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Month: October 2017

Today is the 500th Anniversary of the Magdeburg Confession


Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

Today is the 500th Anniversary of the Magdeburg Confession.  It is also truly the last day, perhaps even long past the last day, that I can choose between doing the only thing that I know will save my Life and the Bail Conditions set out by the Criminal Courts of British Columbia, brought about by additional unjust and in my view corrupt Charges.  I can either return home and speak to my elderly mother, who only has her home and her possessions unscathed because I stood by her, an elderly mother who has been coerced and manipulated by siblings in a long-standing family dynamic, or I can follow the Court’s directive, go live homeless in the street, never recover and likely choose at some point, perhaps sooner than later, to walk into a car and commit suicide.  Now, having said that, the powers that be will likely choose to lock me up “for my own safety”, but in effect, all they will be doing is torturing my person slowly while taking my life all the same.

I am being, and I have been Denied the Right to Life.


This Friday, MPs will debate a bill in Parliament to reduce the use of force in mental health hospitals. When someone…

Posted by Mind on Mánudagur, 30. október 2017

The link doesn’t work properly, but this below is one reply of several of mine in a facebook conversation on that page.  It is actually a decent summary of the way things stand right now.

Rosa Maya Thank your for kind words. I am actually not moving forward, that is now impossible thanks to the games of the City Police and the Courts on behalf of unscrupulous family members. I was to be in Court today, but my lawyer moved it back a week on me. I believe I was to plead as to whether I was guilty or not in the Criminal Charge of Mischief for parking my tools (my Livelihood) and my vehicle at home while I for the first time in my life checked myself into a hospital to avoid what I had seen as the likely outcome of walking into a car and committing suicide. The nurses receiving me believed me, but after falling asleep waiting for a doctor and psyche nurse, I was out so out of it from a lack of sleep being homeless that I couldn’t explain myself. They would not accept me. I walked 11km back towards the area I call home where I was Arrested. I am currently out on bail and for reasons that I cannot describe to you so simply – this is Murder. The System, the Police and the Courts, are Denying my Right to Life. I either go live homeless and never recover or I go home Breech the conditions and never recover. You might believe I deserve all of this for something I did, but in truth I did nothing wrong. The only thing I did was to allow my siblings to undermine my relationship with my mother as I am the one who stayed home to ensure she never lost her house. They now control that and her. Thank you for the reply.

Government of British Columbia

Facebook Messages to the Provincial Government of British Columbia. Responds Instantly Facebook says.

I cannot help the tone.  What you have recklessly done to my life..  you kick someone’s feet out from under them, to the point that they cannot even house and feed themselves and then you expect them to defend themselves in Corrupt one sided Court of Law, a Criminal Court?

You are the Criminals, not me.

By the way, I do not need ‘counselling’ that just more unjust torture providing an income for some other individual.  I deserve to be restored and to be free to live my own life.  This whole System, stinks.  You are all Corrupt and you are all Self-Serving.  In reality, you are all pieces of shit.  I stood by my mother to look after her and the home, I get undermined by greedy family members and I am the one who gets blessed with the Systems bullshit?  I should be rewarded and held in esteem.

You are all Criminals.

her Majesty’s Voice

If I had had any sense, I would probably listen for orientation and bearing of whom exactly I am setting words to,  before I actually set them.   Of course,  I suppose that would be if I had the luxury of time.   Regardless of what anyone thinks of me,  it actually saddens me that the modern world overshadows her tranquility.  The speed and tone of her voice reminds me a little of my of own grandmother.  There is something stable in the soul of earlier generations, I cannot quite pin these words correctly.


Bail Office

I do not know what your report says for this day, but you know what?  I have heard all that crap before in that office.  Do not even try to pin that on me as “making a choice”.  It’s a bunch of bullshit that I have already been through and what you think or what you pretend to think you are offering me and what I actually get bounced into the next office of bureaucracy is two different things.  I certainly do not need your ‘services’ to collect a welfare cheque and live like a homeless person on the street.  That’s exactly what I am offered and what you are pushing on your supposed ‘Client’.

I meant what I said.  I would not do that job you have.

her Majesty the Queen

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA


Her Rightful Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

I genuinely wonder what I am to do to be right in your eyes.  I must state, do I ever wish I parked the notes I have made over the last year within easy reach regarding my thoughts towards having a Monarch.  Mankind has yet, if ever to build an infallible System of Governing written into Law. Everything he creates is not only flawed from his own limitations, but it is corrupted through time by his own actions.

One of the key points I cite in the value of a Monarchy, in the value of a Sovereign, is a natural one.  In leaving a Noble Person Sovereign and subject to no Earthly power, subject to no one other than God, in leaving someone outside of a manmade system, free from the fallible rules of manmade laws, mankind is thus able to safeguard his own interest with a set of natural checks and balances. In this, he thus prevents his own demise from the horrors of finding himself permanently wrapped in a spider web of his own making.

When my Legal troubles bean within the System nearly two years ago, I was determined beyond my capability to aim above the System, to aim in being so true to the facts that no matter what I faced through the Courts, I would come out the end on the right side with God.  This left nothing to fear, for the Courts, for the other parties, if they failed the same standards, they themselves would atone for their sin alone and they would do so without me.

At this point, I somewhat do not know where I am with any of this anymore. I can tell you that I have witnessed very strange particularities within the ‘System’ throughout it all.  To quote my initial Crown supplied defense Lawyer “They will not let you Win”.  In walking away from the first court case, I had the impression that the Criminal Courts were just that, Criminal.  Corrupted.

I have left words, both good and bad, at times asking for help, with the following  and more:

  • you yourself, her Rightful Majesty the Queen
  • the Governor General of Canada
  • the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
  • the Premier of British Columbia
  • Members of Parliament
  • Members of the Legislative Assembly (BC)
  • the Mayor of Port Moody

To date, I have been arrested three times, jailed once for thirty days on a Psychiatric Assessment, an assessment in which to quote the Crown Prosecutor was ‘useless’.  I have been Hospitalized against my Will in a Psychiatric Ward four times only resulting in additional harm to my person and there have been suggestions for doing so three more additional times.  Recently, in order to deal with everything that my life has now become burdened with I have tried to check myself into a hospital in the same manner three more additional times.

My count may be a little off, but I have seen nearly eighteen Psychiatrists and an uncounted number of Psychologists, Psyche Nurses & various Medical Staff.  I have been wrongfully, perhaps fraudulenly medicated for eight years, I have very nearly committed suicide from quitting such while dealing with these matters of heart and two years ago I nearly dropped dead from stress five times in a three week period surrounding my fortieth birthday.

I have lost the use of my Home, my Livelihood, my Credit, my Family, my Friends, my Peers, my Possessions, nearly my Sanity and more, including good chunks of my Physical Health.  I have testified directly to a Judge in a Court of Law “You Murdered me” with such conviction that the Stenographers bolted upright in their chairs.  I have written several people, including the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia stating the same.

I have testified in Court over and over that “the Courts are Victimizing a Victim”.  Over and over into the microphone.  I have, I admit, also stated the words “I hereby disavow the Crown” just before an unjust ruling.  I would like to take the opportunity again, to affirm that my words are in no means a disavowment to you yourself, they were never directed towards you.  Recently in a Courtroom I have stated “Denying my Right to Life” and that the Courts are.

My Father had always insisted that I be a Man and that I do the Right thing.  In fulfilling this instruct, I have always been left completely to my own devices in determining what that Right thing actually is.  All I can do in this manner is listen to what is true within my Being.  To listen to what is Inscribed within my Heart and to reference this against a Truth in Living.

The last time I had returned home, I had returned home without any Legal Restrictions to my Person. Doing so to save my Life by Safeguarding my Livelihood while at a loss of seeing any other viable solution before checking myself into a Hospital.  As a Tradesman, as an Artisan, in twenty five years I have acquired quite an assortment of assets and tools required to perform my Craft.  I earn an honest living with my bare hands.  This is a source of not only my Pride, but of my Independence in mind, body and soul.

The ‘System’, the Police, in response to taking personal action to save my life had sent a Tactical Emergency Swat Team complete with members in military type vehicles and gear, weapons drawn, flash grenades thrown and commands to come out and make myself appear before I am hurt.  I was not even there.  I was three Kilometers away looking in person to find an RCMP Member to speak with and to be driven to the Hospital.  At some point through this ridiculous mess an arrest warrant was issued for my person.

In Court, the Crown Prosecutor had stated the city police, not the RCMP, but the Port Moody City Police had issued an arrest warrant because I had interactions with the RCMP on other non-related matters.  Do you know why I had interactions with the RCMP?  I was forced to take refuge in a boarding house run by two women, one with a drug problem who would assault me.  That same woman later assaulted a male tenant who also had substance abuse problems.  He then shortly later assaulted me.  I had the RCMP involved not to press charges, but to keep the peace.  For this, I have an arrest warrant issued for my person.

In all honestly, what I write to you here this morning is only a mere fraction of the ridiculousness that I have been through brought about solely by persons of assumed ‘Authority’ in their ‘Professions’.  Persons who appear to rule and absolve themselves of any criminal responsibility by hiding behind what is falsely written on little insignificant pieces of paper.  Paper laws are for paper people.  People of paper I like to call them. Bureaucrats.

Hence, this brings myself somewhat full circle to the necessity of having a Sovereign.  When I tap the wisdom of older generations, when I ask which Sworn Oath has greater worth, that given to a piece of paper, or that given to a living person, the living person wins out everytime.  There is a bond between natural persons, a bond perhaps written in natural law.  Natural Law doesn’t just trump all others, it crushes them.

In Jail, I had spent my time writing.  One of the things that I had written where words somewhat to the effect that any agreement I had entered into to secure bail were made in bondage.  I never wanted a lawyer from the start, I was almost forced to have one from the very beginning.  In hiring another lawyer, an endeavor that started out so that I may have use of a laptop to view the recent court particulars, he had told me just to agree to the bail conditions.  Just say yes and nod.  I regret that action.

After release, the Legal Aide which was requested to pay for my lawyer had almost appeared to play games and back out of the responsibility.  Since then, my lawyer has not responded to emails nor a phone call as late as yesterday.  For nearly a week I have wondered if I am someone that no one in the legal system wants to touch with a ten foot pole.  I have also wondered if I should(n’t) dismiss my lawyer as no one has a vested interest in my life other than I.

Which, in a system that feels like game of cards with a stacked deck, is akin to placing me against all odds.  Something that is likely true regardless of having a lawyer or not.  This system as a whole appears to play with the lives of your Subjects as if they were mere cards in a game. Mere names on pieces of paper.

I am out of time.  Here are my options as I see them.

I can check out of this motel penniless and either ignore the misguided courts while taking my chances that my own mother will do the right thing and return home which is exactly where I should be.  Exactly where someone goes to mend and heal.  My home, a place I should have never have been fraudulently thrown from penniless and not far removed from death.

Or I can follow the Bail Conditions and the ridiculous Bureaucracy that follows such guaranteeing that I lose everything I built up through honest hard work in twenty five years, thus guaranteeing that I never recover.  Guaranteeing that I end up homeless and dependent on the same bureaucracy that has displayed nothing but ignorance not only for my person, but for the Truth.

It appears either route I am destroyed.  If I return home, I might be shot or in the very least jailed, and hence placed into an even worse legal situation.  Not only that, but my overall recovery becomes more and more impossible with each and everyday lost.  This system, this bureaucracy, the fraud the people within it have placed upon me – it and they are the Criminals, not I.

Fraud.  There has been Medical Fraud, Police Fraud and I would even be inclined to state Judicial Fraud. What kind of Courthouse conducts a Bomb-Search on a Defendant desperately trying to write out his five most important questions in fifteen minutes or less during a short break before Cross Examination?  The whole thing was fraud from the very beginning.

I am just a simple man who has seeked to earn an honest living with his bare hands, while wanting to take from no one, while wanting no one to take from me.  An genuine sincere person who stayed home to look after and ensure that his parents did not lose their home and consequently everything that goes along with such.  That much I have done.  I have done so against many odds.

I am tired.  I am poor and I am not yet broken.  Independence, Freedom, Strength, Devotion, I am not sure what I am saying, all I know is that I am overdue at this moment for checking out of this Motel, I am homeless, penniless and I do not even know if I can start my vehicle.  I need to return home.  Home.  Not the Bail Office of a Corrupted Courthouse, not Social Services, not a Homeless Shelter, but HOME.

Home is the only place that I may mend, heal and sort out this mess dumped upon my life.  I am just trying to save my life in not only the only common sense manner that I can, but likely the only manner that I can.  If this is a problem, which I am sure it will be to the bureaucracy, I openly place an offer/request, perhaps even a demand, before the Courts to return home and write out the Truth before the eyes of the whole world.

Something as per here:

Special Request for the Provincial Courts of British Columbia

I do not know, I do however know that the System will not provide anything better than I can rightfully provide myself if it was not too busy placing restrictions and denying my Right to Life.  I will never recover from this Corrupt Bureaucracy unless it sets me free.  I do not even have the time to finish this last paragraphs properly.

Dan Berladyn, British Columbia, Canada








The Queen visits Canada House


Queen Elizabeth II during a visit to Canada House at Trafalgar Square, central London, to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Other people might not get this, but I keep asking myself… what would she want me to do in this position ?



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