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Month: December 2016

Rent Payment

The Above is what am currently paying for a Bedroom. I only use the washroom/shower and the laundry. I am invited to welcome myself to the Kitchen, but I do not dare in a well organized, well kept, Woman’s house. I do not have space for my tools, my legal files, my office, nor any of my personal possessions. Many which are irreplaceable.

Welfare, which FraserHealth had last suggested, won’t even cover the expense of this Bedroom. I do not have the time, nor the energy to pursue other risky Accommodations. Each place I had tried either failed as ten people would show up for the same place at once or “Landlord” would back out with any hint of personal instability.

In my life, everything is deeply interwoven.  Take out one piece and the entire assembly destabilizes and collapses.

New Contact Lenses!


New Contact Lenses.  It’s been so long that I have now simply become accustomed to keeping them in my eyes 24/7.  It’s been nearly four months since they been out.  I was used to keeping them in after February, that it’s almost routine not to take them out nightly now.  The Students didn’t keep the bathroom clean enough, following that I didn’t have the resources to order new ones.

This is literally a sight for sore eyes!

Private Number

I just finally checked your voicemail, 2016-12-30 11:37 am.  As always, I am having a hard time deciphering your opening statement.  The one where you state your identity.  It almost sounds like you are from the Gatestone Institute.

I have a hard time believing that.  Furthermore, I doubt I would need to supply a reference number?  Surely such an Organization would find the means to write.  Either way, your message prompted me to find the following quote:

“Let us tenderly and kindly cherish therefore, the means of knowledge. Let us dare to read, think, speak, and write.”
John Adams

Thank you for this, it is something positive for a change.  Perhaps you can write, I can read and each of us can think:

People say I write a lot

The funny thing about that.  I never enjoyed English classes in school.  It bored me.  Especially once our limp wrist Elementary School Principal started teaching English.  I lost all interest.

I was only getting started.

This is 330 pages in which I had started writing a few months before Court, mid-Summer. I had a lot of hiccups, problems receiving FIPPA files and hardly the place to do it.  I was only getting started.  I’d probably have 3,300+ pages if I wasn’t kicked out of my home.  Out of more than a full suitcase of paper, this is all I have at the moment.

Judges. I seriously have to wonder how they would feel if their own evidence and their means to organize such was even half as scattered as mine. Even the despised Roland Freisler was said to have ran back into a Courtroom to retrieve his files during a bombing raid, killing him.

Mike Clay

In August/September, I was again considering posting to Mike Clay, the Mayor of Port Moody.  Port Moody respects each Member of it’s Community…  (I read that as bullshit as you can see from the other post).

To me, those are empty Political words; words that just wanted to make me write him again.  I wanted to tell him that I hold him personally responsible for my home, my mother (not sure I should care **), my cat (wonder how he is?) and my possessions.

If Mike Clay actually cared, he would have made contact and actually called, wrote, invited me to meet him.  That kind of thing.  Sitting on the Port Moody Police Board… I would like to think I made enough noise to have him ask for their side of the story (which is probably all he cared about).

Anyways, I recognize that it’s easy to pick on somebody, but a Mayor with some balls who actually cared would have contacted me.  Am I wrong?  Perhaps.  But, Port Moody is still small enough, especially small enough when you consider how many Life Long Residents there really are.

My wording is much softer this time round, but Mike Clay; I bet you can’t even remember what I said to you when you came looking for votes.  I know my words were much different, it was all in your response.  I am likely the only Resident to have suggested it, but I am not the only one to think of the premise.

So in case you care Mike, that’s twice in my life I came to the Police Department for help.  I suppose I was lucky the first time round because all they did was bullshit their files.  It’s right there in the wording for me when I read them.

The second time, your Department tries locking me in a Mental Ward for a month.  When that does not work, they threaten me the next morning after release.  Eventually arresting me under charges they claim won’t stick.

Pretty powerful you are.  You threw an abused son who’s been near death several times right out of his home and into homelessness.  It was interesting living in junkie-central last month.  This situation, having a home is far from over for me yet.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a place?  Especially one that suits my unique needs?

I haven’t wanted to say anything, but I remember one of your Officer’s laughing at me.  Yes, it’s pretty funny…  That Officer went from being respected by me to displaying what the common thinking was down there at the Department.  It was obvious to me through his words and the information I gleaned elsewhere that there was much discussion.

You are all clowns.  I try to be open-minded but it’s too apparent.  You know one of the first things you might want to do is to remove the photo of the Port Moody Police Officer who smoked Marijuana nightly on his graveyard shift.  Stoned out of his tree every night, red-eyed and reeking of pot.  His picture is right up there in the Lobby, proudly on display for all to see.

 Want to know who he is?  Just ask me, I’ll type the name below.


PMPD and Neutrality


** I’ll comment later, but I believe I warned your Mental Health Liason Officer, via email:  PMPD and Neutrality 2015-02-03 11:56 am.



Contact Lenses

My contact lenses haven’t been out of my eyes in four months.  I went through a similar period of excessively long wear a few times too after being thrown out of my home.  Prior to this, my eyes very rarely went longer than 16 hours of continuous wear.

I finally managed to have everything in place to order new contacts.  The last time I tried this was November 11th, well over a month ago.  I have such a backlog of so many things, but the damages to my health.  As a drywaller, I am sure you can only imagine how dusty my work environment can be.

I keep feeling forgiving, but really you people involved in all of this, you really are criminals.  You act on someone else’s life for your own interests, all while taking the smallest of things for granted.  Of course, perhaps I am wrong in that very last sentence, you simply don’t care.

To date, if I ended up homeless, tool-less, vehicle-less, without any means to self-provide, would any of you care?  I think not.  So far, none of you have cared that you’ve crippled my income, destroyed my finances, triggered damages to assets and the loss thereof.   Only time will tell when that comes to an end.

Perhaps even worse, you compounded family problems and likely damaged relationships for life.  Loss of Family and Loss of Friends.

Only time will tell when that comes to an end.

I should edit this, that’s not completely fair.  People have taken action, but I can’t say it makes up for what has been lost.


Merry Christmas Everyone

United Kingdom – Christmas Day Visitor

Merry Christmas

From Port Moody to Maple Ridge, from Point Grey to Victoria, from Toronto to Ottawa, to even London in the United Kingdom…  I’ve had readers here on this site from everywhere, even Isreal.

I only wish my writing was better, and like my thoughts, I wish it was all more complete.  I probably could never write fast enough to get all the thoughts I’d like to express through each and every day.

San Jose, California – Christmas Day Visitor


I would like to take a moment to thank the beautiful women from Alberta. I am only assuming, but there’s logic in my choice to believing who you are.  Thank you and Merry Christmas.