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Month: April 2017

Peace Out

Right, this same “friend” Mark has wanted to kick out for over a year?  No care towards him at all, just wanted him gone?  Boo Hoo Mark, a guy you didn’t like nor had any respect for passed away.  You don’t give a flying fuck.

Kind of like Tania, Drew, the young girl who killed herself and on and on.

Don’t worry Colin, as long as you continue to pay Mark’s way, he’ll be on his knees for you, ready to gobble it all up.  Cum running down his chin, on his knees – he’s like a puppy when you come around.

Good friends do not “take” from one another and they especially do not steal from the other person in order to make themselves feel larger about their own shortcomings.  A grown man stealing from someone who just had everything unjustly taken from him, that’s pretty sad.

By the way, I specifically remember you telling the RCMP that there would no problem, no problems in me coming there to collect my things.  RCMP Members have stated they remember seeing things of mine you still had.  You are a complete piece of shit.  I guess I will just have to sue you sometime.













Excerpt from Probation Office Reports

Last night, April 20th,

I come home happy, I was actually happy for the first time a very long time.  I put in a good day’s work on the type of work I used to do weekly, I have some seized tools fixed, I can find myself feeling a bit of a groove, as I work I can think and sort my problems.   I came home a bit late, I wanted to get moving forwards on a few things I’ve been continually held up on.  Things I need a clear mind for.  Next thing I know I get a text from the woman here I have nicknamed the “crazy lady”.  The other one is nice, this one has days were she’s just nuts.  She wants to know if I read the note she placed on my door.  I go grab the note and give it a read…

“Seeing that you now have money, I want money for blah blah blah blah..” – the note goes on to say.  This woman, I think she lives on welfare, she’s always trying to extort money out of me.  She wanted me to pay her for cleaning up the mess in the garage left by herself and the last tenants.  Even though there is always someone’s clothes in the washing machine/dryer, she barks at me about my laundry before the loads are even finished, often even violating my property by folding my clothes and bleaching my clothing items…  she’s keeps looking for a way to charge money.  When I moved in she went through all my things, she likely still does that as I have been too cheap, too broke, too focused elsewhere to buy a new lock for my door.  It’s just on and on, all the time – continually changing household rules and causing disturbances.

Last night she wanted money for cleaning the house.  I only use my bedroom that I pay for, the bathroom (which I clean) and laundry.  She wants to charge money for yard work and all kinds of things, which was never my deal and I have to process the right and wrong in this.  She cleaned the floors, I do not know what she did, but they were so slippery I almost fell twice, the third time that I slipped last night I actually fell.  Even time she tries to charge me money I just bring up things like my truck tire, I ask her if she’s going to pay the $200+ to have it fixed.  She’s the one that swept someone else’s nails where I park.  The other day, I spent $200 because she lost the key for the garage and I needed my tools.  I knew this was going to happen, so to make sure it never happens again, I bought an electronic lock so that everyone could just have pin codes and no one could lose a key, which means that I do not lose a days or a weeks wages (I need unobstructed access to my tools).

Anyways, even when I get myself stable, everything is chaotic around me.  It’s non-stop.  This might seem like minor things to some of you, but these are things that cripple me.  I cannot be driven and focused on a job, or perhaps a civil suit – seeing that no one has helped me recover my own property.  I wanted to begin looking into and filing a civil suit against my cousin a month ago or a little more.  As soon as I set my mind to that, moving forwards on it, the resident pothead here kept making issues because people making noise in the house means he cannot keep sleeping at 9:00AM.  The solution to that?  The women in the house wanted me to pack up all my things, desk to work from and all, and move into a basement bedroom.  Then, before I was allowed to do that, I had to wait for her to clean the room out.  All this time wasted only to have them change their minds again in four days time.  By then, I have had to move on to different issues in my life.

This is all too long for you all I suppose, but I find it very crippling.  It’s all non-stop petty items that actually hold a person down.  I’ve looked from time to time to rent elsewhere and that is a whole other ballgame too.

This morning I had planned on working before attending Probation and then heading back after.  I had to go out and leave the house after the texting drama last night, I am tired this morning.  I figure my first stop may as well just be Probation.  I hope that that decision doesn’t put me behind a day at work.  Work can make me happy, it’s often therapeutic itself, but if I lose momentum that falls apart very quickly.

Thoughts for the Day

All are guilty of driving someone into Suicide.  I have bouts of feeling it, but nothing yet as severe as 2013/14.  There’s more, but I am going to leave this for now.

Margaret Ann BERLADYN

  • Guilty of Perjury
  • Guilty of Fraud
  • Guilty of Emotional Extortion
  • Guilty of Emotional Abuse
  • Guilty of Spousal Abuse
  • Guilty of Careless Gossip

I Saved your Life – You even Admitted it all to a ‘Doctor’.

You turn around and Murder Me because of Social Pressures from your other children and your friends.  Caught up in your own Gossip.  It’s no wonder your husband died at a mere 59 years of age.  You put him down most of my life and there you were 2012-2013…  wishing he was here to solve the problems.  I am going to be just like my Father you used to say…  well guess what?  I am right here.



  • Guilty of Perjury
  • Guilty of Coercing an Elderly Person for Personal Gain
  • Guilty of Fraud
  • Guilty of Theft
  • Guilty of Good Will Hunting, Franz Stigler.
  • Guilty of driving someone into Suicide
  • Guilty of Mental Abusing someone for Personal Gain
  • Guilty of Home Wrecking
  • Guilty of Abandoning your own Father

* If I was in better mental shape last year, I would have copied all of those items you cleaned and removed about yourself on the internet.  The ones that prove you act like a pig in shit while looting through dead peoples belongings.


Micheal Jason BERLADYN

  • Guilty of looking through my finances and sharing them
  • as Mark BERLADYN stated “What a Loser, What …a Follower”.
  • You cannot tell me you felt good about posting that notice my own door?
  • So tell me, where you rubbing your hands together with a shit eating grin or standing back thinking…  there is something not quite right with this?




  • Guilty of Perjury
  • Guilty of Coercing an Elderly Person for Personal Gain
  • Guilty of Fraud
  • Guilty of Embezzlement – $40,000+ you were caught stealing
  • Guilty of Driving someone into Suicide
  • Guilty of Theft
  • Guilty of Home Wrecking
  • Guilty of Psychological Abuse
  • Guilty of Spousal Abuse
  • Guilty of uttering Threats (and carrying them out)

You should never marry again, you are an abusive wife.  By the way, who was that loser you used to re-program everything I had bought for the house that belongs to my mother and I?




  • Guilty of Theft
  • Guilty of counselling someone to commit Perjury
  • Guilty of Drinking while Driving  (that’s a habit you should lose)



Port Moody Police Department

PMPD MHL Jenn OHASHI – Lead Investigator.  Of course, you told me that you are NOT Investigators, you are Peace Officers.  You are neither.  You are CRIMINALS aiding and abetting other CRIMINALS so you don’t actually have to do your jobs.  If your words were not deleted from emails and if there were not lies in your reports…  (not all of this from you).

  • As for the rest of you, I kept giving you the benefits of the doubt, but with all the comments, the laughs, the smirks, the guilt ridden face, the disappearing and then reappearing edited emails, the complete lack of investigation as to the integrity of your information, the poisoning the well with doctors, the omitted data in your files, the fraudulent show, Integrity, Honesty, and all that BS on your website it’s just not there.
  • Tell you what?  If I do come to suicide one day, I will give it serious thought to do it right on your front lawn.


Tri Cities Mental Health

  • Four business letters from me to get my records, four.  Except I know for a fact I did not get them all.  ‘Lost’ in the Mail. Your little staged intervention – why do the Medical Records not reflect the true events that day?  I’m sorry, but you are all a bunch of Frauds.  Your little Paper Degrees, they are meaningless.
  • My last conversation, your Office this year… come on now, either your Office or the RCMP… – which one of you had their story wrong about where you would meet to talk about all of this?  I do really do not believe it was the Good RCMP Supervisor I was standing with.


Tri City Psychology Services

You are the worst out of them all.  Withholding my own emails to you after requesting my files.  Omitting appointment dates when you were the whole driving force in having me medicated for a biological illness that I do not have.  You chased me since the second meeting with that one – you wanted it.

If you were actually worth anything as a Health Worker, a Psychologist, a Counselor, none of this would have happened.  I read your Public Reviews by the way – they are pretty bad.

  • I would not have been medicated for eight years wrongfully.
  • My family would have not stolen everything I worked for.
  • I would have never of lost my extended family.
  • I would have never of lost so many friends
  • I would have never of lost all my finances
  • I would have never of lost so much income and work relations
  • I would not be in the “System”
  • I would have never of came extremely close to committing suicide
  • I would never have had my income crippled
  • My health, it would not be this poor.  You even said yourself – taking years off of my life.  Where is that written down?
  • Most importantly, I would still have a home.
  • I would still have the most important things to me.

You such a Fraud, that you are past that definition.  You are an outright CRIMINAL.  From the moment I received your files it was clear to me that you rummaged through my emails searching for anything incriminating or detrimental.  I know you withheld emails because I remember clearly writing them.  I was parking information there for a reason.  I am also sure you quickly edited your session notes.  Conveniently, the dates you were pushing hard for medication, for an example when my father passed away (just one example) – that one in particular is easy for you to get off on, but the others they are missing.

You people are not Doctors, that title should be removed.

British Columbia – Government – Red Tape

RedTapeBanner_Help Cut Red Tape_600 (1)

All devices, regardless of Internet Service Provider, should have free and unfettered access to Government Entity websites and servers.

This is a first crucial step to what I see that is needed. In other words, anyone, anywhere, within reasonable limits, should be able to pick up any compatible device and be able to connect to the Government regardless of circumstance, wealth, etc. Whether that is done though existing Carriers having to provide that means by law or what I see as even a better solution, the Internet infrastructure built like Public Roads and completely open to all.

From here, FOIPPA Files, regarding ICBC, Police, Hospitals, Mental Health (frauds – Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Psych Nurses, etc) and Provincial Court Records should all be available to each British Columbian. I envision this through Secured Servers, servers like the Canada Revenue Agency uses. However, what I am trying to convey should not end here.

For each File, every single entry should have an Officers, Doctors, Clerk’s data (as is now), we will call this the “Professional” entry. Right along side that entry the British Columbian, should have her/his ability to write her/his own file. One could copy, paste, edit or completely reword’s the “Professional’s” file. This could be done like Facebook posts. Where the edit history is recorded, so that overtime as a person remembers or has the ability they keep revising for accuracy.

Perhaps each side, the “Professionals” and the “British Columbians” words could have settings. Private, shared with certain parties or *GASP* completely Public (guarded by Freedom of Speech/Expression/etc.). What I find looking at my files, is that one person enters something misconstrued/misinterpreted/assumed, as files are shared and requested by other entities, these errors repeat and carried throughout the System destroying someone’s life. I suppose you would have to understand what it is like to have gone through what I have. I could see it all happening as it happened.

Looking at the most recent files, it seems those feeding the System are still confused. They keep requesting/suggesting more people talk to me and write more files getting things wrong. It’s so SIMPLE, let a person correct their files as they happen, even after they have happened.

The way I see it, the Server would act as the CROWN. The Fulcrum of Truth. Your “Professional” on the Left, the Subject (the British Columbian) on the Right. There’s always three sides to a story, not that anyone means to lie, or misconstrue information, it’s just that we are all human-beings and intentional or not, we all corrupt information. Sometimes it only takes one thing written down wrong and a person’s whole life goes sideways.

I tend to think, if you want to do anything to better British Columbia and the World, start with eliminating Corruption. The smallest changes sometimes lead to the biggest gains. For me and what I see in the world, this would be tremendous in it’s effects over time in improving Mental Health (and Systems), Law Enforcement (and Systems).. I could likely go on, it just seems to me that it would improve things right across the entire board.

I just wanted to share those thoughts. I hope I communicated them appropriately. Of course, there is the other side of the coin… some people like things broken and corruptible – it equates to control.