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Year: 2018


This just came in the mail.  My immediate thoughts were that someone read my posts regarding Medical Services Premiums on Member of the Legislative Assembly’s Facebook page.  That perhaps someone in government decided to track me down.  Then, I remember that I requested a Voting Package and that would have updated my mailing address.  However, that’s not right as these were always mailed to the above address.  Maybe it is simply because I have not filled out any paperwork for Welfare.  It is actually healthier for me to not even respond to the monthly requests to file.  If I cancel the open claim, then I have committed to abandoning that meager assistance.  If I file whatever information they seek it will drive me nuts to be reporting as it degrades my perspective.  I do not know why the MSP mail stopped coming and suddenly it has re-appeared.  At least not at this moment.  If I listen to myself inside however, I know that I simply want to write DECEASED on the envelope and send it back.

Statics Canada – Current Politics

With all the talk of Statistics Canada looking through the banking information of Canadians, I just want to wave and say hi.  Someone from StatsCan was here reading a few weeks before that news broke out.  Maybe I am one of the 500,000 ?

At the time, I thought maybe it was because of my comments regarding their Statics and Male Suicide.  I was actually going to post how I came up with those numbers which fall just slightly behind those of the United Kingdom, but I was busy, the news came out of what they were up to and in some ways I can actually defend the agenda.  Why would anyone base Legislation on Theory rather than Real World Data?  If there’s no names and no identifiable markers going along with that information, then I do not really see an argument for all the fuss.  Of course, maybe it’s Terrorism they are looking at?  Define your Terrorist.  Anyways, only they know what they are up to.  I am just saying hi with this post.

Sooner of later, I might get a hit from every Government Service on this site.

Canada Revenue Agency – Scam ?


I called the number (613) 903-8865 back three times.  The first two times the woman on the other end hung up the phone.  The third time I was deferred to voicemail with a recorded greeting of “text subscriber”.  Seeing the number lists in Ottawa to a non-descript entity, I will just write this off as more FRAUD.  Unfortunately there seems to be lots of FRAUD in Canada.

Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

From: Dan <>
Sent: October 1, 2018 9:36 PM
Subject: RE: Written Submission Follow Up: Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services 


My apologies.

If I was super-human, I could probably write out my chronological forensic history in the highly detailed accurate fashion that I have wanted to and had actually began to write starting March 2016 while my life disintegrated, only to be made worse from every bit of government ‘help’ available.  Help as in the things that are touted in the budget.   If I was super-human, I could then take this Chronological History and then summarize the key points so that any person may understand what I am trying to communicate with clear real world data as an absolute example.  If I was super-human, I could then build a simple web-based model with my existing skills to showcase what I ascertained was missing to increase efficiency, accuracy and ease for everyone in British Columbia from the Citizens, to the Social Workers, to the Police, to the Medical System…  …right into the Courtroom if a persons life headed down that path.  Things that would have made my situation much better and saved the Province a lot of money.  From there, if I was Super-Human perhaps I could have interested enough of the right people writing the right reports.  If I or someone else was Super-Human, perhaps I or they could take these reports and submit a proper submission / proposal for the smallest amount of Provincial Funding (literally peanuts) to set up an Experimental System for “Professionals” across various subsystems to experiment with, play with and reflect upon throughout BC.  In Reality all I propose is something extremely simple, but something implemented just the right way with just the right principles.

I apologize.  My intents have been good, my ambitions correct and my follow through near impossible.  Sometimes it takes someone outside the box looking at the picture through a completely different camera angle to see something no one else can.  I have been thrown too many challenges, for me there was only one way to fix them.  The same way that I had just tried to outline.   Do all this work and let it serve all these other purposes at once as most efficiently as possible, but I cannot even get up on my feet from everything I have been through and any help just seems to make it worse.  The truth requires and untethered mind.  Unless some wealthy anonymous individual like Jimmy Pattison or someone else wants to donate anonymously so I can disappear and write out all my ideas exploring them in complete independence and privacy, there is probably no point doing anything other than disregarding my communications.  I apologize for wasting the Committee’s time.

Good Luck with the Budget, I do appreciate the Respect you have shown me in sending your Reply,

Dan Berladyn

Coffee, the excessive use thereof.

Out of all the things I have wanted to write here and into letters, last night while still waiting recovering from excessive caffeine I wanted to take the moment to explain.  I switched to a Keurig machine over ten years ago.  That was one of the best things I ever bought myself and I was on my second machine when it finally packed it in during the worst of times in 2013/2014.  I never replaced it because I was too cheap, I had to be in the situation I was in.  A friend had bumped into me during this period turning as white as a ghost, later explaining to me that he thought I had less than a week to live.  I eventually probably paid for a replacement thirty times over or more by falling into the habit of going out and buying individual coffee’s.   This quickly compounded from events outside of my control.  Events brought onto my person by other people.  I am not ill.  Society is.

Initial Court Appearance

The typical night before I had to drink too much coffee.  I couldn’t sleep.  I told myself not to and I did it anyways.  If it wasn’t the coffee, likely partly induced by stress, it would have been something else.  I spent the greater portion of the week re-organizing my living space and trying to put the pieces of my life back together in a functional manner.  Imagine that, having to deal with your belongings which have been scattered, damaged, lost, stolen, destroyed, or handled, inspected, boxed and packaged by someone else.  It even looks like they went through the attic and decided among themselves who’s childhood stuff was whose.  Imagine seeing your home taken over.  Other people using your living space for personal storage.  Witnessing so much of what you have worked towards undone.  Locks you bought re-keyed.  Half-assed people trying to replace you in image only, not in effort, not in care.  Great job cleaning the gutters and the moss of the new roof I built over the shed or the pressure washing everyone used as an excuse to undermine me.  Nothing but empty claims from people who do not care.  Looking after my mother from their own houses they claimed.  More like looking after their desired inheritance and their own emotional interests.

Crown Administrative Office & Bail – Probation Office

Two nights prior I was chatting with an old friend.  I told him that I had felt better than I had in what felt like years. The realization just came to me that night.  Proper sleep and food helps a lot.  Being home, sleeping in my own bed, using my own shower, my own laundry, having access to my possessions, that has been what I have needed for so long.  As scattered and as unorganized as everything is regardless.  I should have never have been ‘removed’ from my home before having to address such personal legal affairs regarding these issues three years ago.  Anyways, I do not like fixed dates and appointments.  They act like a spear injecting themselves into my life, continuing to reek havoc on my severely damaged inner health.  My life is usually best served by living in a less rigid, more fluid state.  That is, by doing things when they are right for me, when I want to, when I am able to, when it is most efficient for me to do so, not for others needs, when others want me to.  Especially in such deeply personal affairs.

Too young to be my Grandparents


Thank you so much for your email.


During this very busy time of year, please expect a reply to your email within 3-4 business days.  Should you not receive a reply during this timeframe, please do contact me again.


Warm regards,


Nikki Tellem

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For the best, I do wish him well.