comprehend, I would have to accept income from other means.  While I am personally open to it if I find the right fit, for the most part it is unrealistic and more damaging long term than it’s worth.
  5. Returning to my own Profession.  I would need $10,000 to make a proper go of it, I would also need uncomplicated access to my home at 560 Foress Drive to recover property at will, without the bullshit of Police attending over problems they themselves created.  On top of this, I would need a place with adequate secure tool and material storage, combined with an acceptance of some occasional dust, dirt and other things that modern housing does not allow for.
  6. The most Just and Proper thing, would be for me to be immediately returned home by Court Order with Court Sanctioned Restrictions on my siblings, while being financially ‘Assisted’ at at least $1600/month, where I could then likely borrow enough to get up and running independent, get away from Assistance and slowly I could regain financial strength, repair my work life and related assets, for either leaving or staying.  Exactly what should have happened two years ago, before the Police decided to RAILROAD me for their own convenience.  Even better yet, with my Office I had had at home, I could write everything out Chronologically for Forensic Study, not only to fix myself, but to fix this ‘System’ we are all subjected to getting MURDERED by as well.

Do you know what?  It is impossible for me to write out and communicate any of my needs.  They are too dynamic, too complex, and once again, the only thing you will do is screw me up even more by too much involvement, as even I myself, with full independence and full means, have to listen carefully to my own being to know what decisions are right and which ones are wrong.  Sometimes I only know the answer in the last second before commitment.  My lawyer who I also do not trust worded it the best that I have heard yet, my reality (especially in terms of income) is harder than most people are willing to accept.  Just writing this, distracts me, wastes my energy and pisses me off.  As it is, I am doing so amongst people who ‘want’ to be heard.  They want to pierce the sanctuary of my own mind in a constant attempt to distract me from my own issues by listening to the ones they create.  Simply put, I am surrounded by people who want attention; I am surrounded by undisciplined children.


When I first went for Social Assistance, they recommended that I apply for a PWD upon interview.  The Social Worker had a glimpse into my real state, which back then was hard to keep in check.  That was over three months ago and everyone who was to help me with PWD excused themselves, expecting someone else to help.  I couldn’t even look at those forms they made me so sick.  Personally, I did not expect to live through the three months it might take for someone in Victoria to approve it. I did not expect myself to make it until January.  Looking at the situation now, I feel somewhat the same, but more importantly, it will come too late as by the time I have it, by the time I have a place, etc., I will be in Court and Railroaded unjustly once more, completely destroying any chance of saving my life.  How do I know this?  A Judge already told me the outcome BEFORE the Court Particulars were even written for her to read.  CORRUPT and UNACCEPTABLE.  I have been murdered, unjustly.

In writing this email, or any like it.  It is very hard for me from here.  There is so much noise and distraction that I cannot complete my own mental processes.


If I wasn’t so pressed for time and by my situation, I might stop harping on the Judge as perhaps she has more bad information than just the unwritten Court Narratives.  Either way, this System is ridiculous. 

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