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Month: May 2017

Crazy Lady

Except, it was not Alcohol Fetal Syndrome, that was Heroin.  I had just kept to myself so much, keeping myself preoccupied that I never allowed myself the energy to pay attention.  I spotted it the first day I met him, but I guess I tuned it out when Leanne sold it off as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.


Please do not Share.  I am very tired in this conversation, so tired I can it almost hurts to try to process the conversation in real time.  The Person I am speaking with, was far better in her responses than she was in my initial visit with her a week or two before had.

On an personal note, I find it interesting that the good intelligent experienced Women I have known believe this person is trying to help me.  The Men, ranging from 40 to 75 years of age, some with very respected backgrounds and titles believe this person is doing anything but helping me.


The RCMP tried to serve me Documents as per the Crazy Lady’s story.  She appeared empowered after their visit.  She threatened to phone the ‘cops’ and tell them (fictitiously) that I was abusing her, a poor innocent woman and thus I would get hauled away.  Just unreal.  The Japanese girl wanted protection because Leanne was pressuring her for money in one of her schemes.  She was scared and had no where to turn.  All I could do was maintain my own peace and observe.


Why would the Port Moody Police / Facebook delete this review from the Port Moody Police Facebook Page?  Any ideas?  Any ideas why they would do it after interacting with them online?


I am a Life-Long Resident who the PMPD RAILROADED out of my home. I still run into lifelong neighbours, they tell me they think what you did was complete BS. I know it was complete BS. I have also had people in that neighbourhood who have known me since I was three years old, they’ve been worried in tears at times for what you did, stating that that was so wrong. Don’t even try to defend yourselves. You threw someone who almost died into the street penniless, destroying their livelihood even further than it was already damaged , you even had to manipulate doctors, hide information and lie to make it happen. That makes you CRIMINALS who protected CRIMINALS who do not even live in the City, everything you did, based on lies. I feel rather accurately that you did that to serve yourselves not myself, a Life-Long Resident. What I wrote last year is true, I might likely end up in a position from all the extra damage you caused to my life where I have no choice but to kill myself. I just decided over the last month, that if I ever do that, I am going to do it right in front of your Department. In the very least, I will do it in Port Moody. You can clean up your own mess, the RCMP do not deserve that problem. You do not arrest people for driving their work vehicle home under agreement with a Doctor you supplied, hide all the facts, call it Mischief, and throw them out of their home, this on their second day of finally re-negotiating their preferred job back after it took six months to reinstate it, all while that person was completely deflated and marked as a High Risk for Suicide, when all they are trying is to save their Life and everything important to them, like their livelihood. By the way, I suggest you re-read the Canadian Charter of Guaranteed Rights. You have no business throwing someone out of their home because you “have to get them thinking about something else”, I understand the premise of that thinking, but it’s not your decision to determine what is right or important for another human being. Thought Control is not your Job. You have no business deciding if you think people should live in their homes or not and then acting on that bias, especially bias that suits your needs. That house cost me my life and I am the only reason my mother never lost everything she owned. You went after the easy target, the victim, the one preyed upon, the one held down, while provable fraud that almost resulted in my Death surrounding my 40th Birthday and the coercion of an elderly person was going on right in front of you. Your Officers even knew it while they laughed “Get away from these (bad) people”. If you have two people living in a house and the BC RTB rules full access to that house, not a tenant, you do not keep looking for ways to throw the person out, nor do you prevent access when he asks you to help him recover property on the other side of doors and locks he paid for, just so the people who ran away laughing that the house would be lost could come back and take everything that person worked and suffered for. You all can say want you want about testimonies, things said to you, but you knew. You should not have handled the situation that way. I know my mother and I know that she didn’t want this in the bigger picture. Is my cat still alive PMPD? Was my property all sold off in those garage sales last year? I would like know. I remember the Judge firmly asking that question. Let’s see how much INTEGRITY you have, you can answer about my cat being alive or not right here in PUBLIC. You had no business Railroading me out of my home. Even the Duty Council noticed it right off the bat. RAILROADED. That first Court Case, no food, no money, no way to provide for myself, no way to defend myself. My situation was so messed up the other month, that I couldn’t even make the second Court Case, losing by default to a bunch of people committing Perjury. My words, “I have to beat them to save them…” from themselves. Officer MORRISON at least understood that one, why didn’t OHASHI? Please do not think that was a Victory for you, your Officer was so happy she won her “big” case, taking down the guy getting killed by his own siblings. Why else was she so happy at Court? Everytime I get optimistic, I get played for a fool, so I will assume the only thing she cared about was winning her case and her own misandry. Who cares if it was true or not, right or not? Yes everyone, I have a Fear of Injury charge placed against me, legally protecting those who were hurting me, imposed to protect me from the very people trying kill me, by taking everything that was important to me, including my ability to leave my home properly and move on if I chose that as being the right thing to do when I was able. My work life and ability to thrive is not like other peoples, I should be rewarded and not crippled for not abandoning my parents to their own impending demise. It’s actually illegal to do so. Anyways, there was no way to win that case, my Lawyer warned me, they won’t let you. I have to manage damaged physical health, emotional health, mental health, with destroyed finances, crippled income, no true long term security, no control over my own domain, everything in my life is damaged or destroyed, or stolen, lawyers want $250 to $400/hr. Nice job protecting me. Same as in 2009, when I asked for your help, I was being bullied around that house, my sister and her ex-husband even swerved a car swerved at me laughing… taking whatever they wanted. I could see right in the report from the words chosen that my voice was muted. I am the only one who did not lie to cover my rear-end, one thing to clarify, but nothing in Court, nothing to an Officer. Integrity, Honour, Valour, Accountability, do you really believe that you have those qualities? I do not think you do. If you did, you would have admitted wrong doing with the OPCC. You are still more than welcome to honestly work this out with the OPCC and myself. We can do this right in front of the whole world, we can do it one Officer at a time. There is still time for that. There is no truer Justice, no truer Judge, than opening up and displaying yourself in front of the Whole World, right in front of God. Perhaps the OPCC can explain why they DELETED lines from my complaint? Perhaps the Port Moody Police can explain who DELETED all of my emails involving the Police from my email account and devices. Same emails DELETED off of my cousins email account and devices as well. He lies, but I don’t believe he lied about that, I was too careful in how I questioned him. My emails only returned when I asked for forwarded copies from a friend in Norway. Strange… that they would disappear and then re-appear.

If you have a problem with this message, please use the RCMP MHL – Coquitlam as an intermediate. I am staying away from you people for good reason. I do believe there are some Good Officers there – I do not want to paint everyone with the same brush. I do not believe you have easy jobs, but there was lot of comments, a lot of smirks, giggling and (in)/actions that should have never have happened.

150 Year Celebrations coming right around the corner for Canada. Freedom of Speech is a Canadian Value. Let’s see if you will protect that Canadian Value and leave this here, you know.. Stand on Guard for Thee.

I honestly do not like this, but there is really nothing else I can do, except call you out. I have what? Maybe eight or nine months to throw a lawsuit on you, you just can dig into the Public Purse and spend spend spend in a System that cares more about pieces of paper, control and setting precedence than it does about the Truth. I do not envy the job you people have to do, but honestly I do not think you realize what you took from me, even if I was to leave, it should have never of happened like your forced it. I often feel like you have MURDERED me. I also do not think many of you realize what I have been through, not just the last two years, which was completely crazy in some of the scenarios I found myself in, but the last twenty.