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Year: 2017

Warrant for Arrest – September 6th, 2017

PMPD MHL Jenn OHASHI’s Notepad.

September 6th, 2017 – According to the RCMP, this is the date you requested a Warrant for my Arrest.   Did you people act out of personal vindictiveness OHASHI?

From what I can read in your departments own notes, the TWO people involved in that house did not want any more hardship placed on my Person.  The TWO people involved in that house did not want me criminally charged.  Or should I say frivolously charged.  My siblings who stand to gain unjustly and the Port Moody Police, obviously thought differently.  Why?

  • Please explain to the World how it was in the ‘Public Interest’ to Arrest me for saving my Livelihood by storing it at the house that I have ‘the largest share in ‘prior to attempting to check myself into a hospital before I end up killing myself?
  • How is it in the ‘Public Interest’ that you have made it next to impossible for me to untangle myself and work, finally forcing me to succumb to a Welfare Cheque?

You should be Charged with Manslaughter.

PMPD MHL Jenn OHASHI submitted screenshot


I would rather be doing something else with this time, but the only reason I am writing this page is because I am tired.  For three nights in a row I have been getting very poor sleep.  Woken up in the middle of the night by people who have no respect for those who are sleeping within fifteen of them.



There Can Be No Justice Without Truth

Kangaroo courts are sham legal proceedings which are set-up in order to give the impression of a fair legal process. In fact, they offer no impartial justice as the verdict, invariably to the detriment of the accused, is decided in advance.

It already has been decided – I was told September 18th, 2017 what the outcome would be by a Judge, before the Judge even had the Court Particulars .  So there you go.  The Whole Court System is a Criminal Fraud cast upon the Canadian people as a ‘Justice System’.



Email: Three Police Cars and a Firetruck

There can be no Justice without Truth
  • The RCMP stated upon my arrest, that the PMPD Arrest Warrant was first dated September 6th, 2017.  The Officer was staring right at her screen when she said it.
  • The Crown Prosecutor stated in Court that the Port Moody Police had sought a Warrant for my Arrest because of my recent involvement with the RCMP.  I understood this to be my involvement with the RCMP on  September 8th.  I had called them to Keep the Peace after being attacked by Henderson Berg while unlocking my bedroom door at 9:50AM.
  • Now if we back up the clock 9 hours and 50 minutes, to September 8th, at 12:00am, this is when the below file was ‘Received’.  That nice round timestamp of 12:o0am tells me someone changed the date to make it fit.

The Audio File above is the incident reported below.

Report to Crown Counsel

Court File Number: 3531:98702-1
Police File Number: 412:17-5371

Time: 03:53 PM
Printed Date: 20-DEC-2017

Submission: 1
Received Date: 08 SEP 2017 12:00 AM ……………………………………


On August 28th, 2017 at approximately 2025 hours, Acting Sergeant Dan DIPAOLA (A/Sgt DIPAOLA) was dispatched to a Domestic in progress call located at 560 Foress Dr, Port Moody. Information broadcasted via radio indicated that the subject of complaint Daniel BERLADYN (BERLADYN) had attended his mothers house and was unloading items into her back yard. A/Sgt DIPAOLA was made aware of the following information enroute to this call:

– BERLADYN”s peace bond not to attend the residence had recently expired.

– There is a CAD officer safety alert where BERLADYN threatened to commit suicide in front of the Port Moody Police Department.

Perhaps, now 11 days later there is.

– BERLADYN”s sister, Lisa PALMER (PALMER), who called police of behalf of her mother, told the call taker BERLADYN was very violent.

I wonder if my sister really said that, or if it is an exaggeration of her lying for an excuse, an excuse that the police themselves trumped up for their own excuse. I saw how OHASHI wrote it on her pad. Overwhelmingly large letters, her own excuse she was looking for – granted.

I am not violent and the police know that. So does my sister. Frauds.

A/Sgt DIPAOLA heard via radio that BERLADYN had finished unloading items and left the area in a Black GMC Savanna Bearing BCL HY9995.

A/Sgt DIPAOLA observed the vehicle near the intersection of Glencoe Dr / Garrow Dr driving away. A vehicle stop was initiated near the intersection of AILSA Ave / Eldon St.

Upon walking up to the vehicle, BERLADYN was immediately confrontational and voiced his concern about the vehicle and his dislike towards the Port Moody Police Department. BERLADYN stated he wanted to leave and drive away and that the Port Moody Police were “murdering” him with all the lies. He was then advised that he was not allowed to drive off as there was an active investigation ongoing and that he was suspected to be involved.

Actually, they already murdered me at this point. It was done Feb 2016.

BERLADYN was recording the conversation. As asked, BERLADYN produced a Valid BCDL and vehicle registration papers. He was then told to wait in his vehicle and not to leave. At that point A/Sgt DIPAOLA requested an additional police officer attend to BERLADYN”s mothers house (and his) to obtain a better understanding of the file. Even though that initial file was dispatched as a domestic in progress, A/Sgt DIPAOLA returned to BERLADYN vehicle and told him that he was not allowed to leave and that he was being detained for Mischief. He was also told that we were in the initial stages of our investigation and that he was not obliged to say anything to us at this time. BERLADYN was allowed to stay in his vehicle but was not allowed to leave. BERLADYN was extremely agitated and was very detailed about how Port Moody Police is murdering him with all the lies. He also voiced his dislike of his family who he thinks has wronged him. (My siblings have been sick with greed) Throughout the interaction, BERLADYN was continuously reminded that he didn”t have to say anything and attempts of providing him his 10 (b) charter rights via card kept getting interrupted. BERLADYN was advised he can call a lawyer anytime (the last thing I wanted) and A/sgt DIPAOLA would give him privacy by walking away from his truck. (I thought he was going back for a pow wow with the other officers)

A/Sgt DIPAOLA was made aware that BERLADYN mother was concerned for her son but did not want criminal charges laid against him. She just wanted another peace bond. Once this information was brought to light BERLADYN was told that he is an unwanted guest at his mothers house and not to return. He was also advised that he was free to leave.

So the title holder, my Mother, didn’t want charges. She did not want to harm my ability to work. The Police, under the push from my brother Jim BERLADYN, who has been seeking unjust enrichment with my siblings, wanted a Peace Bond and with the police pushed that onto my mother. I read Knoblauch’s report, it is as clear as day.

No Di Paola, I was not told I was an unwanted guest in the house my mother agreed was in the least part mine, this until OHASHI’s idiocy. As her friend said, that house would not even be there for the others to fight me out of if it was not for me to begin with. You are too nice of a guy, you must be what they call a ‘Grass Eater’.

It is A/Sgt DIPAOLA”s opinion that BERLADYN mental health is deteriorating and his hate towards Port Moody Police is increasing. He believes Port Moody Police is slowly “murdering” him with all the lies. Even though his statements were concerning, A/Sgt DIPAOLA was not satisfied that he was apprehendable under the mental health act.

Yeah, well.. OHASHI should be charged with recklessness and manslaughter if I end up killing myself. You have taken my life, there is no way around that. As it states in the recording, you do not know what you are doing. The department had no Right to fraudulently kick me out of my home because you thought that was ‘better’ (for yourselves).

Email sent to Cst OHASHI, PMPD mental health officer for further action/follow up if she determines it is required.

Email sent to the misguided idiot.

Dan DIPAOLA, A/Sgt Port Moody Police

Christmas 2017

Home.   I would have written my thoughts,  but I have no place distraction free to do so.  I do not even get the peace to be alone with thoughts and processing them completely,  let alone rest.

Imagine my shoes, the only reason your Family can enjoy being in the home they grew up in is because of you.   The only reason you cannot be home in a place you cherish is because of your Family.

PMPD Keystone Cops and Missing Pages

Tuesday, August 29, 2017 3:37 PM – Port Moody Police Picture / Jim BERLADYN

PMPD Keystone Cop Jenn OHASHI of the Port Moody Police helping Maple Ridge Resident Jim BERLADYN dispose of his youngest brother, a Life Long Port Moody Resident who invested his life into keeping his parents afloat against the wishes of, believe it or not, Jim BERLADYN.  After all, it is all about what is ‘fair’ right Jimmy?  It wouldn’t be fair if your younger brother succeeded at something you chose not to do yourself.

In all honesty, policing does not get any worse than this.  I do not know what is worse, siblings who will murder a family member for money, pride and control, or police – that help them.


NARRATIVES Report to Crown Counsel
Report ID: RCCR0500

Court File Number: 3531:98702-1
Police File Number: 412:17-5371 

Received Date: 08-SEP-2017
Printed Date: 20-DEC-2017 
Time: 03:53 PM 

On August 29, 2017, the joke of a Constable, Cst OHASHI reviewed the PRIME text pages submitted in this investigation by A/Sgt DI PAOLA and Cst KNOBLAUCH. Upon reviewing these PRIME text pages, Cst OHASHI, who has done everything backwards since day one, arrogantly believes it to be in the public her criminal department's best interest to pursue a criminal charge of Mischief against D. BERLADYN and kill what little is left of him for the following reasons: 

1) Cst OHASHI, who D.BERLADYN has publicly scorned along with her department for throwing him as a Victim out of his home penniless after he almost dropped dead from the stresses induced by his siblings trying to take his life, is satisfied on reasonable recklessly careless grounds that D. BERLADYN did (not) commit a Mischief pursuant to Section 430(1)(d) of the Criminal Code of Canada on August 27, 2017, by leaving a large amount of unwanted property (mainly drywall construction materials and tools) on Margaret BERLADYN''s and his own residential property that would have been foreclosed as Jim BERLADYN would routinely forecast in disgusting laughter, if not for D.BERLADYN's care  and support located at 560 Foress Drive in Port Moody, BC. 
2) Cst OHASHI would describe Margaret BERLADYN as a vulnerable, elderly female perfect for police, sibling and social manipulation and believes Margaret BERLADYN to be in need of protective measures from assistance in finishing off D. BERLADYN, her only son who stood by her, her only child who has never guessed when she would die.

- OHASHI, you should be charged with Murder, if not Manslaughter for your gross incompetence, bias and recklessness.  It is not just you, it is the whole department who has willingly chosen to dispose of a Lifelong Resident for your own ease.  
3) Cst OHASHI originally interviewed Margaret BERLADYN as part of the investigation into Port Moody Police Department File: 2016-616 (Section 810 Peace Bond) in which Margaret BERLADYN stated she feared for her safety because that is what she thought she was suppose to say to please her most manipulative kids and look innocent. Margaret BERLADYN who been manipulated for years in a situation that was pushed way too far as the police knowingly and admittingly failed to protect D.BERLADYN (D. BERLADYN was still living at Margaret BERLADYN''s and his own residence at this time) and that Margaret BERLADYN was convinced to state out of a fear of looking dumb that she worried about going to her vehicle or taking the garbage out because of D. BERLADYN''s temper when he would get angry it was awkward living with someone she was manipulated into psychologically, emotionally and financially abusing.

- OHASHI the first day you met me this file was too much for you. You had that blank overwhelmed stare with your eyes wide open and mouth agasp while the other officers handled everything for you.  Whether you were the departments scapegoat or just an idiot to eager to prove herself is yet to be determined.

- OHASHI you completely missed the fact they were still trying to get money on my siblings terms, while you were too eager to build your fraudulent case in throwing me out of my own home because of your own bias, this not long after I nearly died from stress, you threw me penniless into the street, roughly 18 months after I almost committed suicide in the darkest four to six months of my life, over all of those issues.  You are either an inept idiot, a criminal, or both.

- OHASHI chewing gum and strutting your stuff all tough, you who threatened me right after release from a seven day forced hospital incarceration that should have never of happened.  All nervous and completely out of your element one day, then all tough and full of yourself the next.  Then these biased, one sided, cherry picked bits of information to justify your criminal behavior.

- OHASHI you who was completely oblivious to the fact my mother knew it had all gone too far coming to me helpless to stop it. I know my mother, I made a mistake of not talking to her alone when she tried that day, this just before you threw me out.  My mistake, easy to make under all the stresses and with all the people involved. My God, there you were...  trying to deny my intent to use an uncle, an elder within the extended family, to mediate.  What you have done is criminal.
4) Cst OHASHI notes that once the Section 810 Peace Bond was granted by the Courts in relation to Port Moody Police Department File: 2016-616, D. BERLADYN adhered to his court imposed conditions of contacting or attending the residences of his family members (including Margaret BERLADYN ) that were named in his Recognizance of Bail, thereby demonstrating the effectiveness of the court imposed conditions in regard to victim the safety of Criminals. 

- What a bunch of useless bullshit writing the above is.  I suggest you refer to the email I sent you in February/March 2016 stating that I will be a suicide with five years because of you what you had done.  Then you pull this bullshit?  You are guilty of murder/manslaughter by driving me into suicide after you took everything important to my life out of your own inept bias.

5) Cst OHASHI notes that only instance in which D. BERLADYN breached his Recognize of Bail was related to failing to report to his Probation Officer as directed. 

- More useless filler in your vindictive efforts to hurt a victim who called you out for handling the situation 'very poorly' - as Mark BERLADYN put it.
6) Cst OHASHI was aware that D. BERLADYN''s conditions relating to Port Moody Police Department File: 2016-616 were set to expire on or about July 21, 2017, and because the BERLADYN family had concerns as to what D. BERLADYN may do after the expiry of the conditions, after all returning to the place he rightfully belongs for his own health and well-being should be unheard of, Cst OHASHI met with M. BERLADYN and the self-serving son of a bitch J. BERLADYN on April 12, 2017, to explore potential options available to them as a family, after all every police department should help older brothers take from and kill their younger brothers, especially once they are worn down and defenseless. Through consultation with Crown Counsel, it was determined that a new Section 810 application could not be applied for at this time as there was no new information on which to base an application. The BERLADYN family also attempted to apply for a civil Protection Order prior to the expiry of the Section 810 Peace Bond; however, was informed by legal counsel that no grounds existed for same. 

- You are an idiot. Family?  Who are you going to help them kill next OHASHI?  The Mother?  
7) Cst OHASHI notes that since the expiry of the Section 810 Peace Bond conditions on or about July 21, 2017, D. BERLADYN has attended Margaret BERLADYN''s and his own residence on two (2) occasions. That being, on August 23, 2017 and August 27, 2017, respectively (please refer to Port Moody Police Department Files: 2017-5268 and this substantive investigation). 

Substantive?  How many photo ops and social scenes did you have to miss for this?  You are a Keystone Cop. In fact, you all are.  You failed me since I first called you in 2009.  You are so stupid you do not realize that you have murdered a Lifelong Resident who kept his parents going at all costs, while his loser of an older brother did everything he could do to drag him down and throw him under a bus, all while the second loser of a brother followed his in coat tails rubbing his hands together that he's going to 'get'. You call your bogus 'investigation' substantive?  You are a bunch of criminals who hid evidence, setup fraudulent Mental Health meetings and railroaded a person in need of assistance.
On August 24, 2017 at approximately 0017 hours, Jim BERLADYN sent an e-mail to the and cc''ed Cst OHASHI to make the Port Moody Police Department aware that D. BERLADYN had shown up to Margaret BERLADYN''s and his own residence earlier in the day. In his e-mail, Jim BERLADYN relayed that D. BERLADYN had recorded two (2) conversations he had with Margaret BERLADYN on August 23, 2017, and had uploaded the audio recordings onto his on-line blog. Jim BERLADYN attached these audio files to his e-mail to the Port Moody Police Department and indicated his family wanted to pursue another Section 810 Peace Bond application in the near future. 

- Hmmm...  I wonder what motivation Jim BERLADYN and the other siblings have in doing this?  Any guess OHASHI?  They all left a sinking ship and bought houses of their own, refusing to help their parents while undermining the one who did.  What do you suppose their motivation is in disposing of a family member with the LARGEST share is?  

You are a Criminal OHASHI. 

Continued on Page 2.

Crown Counsel – Peter Ng

Crown Counsel,

Peter Ng is it?  I forget, it’s been impossible to stay organized over the last two years while I lose everything I own.  I do not know what you two talked about after I walked out of your Office yesterday stating “Forget it guys, I will be a suicide long by that time” – June.  I didn’t even think I would make January when I told my lawyer in the Courtroom there’s no time.  Here you are June.  Four months ago I was arrested and we just move it to trial now.

The Canadian Charter of Guaranteed Rights and Freedoms

Any person charged with an offence has the right:

  • 11. (b)  to be tried within a reasonable time;
  • 11. (d)  to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal;
  • 12.  Everyone has the right not to be subjected to any cruel and unusual treatment or punishment.

Bail Conditions – Signed

Is that even Legal?  A signature obtained while someone is stating they are going to walk into a car and commit suicide?  I didn’t even read it.  Nor were the terms explained to me.  In a proper frame of mind I probably would have challenged her.  She was booking all these appoints with no paper trail every week, why the need for a paper trail and commitment now?

She called the RCMP over my words stated before signing it.  This is exactly the kind of many things that is going to walk me right into a car.  This actually made me very sick afterwards.

To the RCMP Member today

Thank you for your time today.  Do you know what though,  it was all for naught.  I shared all of that with you for no good reason.  You cannot do anything for me.  To go around and repeat it to other people like you suggested is just more of the same.

I called my lawyer towards the end of the day.  He said you didn’t phone.   He also said he asked the Crown Prosecutor twice to drop those charges and he won’t saying it is too Personal.   So apparently that justifies making a bad situation worse.

I wish I would have asked him myself.   I thought of it,  but having a lawyer puts me on the back burner.  I would have liked to have seen how he replied to that question naturally.  Is that what he would do with his family?  Make a bad situation worse?

As if living there, doing what none of the others would do wasn’t enough.  As if being constantly pulled down and undermined for two decades wasn’t enough.   As if nearly killing myself wasn’t enough.   As if nearly dropping dead wasn’t enough.   As if being thrown out penniless into the street wasn’t enough.

Court, Bail, RCMP, PMPD

Over the last few weeks and the last few days, I tried writing out what I needed to be said in front of the Judge.  It was impossible.  Everytime the words came to me, my situation wouldn’t allow it.  I just had someone tell me I should ask for those same things, too late now.  I just walked into Court just in time this morning to tap my lawyer on the back and let him know I was here…

(This is all poorly written, beware )