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Month: February 2018

Subject: RE: Intensive Case Management Team

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: Friday, February 23, 2018 1:50 PM
To: Hooton, Corrina PSSG:EX
Subject: RE: Intensive Case Management Team

Hi Corrina,

I came to the Library last night to fill this out and move on, thinking I’d be the quickest at dealing with it.  Then of course, because this is the way my life goes…  someone saw me in here and he couldn’t leave me alone to complete the forms.  Last night I get poor sleep, I suffer some distractions, it’s now 2pm and I am just getting setup to fill out the forms again.  Except, you didn’t send them.  There is no email attachment.  I suppose I should give you a call as you may not check your email before the end of the day.


Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia

Regardless, of anyone’s else’s opinion, I believe I should state such to the Lieutenant Governor.  It’s not like any of the Politicians feeding at the trough are going to say it.  Nor any Public Worker collecting a Government Cheque.  Pretty Naive of me to think any of these Systems would want to study themselves for improvement from the lens of an ordinary British Columbian, but I have offered.  I am pretty sure most of us do not feel any of those Systems work as they should.  Anyways, I have said my bit.  Corrupt.