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Month: November 2016


Original Text typed from my phone.  These calls are defeating my drive to work.  I’m having a hard enough time building up steam as it is without these people harassing.  I really am putting 12-foot sheet’s of 5/8″ Drywall up on a ceiling by myself this day.  I only stopped to type this out on my phone.


I cannot decipher your messages, in fact just hearing your voice makes me ill.  Do you know what I have to do right now this very moment?  I have lift a 12′ sheet of 5/8’s drywall and install it on a ceiling by myself.

The Courts have ordered a Psychiatric Evaluation.  Do you know what you are?  You’re a bottom feeder.  You can read through this site and you’ll find my words, I’m sure they are here.  This is the equivalent of murder.

There’s a lot of anomalies, very strange ones I’ve noted in my case.  You’re a complete dirtbag if you keep phoning me.  Just like Bell Mobility, the only thing you are doing is burying someone trying  to stay alive and trying to correct the obvious frauds brought against him.

You’re a bottom feeder.

I don’t know how common it is, but HIGH COMMISSIONER was a title that just communicated with me.   It stands out in my mind.



Renovations / Relocating

You probably can’t see this very well.  I noted in my travels that this TD Canada Trust branch looked closed.  I don’t remember my exact thoughts, but it saddened me.  This is where I opened up my first account with you.  It began to feel like an omen.  First, the fence went up, then the signs were removed.

I didn’t intend to come here tonight, I just decided to get out of that house and hopefully clear some thoughts.  I drove too far and ended up here.  I thought I’d take a picture.  I’m happy to see the branch is still occupied, complete with a Christmas tree.  Not a holiday tree,  but an actual Christmas tree.

I had something I wanted to post here for you, but I forgot the words.  At some point, I keep intending to find a way to make things work with you.  I just can’t do so without a proper residence to work from and stability. So in effect, this leads into yet another “stall”.  You have people on the loose looking for me.  Might be fun if it wasn’t so… threatening.

You have people on the loose looking for me.  Might be fun if it wasn’t so… threatening.  The consequences of cat and mouse that is.

Look at that.  You just had a customer, glad to see it.  I guess I can assume the branch is under renovations or relocating.  You can assume the same of me.

Community Mental Health & Substance Use Services Liason

I met with someone PO SUAVE spoke very highly of.

A guy who was to have all these connections.  Handsome guy, healthy, happy, proud.  He opens the conversation with so I hear you’ve gone through tremendous loss. After a bit of dialogue, I put it to him that he’s really just a glorified Welfare Clerk.  He couldn’t respond.  He has these designations – BA, BSW, RSW.

All those letters only to recommend that I go on Welfare. My Gross this month was roughly $3200, less expenses.  That after losing jobs and productivity due to homelessness, useless hospitalization, court, useless probation, loss of property, etc.  Furthermore, what I just stated consumed my energy from looking for work the next month, in December.

He recommends WELFARE.

I went from $40/hr+ as an employee to Welfare and possibly lost everything I own because of “Mental Health Workers”, “Mental Health Liason Officers”, etc.  Including my means of earning a living.

There was more said in this meeting.  As for Mental Health, I stated that no human was created perfectly.  Maybe I am wrong, maybe we all were? I explained my use of Coffee and Cigarettes, how I am using them to keep me “up”.  Personally, I’d rather ween myself down, but everything is too chaotic.

I explained my Sinking Ship analogy (my parents, siblings).  I explained my Jar and Stir Stick Analogy (Psychiatrists and Psychologists).  I explained “Assisted Living” from my views and what I learned.  I explained I was offered Special EI Benefits back in February (they would not have helped me).

I explained what I needed.

I explained that I needed what was taken from me.  A place to live, a place to work out of.  I explained the reasons why.   I explained what I needed to do, and that is write everything out.  The truth.  I believe I explained that work helps me.  I also believe I explained that if I fall any further, I will never get back up.

He was proud.  He was confident.  Until I asked him if he had ever been Self-Employed.  Suddenly, he was useless.  It was all in his face as he said no.  This is not meant to mock him at all.  The System sure, let’s expose it for what it is.

His recommendation was Welfare – unless he could look into a few different other things previously offered.  On the idea of Welfare, how would that actually help me?  How would it help anyone?  It won’t even pay for the room that I am staying in.

All it will do is create dependency.  More meetings.  More control.  Bureaucracy and red tape.  Not to mention, it cripples one’s pride.  $40+/hr, down to a recommendation of Welfare?  What a complete waste of time this meeting was.  What a waste.

At the end, he concludes that

I am just Barely Surviving.

I gave him my email address and encouraged him to write me if he had thought of anything. I wonder if he will email. At the time of this writing, 2017-01-10, I have not heard a word.  Perhaps I need to email, I have so much to do.  I actually suspect, that I might not make it.  It’s not as simple as many people assume.

Probation Office – Changes

I notice the Probation Office has removed the Contact Number which goes along with the Question:  How are we doing?   Right or Wrong, I can’t help but take note with a Jaundiced Eye.  I think everything is about me and it’s likely not.  I just can’t help but feel that way.

This is the same notice I had asked to take a picture of earlier in the month.  A picture for simple record keeping of contact information.  Likely, they simply repainted.  Although, if that’s the case, the painter didn’t even bother repairing the walls.  Shame.



Private Number.  I don’t answer those.  If you haven’t found this website, you’re not very good at your job.  Aside from that, your client TD Canada Trust should have given it to you.  They have it.

Stop being a turd.  Your pestering someone who’s stress level is through the roof today.  If you want to kill me, keep calling.  By the way, I seriously don’t not check voice-mails very often.  They are a pain.

As are people with no principles.  I received news last night, I finally checked my messages regarding the matter this morning.  The story just doesn’t line up.  I am so sick from this today, that and all the other non-related events going on that I can barely work.  I never slept last night.

Maybe someone really is trying to bury me.