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Month: January 2017

My Apologies

To those I insulted, my Apologies

It’s simple, if I had what was taken from me I could provide everyone with everything that they needed.  Most of it, would have been done by now.  Soon I will not even to be able to provide for myself, very soon.  Even if I took a job right now, I wouldn’t be able to do anything for anyone who might actually help me.

Suicide, do you want to know about a that?

I needed to be in a place like home, a very long time ago.  I’ve needed everything month.  I’m done. I can’t even go on. How can I give you people anything when you taken what I need to provide it?

Sentencing…. I passed out, it was impossible to attend, I didn’t even get to make the decision to go or not. Life made that decision.

I could have built a very accurate history, I still can.  How can I do that  when my life is spread over three properties I can’t even access?  I can’t even work from here.  Speaking of from here, I can’t stay. Social Services, what the fuck are they going do for me?  Nothing apparently.

It’s so simple it is fucking ridiculous.  Give me what I need to myself back together and I will give you everything you need.  I am done very soon here.

Psychology and Psychiatry

I really should find a small job somewhere because I am stalled, I can’t upload, organize and/or write the things I want to upload here.  I want to do that to protect myself.  I can’t. You destroyed any ability for me to both defend myself and do what I need to do to repair my health.

All I can think about is how corrupt these practices really are.  Corrupt.  If any of you actually cared about the Truth, Justice, Mental Health – Society. It would not work anything like this.  At least not with me, you really are in Violation of what is Natural and what is True.

Email Sent – My Apologies

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: January 28, 2017 9:35 PM
Subject: My Apologies

I want to apologize for those words,

The name.  I am frustrated. Do you know how impossible this has been for me? I have everything I needed, yet I don’t.  Even now I can’t properly do anything, because of the technical task of trying to patch together data from one machine to another, files that I can’t organize as… I have no actual office, home, stability, organization.  I just wanted to apologize because that was not a nice thing to say and I have no idea how your day is, or what you might be going through yourself.  I just know you were one of many people writing things down and making decisions on me.  I am going to assume, you did try to help, as per the file on HIGH RISK.

Do you know the expression about making lemonade, when all you have is lemons?  I could assume nobody actually wants to, but why not use this whole situation to better the Mental Health System?  From what I have seen, I have ideas that would actually work for everyone’s benefit.  I am only unsure if anyone would actually want to. People like things a little bit broken for a reason.

Anyways, I do apologize, no sense doing that to you,

Dan Berladyn


I like Pam a lot, but I really wish I had that file. No matter how much you all try to peg this or that, I have more insight on my own Psychology than any of these Medical Files do.  Do you know what really bothers me about them?  The mistakes, misinterpretations, misrepresentations and bias. I don’t mind anything actually True.

Email Sent – Just some additional information

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: January 28, 2017 5:06 PM
To: xxxxx <>
Subject: Just some additional information

Hi, I probably sent you a file I should not have or has things that need to be worded properly, described properly.  I know you do are investigating the police and not court actions, but this file which I have proves Perjury in Court.

My mother lied on the stand and would have been coerced to.  No one seems interested in helping with that.

This file, the record is there states that I am a “High Risk” of suicide throwing out of that house, right before my arrest.

I can’t tell you anything regarding that because the “System” evokes itself, I have to keep my mind elsewhere. I can tell you that I am in an impossible position and on top of that with all these Probation meetings, Court and everything else, I couldn’t even put my mind on work and walking away if I tried.  So in effect this System just cripples me further, until I am homeless and on the street, which is likely right around the corner. I think this whole system is criminal.

I have almost committed suicide more than once, I have thought about suicide looking over the edge of a high rise at work more times than I can ever count, I almost committed suicide in the Winter of 2013/2014 – lost 40lbs.  I almost dropped dead in November 2015 and I likely would have if they pulled that hospital crap with me during that three week period.  February 18th, 2016  –  I am just getting back to work in counselling and they threw me out of that house on a Mischief charge.  Completely unable to defend myself, losing an office and office equipment that might be better than you yourself are using right now.  Laughing with out a clue, just get away from these (terrible) people and start over.

Look at that file dated just days before hand.  HIGH RISK of SUICIDE.  (At least at the time of this writed it stated suicide, that would be the one thing they got right)

Go ahead everyone, take this long paragraph below out of context and make me the biggest baddest criminal you can because you are all corrupt jokes. You know my own mother said the same things to me as a child, except she said it with actual conviction, with actual emotion.  I hear people state this stuff often online, I’ve heard mothers stating to their kids in my family doctors office.  But hey, if a guy says it completely deflated with no emotion, no conviction, out of complete loss while he is beside himself – HANG HIM!

Isn’t that the way you all Operate?  Professionals my ass.  


That is murder and I don’t think anybody cares.  If they did, I wouldn’t be in these shoes.  Do you know what I am actually guilty of?  Clutching my mothers wrist out of fear of losing my life as my siblings and her friends coerced her to lose her word for me.  That was roughly 2010.  They say I threatened her life. Roughly 2010.  None of them were there. She was at one end of the table, I was at the other. She was regurgitating everyone else’s words and I was completely deflated and powerless.  No strength, just completely deflated. When I was 20, my boss asked me what I would do if someone ripped me off.  To try to look good I said I would kill them, it was an unenforceable comment, one with no weight.  He laughed at me. Anyways, sitting there with my mother, completely deflated, nothing I could do I thought of that.  And I said very weakly, what do I have to do kill you?  It wasn’t even a threat at all period. It was disbelief that there is nothing I can do.  If you know my mother, you’ll know she started blabbing as if it was soap opera.  She wasn’t threatened, she started rambling on… making a literal soap opera out of it and torturing me more. I guess I will have to change my will so that if you kill me you get nothing then.  Does sound like a threat?  She’s has the luxury of time to see a lawyer and change the will?  Come on. You know what, honestly, who ever you are, it would almost be comical for you to watch.  Naturally, as soon as my brother and sister heard this, they took that for every inch they could convincing her to go to the Police.  They wanted this stuff, I bet they all laughed once I was thrown out.  It’s all theirs now.

I am guilty of literally nothing except having emotions while they kill me.  I didn’t even get a fair trial.  How many bomb threats do they conduct on people as they write their cross examinations?  How many times do you see a judge get nervous when someone states INTEGRITY on the witness stand?  Come on whoever you are taking this to.  You are literally killing someone and rewarding corruption. Maybe that is all of Society?

By the way, is it normal police practice to bully someone after a forced hospital trip?  How about at a hospital?  Do you normally bully someone there before you try incarcerating them.  I can see if I was actually nuts and actual risk of harming someone, but it’s all a fraud.  OHASHI and the PMPD even put on a big show for all the neighbours.  Do you know how many people who know of the situation who think this is wrong?  I am just came from a friends fathers last night, he’s known me since I was thee and a half years old.  Do you know what his words and his fears where?  He did not agree with any of this being right at all.  He was worried, like others have been.

So you please help, I do not deserve this.


I don’t think I can even bother looking for work anymore, do you know why? My mind is on the Psychiatry and Psychology, ever since that letter came.  Do you know why it’s on the Psychiatry and Psychology? Simply because it is not going to do anything at all (for me). Those people are not to going to get the Truth. I don’t even think any of them care about it.

Why would they?

  • No one cares about Perjury to Law Enforcement
  • No one cares about Perjury in Court
  • No one cares about Fraud
  • No one cares about the Coercion of an Elderly
  • No one cares about Emotionally Abusing someone
  • No one cares about Mentally Badgering someone falsely diagnosed and falsely medicated for profits
  • No one cares about Medical Fraud
  • No one cares about an non Legal Incarceration into the RCH
  • No one cares about near Suicides
  • No one cares about nearly killing someone
  • No one cares about extortion
  • No one cares about stripping years of life off of someone
  • No one cares about property damage
  • No one cares about actually doing their job
  • No one cares about abuse of power
  • No one cares about MALES
  • No one cares about killing me and that feels like the intent

Now I am lost, because I can’t prioritize and everything is too complicated, I have the information and files, but it’s all scattered everywhere.

If was in my HOME and had my OFFICE and ORGANIZATION like I would have, I could sort everything out.  You definitely violated my rights a to a fair trial. You assholes broke my Charter of Guaranteed Rights and that Mental Health Act is a FRAUD. I am not a Legal, but that is my view until I learn otherwise.

Speaking fair trails, my lawyer kept kicking the rug out from me. The Courthouse plays games in the morning.  You conduct a Bomb Search while I am trying my best to write questions for a Cross Examination.  Fair Trial. I don’t think so. I didn’t even have food, coffee, or sleep for the three nights before hand, completely financially and emotionally destroyed.

That’s a fair trial?

 It’s just a Gong Show  of CRIMINALS

West Coast Court Bailiffs

This is a Question to you all, the ones who were enjoying the laughing with Robert just now.  Do you actually think this is funny? Here, this is my reply to a Home Owner who wants to take advantage of me while I am crippled.

Hi Brian,

I really do not know what to say to you. I gave you a fair price, I gave you a really fair price.  I would rather jump off a bridge than be taken advantage of by people. It might just come to that now thanks.

That was sent this morning and you think this is funny?  Do you know what I think?  I think you have small little balls. Maybe they can call you that around your Office.  Small Balls – it’s a good name for you.

Medical Records and Corrupt Practices

Honestly, I am looking at this one “Medical Report” – You people, you are a bunch of CRIMINALS.  You are so fucked in the head with your Criminal Psychiatry.  How is any of this “Scientific” when doesn’t even represent the Truth?

Can you any of you Assholes Explain that?

I could give you the Truth, but none of you seem to actually want it. You want what you create – misrepresentations.


Email Sent – TYPOS: your complaint to the office of the police complaint commissioner

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: January 26, 2017 5:39 PM
To: ‘xxxxx’ <>
Subject: TYPOS: your complaint to the office of the police complaint commissioner

I am sorry, I made typos as I feel strained writing that.  Improved for you, sorry.


Please note that this is a rough draft.  A rough draft.

The File included is a first pass of trying to put everything together while in someone else’s house, where 4 guys lived, who drank, partied, completely different lives, it was impossible to stay sane and deal with this.  Constantly getting interrupted.  I could have given you very accurate information, I still can but it is weakening everyday.

That is why I would rather just go online.

I don’t care, I am willing to tell the Truth, even the bad spots in front of the whole world and everyone else wants to hide behind processes and pieces of paper.  Hide in the Shadows so to speak.

When I was brought into the hospital a year ago, I was told by  a PMPD Officer “We know you are not the problem”. The Royal Columbian Hospital stated they didn’t think that there was anything wrong with me and that they did not have to help me.  When I was released, I was threatened, “you’d better get out of this house, I am warning you, I am going to give you one more chance to get up on your feet.”  Jenn OHAHSI – Port Moody Police

My Bills were over $2000 a month, before paying for a residence.  I nearly dropped dead in November and they knew that. I nearly dropped dead five times. If I was to leave, which would be UNJUST, I needed time to build up strength and it had to be planned.   They rammed me in the hospital again, arresting me for Mischief stating, “as if the charges will stick”,  “here’s your chance, get away from these people”, “We need to get your mind of this”, “We need to get you thinking about something else”, “Just move on”, “Just start over”.  That house, between my mother and I was an agreement.  I saved her from losing it.

They MURDERED me when they did that.  They destroyed my Livelihood.  They are idiots.  It was like being forced off of a Cliff.

My elderly mother has been Coerced, she’s committed Fraud, Perjury to an Officer and Perjury in Court. I have the Evidence. Their testimonies are full of Fraud. The PMPD even KNOWS this.

I have all my files, except for the ones Tri City Mental Health hid from my FOIPPA. I have seen them and there’s issues there too.  On trying to get my Financial Statements and Taxes after I learned my family was going through them, telling everyone what I owed money wise, PMPD Hunter was mad at me that he had to escort me back to get them. “He was Sick of it”.  Sick of doing his job. Then you should have seen his face, when he realized how many tools I have.  They are idiots.

He would not log the damage to my vehicle that was intentional in my eyes.

None of them would help me recover my property from upstairs.

Especially in regards to Jenn OHASHI, they never acted ethically, her reports to the Crown were skewed in terms of November and almost dropping dead.

I still have thousands of dollars in that house in property. All my most valuable stuff, is at my Cousins, he’s been punched hit in the head too many times.  He threw half of it out in the rain, destroying between $5000 and $8000.  My bank over $80,000… in debt. They closed my account this month, I have had bill collectors chasing me for 8 months.

They literally MURDERED me.  I am an Artisan. I have $xx in tools.  It’s unbelievable. Please help me, not only fix this, but fix the System because it is Corrupt.  If the System is fixed, everything in this Province will get better.  Do you know why?  Because it starts with the People.  If you want to fix the Problems, you have to fix it for the People.  This Mental Health stuff, it’s true, but it’s also a fraud.