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Month: June 2017

Private Number

Why do people call me with a Private Number?  I don’t answer those calls, but perhaps I should have.  I could simply hit record and throw your voice up here on this website.

RCMP MHL – if I am a Daily Diary for you, if your calling me to fill out your paperwork.  Please stop, it’s annoying.  Other Members expose their numbers, you can too.

PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR – last year some useless Private Investigator called with a Private Number.  She was useless and she was a bitch to boot.

COLLECTION AGENCIES – There’s plenty of you to read here, go away.  Our business has already been communicated.

Let’s see who else calls with a Private Number?  Phil? Can’t imagine you phoning me, don’t really want you to either. There’s nothing to say.

My oldest brother?  Yeah, that piece of shit goes through life hiding.  You have zero business calling me.

Anyone else?  I’m sure there’s a few, however I don’t answer Private Calls, so don’t bother.

What I might do change my phone numbers around so that all these calls I get are forwarded directly to this site. I can actually do that, I just need some free time. You call, leave a message and it’ll post here publically.

Maybe I’ll get on making that happen sometime.



Living with a Counsellor

I am living with a Counsellor.  She has no relevance in terms of Counselling on my life.  It’s just coincidence.

I walked in the door and I heard a conversation, “when he first got here, he was suicidal and he didn’t know what he was going to do and yada yada”.  I thought to myself?  Is she talking about me? I was not suicidal when I came in here.  Event’s kept tripping me, some of the crap in this house included, and then I broke down for a week while I was sick with some bug I caught from another tenant.

I thought about it then because I turned down full time work at $55/hr. An easy job for three months or so.  I actually was offered $60/hr but I downplayed my hand during negotiations, giving some back. I just couldn’t meet the needs, given my exact situation at the time.

Another time, I made an offhand comment to a Fraser Health Worker, the one I was told I “must” see.  I ended the conversation with I may as kill myself rather than do that (Collect Welfare).  He phoned the RCMP, because he has to cover his ass (priorities right?), then as calm and normal as the conversation was, the RCMP had to cover their ass and put me in the hospital and down the line it goes… wasting someone’s energy.

Luckily, I had a Good Officer.  After proving that he had my trust to follow his instructions, he made alternative plans with whom I assume was the MHL (the one I asked not to have to deal with).  They made arrangements with TCMH.  I followed through with my word and phoned TCMH. TCMH did not follow through with what I understood was theirs.  I side with the RCMP on this one.  That  Officer never lied to me.

The very first contact, the very first Fraser Health Worker, as soon as I was off the phone with him, I needed to be looking for work…  just talking to him left my entire day wasted.  Then someone living here overheard the conversation with the RCMP (read Crazy Lady), that prompted a conversation with the Counselor.. and holy fuck.  Luckily, she handled it right for me in the end.  Her and I agree on somethings in life, not just this conversation but others too.

I think I became suicidal for a day after all of that, or perhaps a few days as everyone now knew the details of my business. That is something which only complicates things further and then of course the Crazy Lady began badgering me MORE.  I would be far better off to live in a CAVE. A place like the Air-Sea-Land Rescue Personel’s place that Mark BERLADYN had ensured I was denied.  Denied Safe Harbour.

Love Letters from a Crazy Lady – I think I pissed her off when I told her to shove her notes up her ass. There is nothing like someone you owe nothing to, paying attention to when you might come into a little of money while barely surviving.

Anyways, stalling while walking in the door just now, I heard the conversation go on, “his wife spent too much money and yada yada”.  So I will assume the conversation is not about me.  It better not be, because I do not like someone describing my situation when their priorities are themselves. Often this is the case with people I find.

On another note, quiet today. Thank you. No phone calls, mind you haven’t really been watching the telephone.  I never know what the “System” is doing when I post so openly.  Trying to Control me is the worst thing it could be doing as I am trying to clear my plate and the System just dumps on it. Even this post was a waste of time and energy.


Hello Ricoh,

I do not know how to spell your name.  I see I am getting the friendly professional callers, not all of you have sounded this polite over the course of a year.  Your pre-recorded messages which I have heard hundreds of times would bother most people.  Including clients who are higher are ups in some large corporations.  I shared them.  Yours are better than other agencies, I’ll give you that.

As you can see, my cell phone was dead.  I spend that limited energy on you, instead of Organizing and arranging the next job.  Then dead battery, the USB port on a six month old phone… it’s worn, it will not charge.  I couldn’t find parking and I had Meter Maid chase me away from a spot I waited for, after I left someone else took it.  Got to love Vancouver.

Anyhow, as polite and as friendly as you sound – my health trumps phoning you back.  Everyday it is something.  It’s either the Crazy Woman in this house hitting me, physically assaulting me,  badgering me – while the other woman tells me to just let her do it because she has anger issues. If I get depressed and feel suicidal, she badgers me even worse.  I wonder how she will respond when she reads this, she likely reads this site.

Her last ingenious move was renting to a heroin addict and not telling anyone.  Including the nice young Japanese Lady who came here, still working on her English.  He even brought homeless people in. That problem has been dealt with, but I trust there will be another one right around the corner.  I get badgered often, this sends me backwards, there isn’t really anything I can do – other than escalate the situation which is not wise.

So aside from that, I just checked on my mother’s health.  I was given information.  It took me several days as I was so tired, I couldn’t decide and follow through with the proper course of action. As you can see the legalities of checking into that myself, well I would be breaking Court Orders if I did so.  In many ways, I couldn’t really give a care about those pieces of paper.  I met another guy, similar story…  a bit different but similar.  His mother died while he was on a Peace Bond – unjustly.

I went the PMPD, then the RCMP and concluded screw everyone.  Then as a last measure of respecting the Courts, I asked a neighbor to check.  That leaves me deciphering his words, his good intentions of trying to pad the conversation both ways and getting the Truth from there.

Then there is the RCMP Mental Health Liaison I had asked the Monarchy of Canada to keep off of my files.  Many people have listened to our conversation, including Ex-RCMP Officers.  Many Good Men, between the ages of 40 and 72.  Not one of them thinks she is helping me.  The good women who have heard the conversation – they think she is.  All I know is that I felt sick after interacting with her.  I am not going to “blame” her.

There was also Probation in the last few days.  I have wanted to write them too.  Each time I go to deal with someone the way I feel I need to, a new issue from another party pops up and I am not able to deal with the previous issue, but I find I am facing another one.  Sometimes it almost feels impossible to nip something in the bud.

Getting sick from this, I then lose sleep, which is easy to do because my temporary bed deflates during the night.  This also isn’t easy, as times I can run down to $100 in my pocket.  In this situation, I have to feel positive and trust something will come up.  If I am negative, I could lose a job.  Then there is the fact I am still replacing the things my cousin stole so I can operate.

Do you know what I was looking forward to?  Organizing my files when I moved in here.  Nope, he doesn’t want to give that back.

The other week I woke up and spat out a tooth.

I have you asking to call you back and have a conversation.  One that you will record, I likely will not – and to boot, I will get sick from it.  When it makes me sick, it will send me backwards.  Perhaps Legally too.  That doesn’t sound like something I want to do.  Your peers, the people you contracted to find me, they spoke so nice on the phone.  Then I found their notes.  Almost like two different people.


This is CANADA

God is Supreme


For me, I rationalize that ‘God must equal the Sum of all Truths’.  There’s no hiding.  No Privacy.  Do you see how much information I have out here? There’s times I feel like I should throw my SIN number out here too.  Why not?  I’ve been murdered.  The Accusation is the Verdict.  Destroyed before I even made it into Court and the Judge actually told me I had a Fair Trial. I couldn’t even buy myself a coffee to fully wake myself up before entering that Courtroom.  I was late to boot, again – my cousin.

The one thing I hope for is INTEGRITY in those Court Recordings.

I am not going to call you back.  I am not going to answer your calls.  I have no Rights – neither do you. I should stand by that stance. You can feel free to write: .   Who is going to sue you over it?  Me ?  With what Lawyer?  They want MONEY.  However, honestly… at this stage of the game… if you want to take my means of living, my livelihood – you know full well what you are doing.

Thank you for Reading.




ASSAULTED by Leeanne Ruth Davis

2114 Austin Ave., Coquitlam

Leeane Ruth Davis – Crazy Woman ( on the RIGHT )

—–Original Message—–
From: Dan []
Sent: June 15, 2017 5:55 PM
Subject: FW: Technically I was just Assaulted by LEEANNE (Sorry, I am too tired.)

I am so tired I cannot write.  Even though I checked it twice.  I am too tired, what I mean by taking action is asking you to charge her.  And you likely will not do that, that results in the end of staying here.

Anyways I tried not mis-write that, and I did.


—–Original Message—–
From: Dan []
Sent: June 15, 2017 5:48 PM
Subject: FW: Technically I was just Assaulted by LEEANNE (Sorry, I am too tired.)

Hi Linda,

I am very tired.  This is not really a concern for me to dump on your plate, so please do not feel a Duty to have to take any action on it.  I am just emailing you this for two reasons.  One so you can have some background into my living accomodations.  Leeane – the Crazy Lady, she’s nuts and she has no respect for anyone.  The other reason I am emailing you this, is because I am getting very tired of being spoken to in the manner this nutjob does and more importantly, I am tired of her physically “assaulting” me.  I am aware I can just move out, that is not an option at the moment.  There is no will in me to hit her back, but what does a person do in this situation?  If the sexes were the other way around, I’d be getting charged.

No one needs drama – I need stability, a change of residence at this point would be a very bad thing for me.  The drugs scare me more than anything, I just do not have a choice right now.  Anyways, obviously me asking to charge “Crazy Lady” will not be a desire for you anyone else will it?  I am just really tired today, no one needs like the kid of drama this woman stirs up.

Anyways…  you having involvement would probably make things worse, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to know about it,




Margaret Hearth Counselling

—–Original Message—–

From: Dan []

Sent: June 15, 2017 5:38 PM


Subject: Technically I was just Assaulted by LEEANNE

Hi Margaret,

Once again, with no concern for anyone else, I get a knock on the door.

Someone wants something and they want right now.  I open my door, LEEANNE like the nut job she is, asks me to stand in the doorway while she looks for what she needs your former tenants bedroom.  Once again, I snap pictures for you.  Leeanne is all happy to walk around the room barefoot and conclude what ever she wants to conclude.  Including, determining that what is on the floor here is solely from last night.  Legal or not, I would have locked this house down last night.

Seeing that my soap has been used, my bathroom drawer looted through… all of this with no warning, no sharing of information and no care but the nutjob you let run this place – I tilted my head around for anything that might have been taking.  At that point Leeanne become upset and demanded I leave the room, when…  I was never the one in the room.  She was rude about it I wouldn’t move at first until she spoke to me with respect.  She then kept being a nut job, assaulting my person, pushing me shoving me.  I never reacted.  When I made my point was made, I stepped away from the door

– once again… experiencing anything but Peace and…  Privacy… as she started berating me for being in the “Pysch Ward” six times, thinking she has some kind of special dirt on me.  If she can read a website, then would know it is three times.  She then went away stating she was call you…  I really do not care if she does.  However, I am tired of being physically assaulted by her.  I told her that she had no respect for people… and she proudly agreed, she doesn’t – as if that is funny.

I’ve had terrible sleep, I was in the Probation Office this morning where I received some Personal News, I have been by the Port Moody Police Department and I have briefly contacted the RCMP.  This of course, before this instance with LEANNE.  I have had her shoulder check me in the hallway, in the stairs, and then body check me today.  Each one of those is intentional assault.  I am really tired today, but at some point…  if I have gone through all the crap I have for doing FAR LESS… I might attempt to seek action.  Now since I am MALE the System will not serve me.  You yourself… exposed some misandry last night.

Please realize I am an adult and I not looking for your advice, I can make my own decisions, but I am tired and I do not need this crap from a nut job, and Leanne is a nut job.

Anyways, the whole point of this is to send you the pictures.

Thank you, or your Welcome or however I am suppose to terminate.  I have other things I need to be doing, I have no interest in having long drawn out discussions.  I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.