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Month: August 2017

Leeanne Ruth Davis – Threatens to Make Men disappear

I have audio recordings of the Victim she stated this to.  She Assaulted him and later stated that she will call some friends and make him disappear.  Make him disappear as in KILL him and dispose of him in a River. I wonder if that would interest Law Enforcement ?

Ah… it’s a Woman.  They do No WRONG...  Right?

A Friend of Margaret Hearth Counselling.

Message to a Friend – The DAMAGE is done, I entered here too weak to deal with this kind of crap.

Margaret Hearth

CRAZY LADY – Leeanne Ruth Davis  – Needles, she was so happy to rent out a room to a guy she knew was a junkie.  She thought she would get a Welfare Cheque to control.  She is Trash.

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I am kicking you out, to defend my Crack Addict Friend ‘Ms. Leeanne Ruth Davis’ and I not giving you your money back because I do not have it.  If you give me another $700 which I just stopped you from making, I will give your $350 back.  No use of the Garage, no care, no responsibility for her actions.

(H) Is kissing her ass to get my room.  Solving both their problems.  You know (H), you never truly solve your own problems in an environment like this, by not standing up for someone else’s.  Like over populated rats cannibalizing eachother.  It is stupid, the corrupt are protected, the innocent are harmed.

Who does this Welfare Case Counsel ?  Unreal.

She has NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for her OWN Actions, and she Counsels People.  No wonder why there are so many messed up People in this world.  She is a Welfare Case, her going to ‘Work’ is how she gets her Welfare.  Pathetic.  Everything is the other party’s fault.

  • Her Crack Addict Friend needs the Garage
  • Her Crack Addict Friend Stirs Trouble and Violates my Person
  • This Counselor Margaret Hearth, tells me it is my fault because I emailed her the details of what actually happened.
  • I am evicted and told to get out.
  • She does not have my damage deposit to give me
  • As she financially realizes she destabilized herself she changes her tune
  • Then she wants another $700 and help cleaning the property from the crap her Crack addict Friend brought here.
  • Back and Forth, Back and Forth…

How can this Person possibly be allowed to Counsel People ?

Margaret Hearth – Leeanne Ruth Davis

 These women are crazy



From: Dan []
Sent: August 31, 2017 7:57 PM
To: ‘Margaret Hearth’ <>
Subject: RE: September 15th

I want my damage deposit, you will not give it.

So what would like me to do?


From: Margaret Hearth []
Sent: August 31, 2017 7:26 PM
To: Dan <>
Subject: Re: September 15th

If I am understanding,  you are asking me to keep your room available until the 15th IN LIEU OF returning the damage deposit. Is this correct?


Sent from my BlackBerry – the most secure mobile device – via the TELUS Network


I wouldn’t have sent the below email if I wasn’t continually bombarded. (H) knocking on my door in rushed urgency, prompted me to just send it before I forgot.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to, but it’s easy for me to miss important things.  It was meant to stay as a Draft, so that once I left, I could decide to send it (or not).  I would much rather have my Damage Deposit which I know all along they don’t pay anyone. 

Sent: August 31, 2017 4:13 PM


Subject: September 15th


Hi Margaret,

I have not left yet.

You do not have my money to return to me.   The damage is done.  I cannot keep tripping over people ropes.  I have tentative plans, I am trying to tell myself that I may regret them, but the decision is occupying 80-90% of my Person, and it is not changing.  That does not mean that I will abruptly change course, but that course somewhat became locked days ago.  Too many complications.

So if you come home and I am gone, I am going to ask of you, to not rent the room out until halfway through the month.  That would be Sept 15th or so.  I think that is fair and it leaves me a back door, whether I need it or not, I do not know.




Margaret Hearth – To Leave or Not ?

Wanting to know what is happening…

Hearing an answer for your needs is more important to you, than allowing me to decide my needs decide for myself.  Three times you cut me off to solve your needs after I told you I do not want to be pushed.  No wonder why so many people get fucked up by ‘Councillors’.

Speaking softly and appropriately in tone, does not necessarily equate to you being ‘right’.  As soon as you kept cutting me off to push for your needs, after I told you each time that I do not want to be pushed into decisions, shows disrespect.  Regardless of my poor verbal reaction.

She’s thrown me out, wanting me to leave.  The paperwork that I was asked to sign the other month was three days notice, everything in there is one sided.  She cannot pay my damage deposit back and she expects me to care about her needs.  She doesn’t care about mine nor the damage she has done.

She likely just wants to know if she will be renting that room out or not, and for the information (if she is passing it to anyone in the Hospital).  I do not trust anyone here.  No one’s word means anything.

She knows it’s recorded, she’s looked at it.  I am embarrassed for my actions, but I really do not feel well and I am out of money.  I also, have a good part of me that wants to tell her that there is no reason for me to have any respect for her or her needs.


(She caused me to walk off a job and away from $3000 in order to protect and pack up property)

Mr. Bill Morneau – Righting the Ship

FREEDOM of SPEECH is a Canadian Value Mr. Bill Morneau.

Took a few moments to chat with Rebecca and Marilyn on the way into Ottawa today. See you again soon! ✈️

Posted by Bill Morneau on Miðvikudagur, 30. ágúst 2017

Another Dumb ****

August 30th, 8:02am – There is one I have not seen in a while, mind you I have not been Checking.

I never had a chance to write it.  What was it ?  2007 ?  You were over at the house, I opened up to you and explained that the useless Self-Serving ‘Psychologist’ was pushing this XXX illness and yada yada yada on me, complete with requests for more Visits (money) and Medications that I did not need.  A person in a Criminal Industry that KILLS people.  He knew.

When a Car is Stolen do you Medicate for it ?
Psychologist -> Do not Listen to yourself, but Listen to me so that I can make a profit by stirring up your insides, Labeling you, Polarizing you, pushing Medication (Week Killer) that you do not need, all while helping my Peers and I secure our Industry, our Livelihoods, our Professions, at your Life’s Expense <- CRIMINALS.


What did you say?  When I opened up and shared that this guy was trying to label me as  ‘XXX’ ?  You in all your holy’er than thou wisdom, stated “Well, at least you know what your problem is” before you upped and walked away.  You know what you Dumb Xxxx? That did not help me, I bit my tongue, but I wanted to BARK at you “That is not my Problem, my @#$%ing Family is the problem!”.

Not just my Family but people like you.  Why would you not have acted told your needy lost friend to be an Adult and treat her Son with Respect ?Her others friends knew in great detail, you are spending your money on her… I am sure you knew as well.

Now my Language, which I have never used towards ‘Montana’ will be used against me.

I wish I could write this better but do you run around telling tales, gossiping with all your friends, getting yourself all confused and then ask them tell you how to treat your Husband ?  Your Sons ?

Anyways, I was never your friend, I should not expect anything from you, but the one thing I think about with my mother’s friends, their involvement in family matters, how do you justify yourselves?  I have looked at many of my friends and their kids over the years and I’ve thought to myself, I couldn’t…

I’ve deleted the rest of this post, I don’t like that I’ve written so much so poorly.  I should probably delete the whole things, but it’s here so…


This is Last Year on this Day

Finally, I felt like I had some breathing room.  No immediate Court Dates in front of me, I had some semi-order, emotions and stresses disappating. I bought a new chair as the one I was using up until this point had sharp painful protrusions sticking in my back.  Last year, this day – I was wishing I had belongings from home to organize, do the things I felt were important and… to survive.

Just not meant to be.

It didn’t help Mark Berladyn’s appreciation nor his respect towards me when I would go to a job to price it, spending money I do not have, only to realize the tools I need for the job are at home.  A place I could not legally return to.  Just continual kicks in the teeth, continual insults to injuries from those who ASSUME what is correct and proper for another person.

By this date last year, I was in a better frame of mind. I had the freedom and the will to start picking myself up and putting myself back on my feet, but… I kept suffering from compounding issues.

I would scrape and borrow money for gas to look at jobs, this so I could have money in my own pocket to stop being dependent, only to get to the job trying to hide desperation, to realize while pricing it… that I have to do the jobs without the tools I already have, which means driving out was for nothing.

This happened several times last Autumn.

Imagine investing all this time and energy into equipping yourself so that you can be dynamic and roll through the punches in Life, only to have some Loser tell you that don’t need this or you do not need that.  Imagine trying to prepare yourself for the situation just stated and while you are trying to prepare yourself, the City Police decide for themselves that you should just move ( now ).

Imagine desperately trying to climb back up into independence, only to find yourself in situations where other people are dismissing you over things they have no idea that you need.  Then putting you down for not listening ‘their’ advice, in effect crippling you more and self-servingly proving themselves right by their own ignorance.

Unless you have been independent, self-employed, relying on complete honest work and hard reality…  I cannot even write it…  I do not even want to at this moment.  There seems to be no shortage of people who are falsely elevated thinking they are better than they really are.

Yesterday for example.  

I’m totally clamped down.  Truck is below empty, below E, I do not have enough money to keep operating, my primary tools are no longer with me, I am trying to get over being drained, I am trying to keep settled, I am trying to look at all the options while at the same time thinking I only have one move to save my Independence and Sanity in the longer term.

People who live here and own nothing are asking me for small favours. Print Resumes, no problem – but I do not need the distraction as I may only have a roof over my head for less than 24 hours.  Next, I am being asked to drive someone to the beer store and to buy his beer for him.  Just makes me want to blow my top.  Why would I want to waste my limited time, energy, lack of money and risks to take a guy to the beer store ?

I wanted him to help load my truck, he wanted a ride to the beer store. Fine.  He has no idea and no care how much he’s taxing my person, coming back and loading my truck. He cannot believe what I have for tools.  Without even knowing how insulting it is having some young kid with nothing tell me that I do not need this stuff…  I forgive him for it, but this is a common cycle.  I do not understand people.

I am not perfect, but why are people so… 

Next, as I try to explain that I do not want to hear his opinions and his advice on what he thinks I do and do not need, as I try to save it for survival, he starts muttering more.  He really has to give me some advice that he thinks is correct, I know what he wants to say.  I explain to him to keep it to himself, I do not want what is in his vessel to be dumped in mine.

I give him examples of what happened in Court, but he really cannot help himself.  He just has to help me, by telling me erroneous advice that I do not want my ears to hear, advice that I do not want in my computer.  He gets upset and tells me he will not help as he walks away to go drink the beer I had spent what I do not have in getting him.

He wasn’t trying to advise me for my benefit, he was trying to advise me for HIS.  This is the way most people unwittingly are.  They do not even realize what they are doing.  Now, this will be a jinx, but I am left thinking is there no one left who pays attention to the whether they are harming or benefiting another as they ‘help’ them to meet their own needs ?

It is like the girl who was suicidal last year, I sensed it.  I knew something was wrong and when she killed herself, everyone was shocked.  Everyone but me.

PMPD 17-5371 – Interview of Margaret BERLADYN

August 27th, 2017 8:59 PM

Conversation between Cst. Jenn OHASHI / Margaret BERLADYN


Yeah…  here comes the ‘Political Officer’, Cst. Shits and Giggles.  I don’t even want to bother with this file because her name is on it.

Line 20/21 – Giggles.  Hehehe..

Line 30 / 31 – My sister did say that my mother was dumb.

Line 33 – Just like dad said, she does not get it, she does not understand her own actions.

Line 38 – Was it Loaves or was it Cakes?  The thing about lying is that it requires great effort to remember your lies.

Line 42 – The audio recording says Cakes.  (she’s lying)

Line 43 – What she really means is after her phone call / texts were made.

Line 45 – Yes, it was running because I was just putting it in reverse to drive away.

Line 47 – Do I sound angry or completely vulnerable and defenseless?

Line 48 – Because you did.  Or shall I say my siblings manipulated you to have done those things mentioned.

Line 51 – Do you see the Natural Response there?  ‘I was standing with my foot sort of in the door in HIS, where he…’ .  In other words, I was standing with my foot in the door blocking him from his home, his house, his space.

Line 54 – They looted through all my things, brought boxes in, bagged clothes.  She will not even let me look…  why would that be?

Line 57 – You have all heard the audio..

Line 64 – Loaves or a Cake?  Or better yet, had to make a phone call to be told what to do?

Line 69 – Angry or Frustrated?

Line 73 – Yeah, she would have been told to.  She would have had to have been told to because that is my mother.  My guess?  Jim BERLADYN or Lisa BERLADYN.  Or both.

Line 81 – No.  She was told.  OHASHI does not care for truth though.  She only cares about her files.

Line 90 – No.  They have had my phone number since everything began.  I have taken great pains to keep that number.

Line 93 –  This number 83669317 nor any combination of it has never been a telephone number of mine.

Line 100 – Thanks for bringing the Police to that house and stressing my situation and increasing the agitation of the two women I was living with.  This probably helped them decide to throw me out.  The Cause and Effect in these situations is unreal.

Line 105 – She would only conclude that because someone told her.

Line 117 – 121  Yeah, that was not my friend across the street.  His wife is deceased and he would have phoned from his landline.  That was likely our Ecomm neighbour, if there is any truth to it at all.

Line 124 – If that Mrs. H.  You are an idiot, I am the one who saved her.

Line 127 – See that, instantly my sister is disposing of me.  She wants me gone taking my Life for her own purposes.  She’s lied so much, I am likely a threat to her self image.

Line 132 – I was not just getting dark.  Did OHASHI throw that seed in there or was that my siblings?

Line 133 – Yeah, cause I am the only one who knows how to open and close them properly.

Line 136 – On my side, the door was opened, where my stuff was kept.

Line 145 – I was not Recording and I was going to finish saving my livelihood.

Line 159 – My god she exaggerates.  I did not.  Although emotionally it may have seemed that way to her, seeing me drive away perhaps she was feeling it was the last time.

Line 229 – OHASHI why is your loaded guiding question, why are your words hidden?

Line 236 – It was not dark yet.  It was AUGUST. Why does she keep stating this?

Line 245 – No.  She is afraid to face the facts of what they have unjustly done.  She is not scared of me at all.

Line 251 – I bet everyone is shoving those words down her throat, including you OHASHI.  You have to serve your own interests covering your own ass too don’t you?

Line 252 – 256 – Yeah, if she keeps telling herself that and my siblings keep telling her that and you OHASHI keep telling her that, she’ll believe it.  You people are Frauds.  You made terrible rash decisions in Jan/Feb 2016 OHASHI.  I will never respect unless you own up.








Harrison Berg



Hello my name is Harrison Berg,

I am a renter and since August 20th, I have been in this location, my rent of $600 has been paid in full.  I have actually paid $770 and there is nothing but issues. I have zero privacy and Leeanne Ruth Davis, she lied to me about being a house owner.  This woman is not the house owner, nor a manager of this Property.

I have given her my money only to witness her in an obvious state of drug use. There has been more than one occasion where she had placed her hands upon me physically, not to mention the verbal abuse. As a patient of anxiety I feel severely uncomfortable in her presence.

Moving Property

The date is the 28th of August, yesterday I witnessed her physically move another man’s property.  I was asked to move another gentleman’s property from the garage to the back of the house where I was asked to help tarp them.  She had told me they belonged to a man who had already moved out.

As a Renter I feel like a Victim.  Leanne has entered my place of residence not on my will.  She has no respect for another individuals privacy nor property. As a tenant this is what I have witnessed in the matter of a short week.