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  Mental Health Corruption
    October 25th, 2017            , , ,

Psychologist Toby Watson—Psychiatry is Misleading the Public

Psychologist Toby Watson—Psychiatry is Misleading the Public About Mental Disorders Dr. Toby Watson is a clinical psychologist and outspoken critic of the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industry's false claim that mental disorders are biological or medical conditions requiring dangerous drugs to "treat" them.

Posted by CCHR International on Þriðjudagur, 21. mars 2017

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For the three Psychiatrists the British Columbia Criminal Courts forced upon me, if you truly wanted to help me, you would recommend the Courts set me Free and support what I need to tell my own Truth.  Of course, I would have had to tell you that.  On the other hand, that should have been what happened nearly two years ago rather than having those frauds look for an excuse to Stamp and Medicate me.  There is nothing wrong with me, just a complicated situation that you people have made worse.

Psychiatry has some legitimate attempt, but lets face it – you were Not trained by God.  There are too many variables in someone’s life, making them who they are, too complicated for you to ever truly ever have a hope of fully diagnosing and ‘treating’.  If you want to help someone, set them free and grant them what they need.   Of course, I suppose once this System of No Accountability destroys someone’s life, that’s exactly what they do.  They set them free with no hope of turning things around.

If there was any legitimacy to any of these practices, they would be performed on even ground, out in the Open, under the Sun in clear view of Everyone.  Everyone Current and Future – All Life.

For example, this website.  Same with the Courts, if there was any Legitimacy, I would be put back in my home, receive a Court Order to return my stolen possessions/evidence, perhaps have a Restraining Order on the outside parties and be given an acceptable living allowance while I write it all out (in stability).  That is, if the System was not Crooked and Fixed.  I wouldn’t even need a Lawyer for that, as one should not need one to tell the Truth.

If you cannot Judge on One’s Truth, then you should not Judge at all.  Perhaps I write too much, too soon, with no chance of letting things sit, with no real chance of editing, but this pretty much how I feel.  There should be better way.  Maybe with what I read on HRH Prince Harry, regarding Heads Together and some fundraising he has done towards helping people online, a better way is in the making.

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