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Month: January 2018

Not Certifiable

You know what I need PMPD, wiping your rear end with procedures to clear your liabilities is not it.

Just after finishing dinner, two RCMP Members were suddenly beside me asking for my name.  The story was that the email to the OPCC last night, triggered a chain reaction and the PMPD asked the RCMP to check into me.  We go talk in private and as usual I chose to be rather open.  They had to take me to the hospital so off we go.

Bell Let’s Talk Day

Well, I almost did it on the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia’s page.  I just have a hard time doing that to her, even though, in a way, by Rights what I have wanted to say should go to her Page.  Not to clobber Bill here, but…  if he has ‘Listened’, his next step is to Ask…

Make no Mistake

Make no Mistake, this piece of shit wanted this to happen since the 1990’s.   He has gleefully  enjoyed every bit of misery he dumped into my life by undermining the situation for his own emotional gain.  He has used it as a source of empowerment for years.  The guy even ate my food.

He abdicated when he left that house laughing that he will not help, that he will not pay and that he will not provide labour as he has his own house.  It doesn’t matter how you cut it Jim, you have done everything for personal gain at the expense of your youngest brother’s life.   What did you snidefully remark to me in your abuse?  That I was not some ‘hero’ ?

All I can write here at this moment is that I never laughed that my parents would lose everything and that it would all be over for them but the crying.  That was you.  If anyone actually cared,  they could contact Rod Schwan from twenty plus years ago.   He remembers how much the problems in that house troubled me.

You killed your youngest brother,  you should be so proud.  You probably shortened your father’s life too.   Who gets inbetween his parents and negotiates against one of them to protect an inheritance?   You are sick for how you made him feel at the end of his life.

Nothing but character assassination from you to justify it too.  Do not put him down,  he did a lot for you.

OPCC 2017-13022

Well, look at that.  A ‘Professional’ Office charged with the Duty of Maintaining Police Integrity playing silly games.   Seperate Complaints, Seperate Police Files, Separate Years and yet… the same Bullshit Excuse, covering the same Bullshit Policing, creating the same Bullshit fraudulent Court Cases, creating the same Bullshit Statistics used to back it all up.

Contacted by the Crown


I have been contacted by Crown regarding your posting of parts of the particulars on your blog.

Technically that is contrary to the expected usages of Particulars and has in the past been the basis for applications to halt or prohibit the use of the Crown materials.

I have been asked to ask you to take the postings down (presumably the actual copies of documents, not your comments) and Crown has indicated that they would consider seeking a variation of your bail order(s) to prohibit such postings

I am not entirely sure that they have the legal authority to do that but any attempts at bail variations by them may result in changes that we do not want.

Will you remove the copies ?


United Nations Human Rights

Article 19

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and through any media and regardless of frontiers


Is that all they are worried about?  Pieces of Paper?  Not the fact that they are killing someone unjustly?  Not the Fact that they have no respect for Truth?

They’ve murdered me unjustly and they show no sign of care.


Facebook Friends

Facebook is interesting.  I try to study the behaviour of the algorithms.  I noticed come across my ‘People you May Know’ list a few days prior.  Around 6:00 pm this night, I noted a Friend Request come from Colin under my notifications.  I assumed that this was a genuine attempt at caring, or perhaps he thought we could be allies, or perhaps Lisa wanted him to pass me a message.  I didn’t know and it just gave more problems to think about, distracting me from current problems.

JAG Crime Assistance Program

I did not have the mental strength at the time to demand all communications to be conducted over email and that was mistake.  Instead, I remember I worked up the strength to phone only to have my mental health sent reeling backwards as I was told services were only available to women and seniors.
From: JAG Crime Victim Assistance Program JAG:EX []
Sent: January 19, 2017 10:35 AM
To: ‘’ <>
Subject: RE: Whom do I turn to when everyone in the System will not actually help me?


Good morning Dan,

I am a claims coordinator with the Crime Victim Assistance Program, part of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General. My supervisor has forwarded your email to me so I may touch base with you to determine how I may best assist you.

To that end, I invite you to call me at 604-660-3888 if you are in the lower mainland, or toll-free at 1-866-660-3888. I am at extension 114, which will work for both the local and toll-free telephone numbers. Or, you may provide me with your telephone number via return e-mail and I will contact you.

I am in the office today until 430 pm, and will be out of the office tomorrow (January 20, 2017). I will be in the office next week Monday through Friday, and am available between 830 am and 430 pm.



Claims Coordinator

Crime Victim Assistance Program