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  ‘Criminal’ Courts and a Corrupt Crown
    November 15th, 2017            , ,

This list is what I have needed.  It has been stated in Court, more than once.

  • A Court Order to be returned to my HOME.   (In the  least, the equivalent.)
  • A Court Order to have my Stolen Property Returned (Mark Berladyn)
  • A Court Order to Restrain my Siblings if need be
  • A Court Ordered Living Allowance so I may ‘Forensically’ rebuild the History and Write it out myself – write it to one place (preferably here).  One place for the doctors, the lawyers, everyone.
  • No Personal Restrictions

I could write Volumes on everything WRONG with the below.  Wrong.  Wrong, like stealing my pocket change after I was Arrested.  Or Wrong like Deleting and completely Erasing my Personal Digital Audio Recorder after my Arrest.  That was likely the ‘Port Moody Police Department’, but it also may have been ‘Forensic Psychiatric Services’ for all I know. 

Condition 1: You must report by noon tomorrow, November 15th, 2017 to a Bail Supervisor at 2610 Mary Hill Road, Port Coquitlam, BC and report thereafter as directed by your Bail Supervisor.

Condition 2: Provide your residential address to your Bail Supervisor, and do not change that address without the prior written permission of your Bail Supervisor.

POR Condition 3: You are to have no contact directly or indirectly with Margaret Berladyn.

POR Condition 4: You are not to go within a 2 block radius of any place of residence, place of employment, or place of education of Margaret Berladyn.

Condition 5: You are not to be in possession of any weapons as defined in the Criminal Code of Canada.

Condition 6: You are not to be in possession of any knives save and except for the immediate preparation and consumption of food.

Condition 7: At the direction of your Bail Supervisor you will report to the Forensic Psychiatric Services or elsewhere for any intake, assessment, counselling, or treatment.

Condition 8: You are not to consume or have in your possession any alcohol or any drugs as listed under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act for unless you have a prescription in your name.

Condition 9: You will attend all schedules appointments with your doctor, psychiatrist or counsellor.

Condition 10: You will take all medications prescribed to you.

Condition 11: You will give your doctor, psychiatrist, and counselor a copy of this order.

Condition 12: You will provide your bail supervisor with names, addresses and phone numbers of your doctor, psychiatrist and counselor.

Condition 13: You will tell your doctor, psychiatrist, and counselor that, if you do not follow any terms of this order, he or she will inform your bail supervisor.

Condition 14: If you decide not to follow these directions, you must immediately report to your bail supervisor when his or her office is open and advise the bail supervisor and thereafter report daily to the bail supervisor.


Now that you have read all of the above, read the below.  

Heads Together – Talking vs. Acting

Thank you Amy.

I have subscribed myself to CALM, committing an intent to follow their page in an attempt to comprehend the message, however… Men Act. Roughly the same time you had written these words, I was thinking to myself once again, Talk is Cheap, Action Speaks Louder than Words.

Women Talk.
Men Act.

Perhaps those words are not quite right, but there is a valid reason why Men do not talk about their feelings. I slept in the truck again last night so.. I do not have the leisure of a fresh mind and ability to access my deeper thoughts on the subject.

I will tell you that I was deeply suicidal for roughly four months from say December 2013 to April 2014. It was Black, Blacker than Black. Completely surreal going through life like that at times.

Talking was the WORST thing for me.

In fact, if anyone stuck their finger in my thoughts and my internal processes I would have never have recovered. Just for comprehension, I placed $6000 in cash above my mothers sewing machine to pay for my own funeral, that’s how messed up I was.

In that state, I finally took a job with a company that tried to hire me over for five years. I always said no. I took the job, as in my case, my triggering factor was finances and long term survival/financial/legal/private/internal independence. I ending up organizing the most complicated job that company had ever done, the most complicated job I ever was tasked with the responsibility of in over twenty years, all while being highly suicidal.

Do you know the famous Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? I used to drive to work thinking of it every morning. At work, it was in plain view out the fancy office windows I would be working in. If I did not attain staying above the line that defined success/failure in meeting immediate financial necessities – that bridge was my destination.

Any “talk” would have been the worst thing for me as it would have triggered the implosion and a whole chain reaction of long term consequences. Well, this is a mouthful and I am about to walk into a Government Office again and I certainly hope my reactions are better than yesterday’s. Bureaucracy Kills.

Thank you for the reply.


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