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Month: September 2017

523693 – Special Request


Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Corrections Branch


Inmate Name: Daniel John Berladyn

Correctional Center: Fraser North Pre-Trial

Living Unit: Alpha North (19)  Mental Health Unit

Date: September 29th / 2017


I respectfully request full time access and use of my laptop and power supply from my personal effects which you have in Safe Keeping.  Given such I would prefer segregation.

This is for my well-being & betterment during my unwillful incarceration.  The use of such would greatly help me log, sort and deal wtih not only Court related affairs, but my overall life period.

I am a non substance abusing, innocent person who has been wrongfully railroaded by the System and the Courts to meet other less honourable means to an end.

-> Forward to records


I actually had a hard time getting myself to put in this request, I wanted to do it for about five days.  I felt defeated prior to even asking.  A tenured  inmate thought they would give it to me.  I could have worded this better.


IUPAT – Returned Mail


Voicemail Left – September 27th.

As far as the Union goes, I didn’t retrieve this voicemail until the 21st of October, 2017.  If you want my advice, keep sending it to the only address that you ever had listed.  Send it to John D. Berladyn, same address.  If it is a Canada Post redirect, that should take care of it. Thank you for the call.


I suppose this tells the tale of why there was only so much mail.

I have a really hard time believing she would have marked my Mail all on her own with no guidance from anyone else.  Here is some advice, STOP . Stop guiding her, stop influencing her. The only way she would have done that on her own, is if she was trying to ‘help’ in a panic.  I do not believe that was the case.

The best thing for me is that it all continues to be directed to where it is listed, unless I stated different.  If I wanted that changed, I would have changed it myself.

Any of you making decisions on my behalf, sorry I mean for your benefit, you are just causing more and more and more problems.  Taxing me to death with your ignorance.  Aside from any outcome, I have all that personal property there, do you really think securing my mail is a burden?



September 19, 2017

Port Coquitlam Provincial Court – Room 001

  • Judge: WOODS
  • Prosecutor: ASHTON
  • Counsel: THORHAUG
98702-1 – Mischief

JIR – Judicial Interim Release  – Used to indicate an appearance by an accused who is in custody on the matter before the court and is used until bail has been granted or denied or the accused has chosen to remain in custody by consent.

IBP – Initiated by Prosecutor – adjournment – Used as the appearance result when an adjournment to a future court date is initiated/requested by the prosecutor.


The Courts of Criminals

Lori Ashton – Crown Counsel

“You’re a Fucking Criminal.”

That’s what I said to you in the Courtroom this day.   No wonder why you are hiding behind sunglasses in public photos.  You have no Soul.  With all the information available to your office, what I have given to the probation office, what the police have and what’s available online, why would you ever stand before a judge and enjoy spinning a story against an innocent person whose nearly died from stress, whose nearly committed suicide, and who was merely trying to prevent further unjust destruction of his life?

Do you think taking someone’s life is a ‘game’ to be enjoyed?

You are just another failed cog in a wheel eeking your living out protecting criminals while destroying innocent people.  Maybe if you actually did some homework or you worked in a System that actually seeked Truth and Justice, you wouldn’t have to ask for a 30 day fraudulent ‘Mental Health’ assessment to ‘understand where I am coming from’.

So if the Arrest Warrant was dated September 6th, 2017 and I was ‘involved’ with the RCMP on September 8th, 2017 (as a victim of assault), why would you tell the Judge the Port Moody Police Department decided to charge me over that same involvement?  Why would you lie and twist facts?

Why do these bogus ‘Charges’ require you to lie before a Judge in a Court of Law?

You are a fucking criminal Lori Ashton.  The whole lot of you are.




September 18, 2017

Port Coquitlam Provincial Court – Room 001

  • Judge: JANZEN
  • Prosecutor: POWRIE
  • Counsel: THORHAUG
98702-1 – Mischief

JIR – Judicial Interim Release  – Used to indicate an appearance by an accused who is in custody on the matter before the court and is used until bail has been granted or denied or the accused has chosen to remain in custody by consent.

IBD – Initiated by Defence -adjournment – Used as the appearance result when an adjournment to a future court date is initiated/requested by the accused/defendant/offender or their counsel.




September 15, 2017

Port Coquitlam Provincial Court – Room 001

  • Judge: JANZEN
  • Prosecutor: ASHTON
  • Counsel: THORHAUG
98702-1 – Mischief

JIR – Judicial Interim Release  – Used to indicate an appearance by an accused who is in custody on the matter before the court and is used until bail has been granted or denied or the accused has chosen to remain in custody by consent.

IBD – Initiated by Defence -adjournment – Used as the appearance result when an adjournment to a future court date is initiated/requested by the accused/defendant/offender or their counsel.



Voluntary Certification – DENIED

—>  I was so tired trying to write the below… then… “Arrested”, I never finished this post.

Last night, in Coquitlam, I had been looking to bump into an RCMP Member.  I did not want the complications of calling the Detachment.  I just expected I that would bump into one as I have literally become accustomed to seeing them everywhere I go.

No luck.  Not until around 3:ooam.  I finally had a Member drive by me, but I misinterpreted their direction at an intersection.  I crossed the street thinking they were turning, but once across I realized that I was tired and I misjudged.  The Officer headed straight through.

I am lucky to be somewhat known by the managers and staff at the local Denny’s.  At least I can stay warm and get a free cup of coffee. However, I must admit – the one free cup of coffee is almost too much to ask. Especially with all the drug addicts around.  The waitress is not enjoying the fact that I eventually begin falling asleep in short 20 minute hard power sleeps.  I am so tired that I do not care.


By 8:00am I can return to the RCMP Community Police Office.  This is a painful discussion as I am only wanting to share the bulk of my communications with an actual Member.  Not that it really matters, but it does a lot at the same time.

I end up learning that the incident at the house, at home, was logged as a ‘Break and Enter’. The story goes that someone phoned the police claiming that somebody (me?) was breaking in.  Personally to me this feels, smells and sounds like bullshit to me.  I wonder who escalated the Police Activity so much for someone (me) who was not even present?

I dropped my tools off at home so that they would NOT be stolen, lost, or damaged in a Personal Emergency, in an attempt to SAVE MY LIFE.  My Livelihood, they call this  ‘A Break and Enter’.  The real story is that the PMPD and my family are ‘Denying me the Right to Life’.  That is CRIMINAL beyond all words.  Driving me right into SUICIDE.


I always paid, even when the turnstiles were not there.  I waited for thirty minutes for someone to ask permission to ride free. I was in no rush, there were fare paying passengers, so I followed one through the turnstiles – Simple.  On the train platform, I could not get the attention of the Staff, even though I keep trying to talk to the highest ranking one.

I gave up, boarded a train, taking a seat I began continually passing out into two minute deep power naps exhausted.  By now my cell was dead which gave me reprieve from being watched/monitored.  Maybe they do not care anymore, but the psychological reprieve was nice.  On the other hand, I did not like not being able to write and battery charging was an issue.  How do you do so homeless?


Next down to successfully negotiating free Seabus fare, I land in stupidland with a couple of young Translink Security guys, this evolves to a pair of ex-paramedic Vancouver City Police Officers and the negotiated avoidance Ambulance Services. Free bus fare to Lions Gate, a free hamburger with an almost unbelievable remark from charity head for Lions Gate Hospital, to rejection from the HOpe Center, I deserved that as they may have changed their policies after my last visit, onto the really hard to decision to Certify myself through Emergency, only to land in very deep power sleeps while waiting in a bed after talking to yet another nurse, only to land in the company of Doctor and his terrible Psyche Nurse… Holy @#$%.

I was going to leave my recorder running for HeadsTogether, then I decided to end that crap and not do that stuff. I should have left it on. There was no way they should have rejected me, I wish I recorded it. From there I walked from Lions Gate Hospital, 10.7Km’s, all the way to Hastings and Holden where I met someone who shared personal things with me. He bought me coffee in Tim Hortons where I could recharge my devices and outlast SFU students in staying up late, where I then fell into even more PowerSleeps in front of my open laptop while not being sure if the Asian head of staff is upset with me or not.

I am glad that older guy wanted to chat. My feet were literally going to fall off as I still have a good walk on a journey I shouldn’t be making. Perhaps I shouldn’t share this all on here, but I was dying to write since leaving the hospital in absolute disbelief. I could have won with them perhaps, but the whole joke that is Mental Health and the bullshit behind all of these ‘Professional Systems’…… I cannot word it here.

—>  I was so tired trying to write the above… then… “Arrested”, I never finished this post.

‘Charters and Freedoms’

Canada recognizes the Supremacy of God, which for me trumps the bullshit below.  It is just a shame that Canada does not currently have the means to honour the Ten Commandments.  Something like this anyways, this is just speed writing to distract myself while I search for words on what I want to write but keep finding myself blocked.


 Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

Everyone, unless there is a Note that allows this Right to be Circumvented and Marginalized.  Examples below.

Marginal note:Search or seizure

 Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.

Everyone, unless a local Police Department decides that you should not live where you do while Serving themselves by fulfilling a lack of desire to help you in your needs.  It is so easy, they simply accuse you of causing a fear in those harming you to the point of death and the accusation becomes the verdict.  Meanwhile, they violate your privacy and your personal property searching through it all.

Marginal note:Detention or imprisonment

 Everyone has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned.

Everyone, unless ‘Mental Health’ is claimed as a reason to incarcerate you against your will in a Psychiatric Hospital while the police finalize their case and people root through your belongings, likely even your computer which was left running, showing file changes while you were gone.

Marginal note:Arrest or detention

 Everyone has the right on arrest or detention

  • (a) to be informed promptly of the reasons therefor;

Sure, slap someone with a temporary charge.  Tell them they may not to talk about the case while throwing them out of their home and then later on, while their life and their ability to provide for themselves is collapsing leaving them penniless on the street, elevate the charge into something foolproof, based on erroneous information and sexism (misandry). 

  • (b) to retain and instruct counsel without delay and to be informed of that right; and

Laws are for the poor and lawyers loyalties ‘lie’ with the Legal System and their Peers, not the Client.

  • (c) to have the validity of the detention determined by way of habeas corpus and to be released if the detention is not lawful.

I would need to re-read here, but basically being held in a cell by police who are trying to let you out of jail just to be told no while your property is being thrown out and stolen…. only later to be told that the act of holding you in that situation was not normal by an Officer who is backing away from you in deep uncertainty upon hearing this…

Marginal note:Proceedings in criminal and penal matters

 Any person charged with an offence has the right

  • (a) to be informed without unreasonable delay of the specific offence;

Sure, but the Crown just changes those offenses to meet the intentions at will.

  • (b) to be tried within a reasonable time;

A reasonable time, like after you are thrown out of your home, lose your job, your credit, nearly your livelihood, your ability to eat and house yourself.  I would have thought a reasonable time was BEFORE that took place as an effect of the Charges.

  • (c) not to be compelled to be a witness in proceedings against that person in respect of the offence;

  • (d) to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal;

Sure innocent as your lawyer tells you that ‘they’ will not let you win the case.  Leaving you with the assumption that allowing you to win the case will mute the whole intent of the Charge and the Written Law as it is clearly used abusively as a means to an intended end.  If there is any risk of the System losing it’s own case, they can always order a bomb-search while you desperately try to write out your five most important questions during at best a 15 minute break before you are allowed to Cross Examine.

Marginal note:Treatment or punishment

 Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

Except if it results in the loss of home, family, friends, livelihood, possessions, credit standing, peers, employers, freedom, life goals, self-respect, health and last but not least, a loss of Life.  

Equality Rights

Marginal note:Equality before and under law and equal protection and benefit of law
  •  (1) Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability.

Unless you have a Penis.  Specifically a White Penis.

  • Marginal note:Affirmative action programs

    (2) Subsection (1) does not preclude any law, program or activity that has as its object the amelioration of conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those that are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability. (84)

Blah blah blah, all these Marginal Notes…  you have this Right, unless it is decided through these escape clauses that you do not.

Emergency Response Team

This picture is probably not unlike what transpired outside of my home. I was told it looked like there was Military there along with Military Vehicles. At least I have not been shot dead yet, maybe that’s on the agenda? There is really appears to be no help if you are Male and the System chooses you. Is the Hospital really going to be any help or are they just going to play the ‘game’ too? Anyways, it’s pretty simple, just an honest working guy who has been crushed by dishonest people and a System which helps the latter.

Well, what can I say?

Through Hearsay (as I did not witness it), I was told last night was rather eventful.  I dropped my truck off along with what is left of my life at a location that is both secure and natural. Then I walked away.  I had thought about dropping a note to the PMPD or calling the RCMP, informing them, but I did not want any problematic bureaucracies pre-empting my moves. I also did not want the ‘tax’ of speaking to someone.

Just before the final leg, almost out of fuel, I pulled over and looked for a place to send a quick note, a note describing the when and why as to save confusion.  I didn’t really have a viable text/email address that I was comfortable with so I just dismissed the idea. Getting myself to take action before I was forced to abandon it out of fuel on the side of the road became an ugly reality was somewhat more important.

I walked away thinking I would make my way to Lions Gate, walking if I had to.  Just by fate, I walked a different route still attempting to decide. Now my thoughts were between the RCH and Lions Gate.  I am not really enthused with the idea of all of this, I just cannot realistically think of another viable option.  I know what I need and in trying to communicate that, I might receive something completely different and unwelcome.

Just by chance, without ever intending it, by midnight or so I was a long ways from home, cold, tired and trying to get myself to deal with my situation before I ended up awake all night making myself physically ill from the cooling temperatures.  I was out of smokes, someone had been messaging me changing my thought processes and I decided to walk back to the truck.

I realized there must have been cigarettes between the seats, there is no way I smoked that many and I really wanted a cigarette.  Arriving there, all was quiet.  I eventually found the smokes the next morning. This after deciding that I was so tired that I may as well just sleep in the truck (again).  It is out of view, no one would know I was there.

I obviously missed all of the excitement while I was gone.  This morning, I woke early, tired with poor sleep and I accepted an offer to meet someone to just talk.  I am not surprised, but I did not expect what I had heard. Apparently I caused quite a stir parking to secure my means of living in place where there should be no question as to the ability to do so.

I was disappointed at first.  I mean thinking about myself, why would you ever need more than one Officer?  I was told one police car showed up, then another, then another, then the RCMP, then an Emergency Response Team.  Guns were drawn, this is all hearsay, but three flash grenades, a wild exciting show. Some people who knew me were scared that I was going to get hurt, perhaps even be killed.

I suppose I am lucky I never decided to just make my own way in.  I know that house, I could be inside there with no damage.  Does not matter if the locks are changed.  I know that house like the back of my hand.  By the way, how is my Cat?  Can someone please answer that Question for me?

Apparently the Officers called my name, calling me to come out willingly before I was hurt.  Exciting, as I wasn’t even there.  None of this was intentional on my part, I cite responsibility for not disclosing my intent beforehand, but on the other hand I am amazed at how things can blow so far out of proportion. Enough PMPD and RCMP Members have met me to know I am not a danger.

It seems like a grande waste of money, or perhaps an excuse to practice. Of course, I was momentarily dumb enough to once again have thoughts that the System is just creating a big show before they put the real corrupted ones in their place.  My siblings.  I wasn’t surprised to hear that my two brothers were there looking after things.

The leader and the follower.  The same two who plotted for years to get rid of me and benefit both emotionally and financially.  Emotionally, because having me suffer makes them feel better for their own actions, abandoning their responsibilities two decades ago.  If I suffer tremendously, they prove themselves right and absolve their own guilt.

So how does this happen?  How does the ‘System’ engage in such heavy handed, extreme measures?  Perhaps it is simply the bureaucracy of beat cops reporting to higher ups, in a System where everyone either wants to cover their legal rear ends and or put on a big show.  Perhaps, it was simply a call made by someone remote, with tainted third and fourth hand information while looking at an operating handbook.

Something like that, if I wasn’t so tired I would probably word this better. Anyways, I am not sure how I should feel?  I leave, all that excitement happens and then I come back to the scene and snooze for several hours. It explains why some passerby’s were taking curious stares at the truck in the morning while on their way to work or whatever they were doing.

I expect that vehicle and the belongings to be secure.  Maybe if I was smart, I would state that I am coming back.  With the way things are going that would earn me around the clock armed guards, unintentionally guarding my assets, securing them for my perspon.

In the meantime, perhaps you can ask yourselves the real reason why a ‘little old lady’ who depended on me, who my sister said was co-dependent with me to the point I should claim her on my taxes, perhaps you should ask yourself the real reason as to why those two sad excuses for ‘Men’ have taken ‘Control’ of a house they do not even live, nor have for more than two decades. A house that they laughed would be lost in foreclosure, running from all the problems and stealing from it to secure their own lives?

You people are protecting Criminals.  The Judge knew as he ruled in their favour to ‘protect me from them’, my state sponsored lawyer knew as he apologized for what everyone did to my life and instructed me to sue, the Crown Prosecutor knew as he fumbled over his own words and couldn’t ask appropriate questions in Court – I could go on.  I was removed from the Courtroom while the Judge was out because I had turned to my family and even to my surprise, I blurted out – ‘you should be in jail’.

Is protecting a Bureaucracy and your jobs so important that you would Murder someone Innocent? Sometimes it feels this way. Even yesterday I wondered, perhaps I should just walk in front of a car.  I was tired, it was not easy to think clearly.  I know the longer I am on the street and the further that I degrade the more appropriate that end will be for me.

There is something very wrong with a Judicial / Medical / Policing / Social System that does anything but allow a citizen to do what is right for himself and society.  I have come to conclude the System knocks the Males down in order to retain control.  Just keep everyone down, this way – no will one will ever be a challenge.

That is pretty self-serving and pretty foolish in my opinion.  Society will not last and looking around, it obviously is not.