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Month: October 2016

TD Canada Trust and Patience

The best I can do, I respond to someone calling on behalf of the Bank.  As worded here on this site, at this point in time.

Hello, I even stopped into see a manager over a month ago, she was powerless as everything is handled between us back East.  I don’t know if that is you who phones and does not respond when I say hello, but none the less thank you for not doing anything to my knowledge at this point in time.  You have no idea how hard this is for me and you recall, you have a recording of my tears six months ago.

Anyways things are way too weak and chaotic to even think of talking to you at the moment.

Bell giving you Cash Payment

Words as written to Bell Mobility on this website at this point in time.  They were asked to look here rather than call me repetitively and non-productively.

If you read this website you can see only a fraction of what I am dealing with.  Please find a means to serve your customers.  I really do not have the mental, physical or the energy to jump through massive hoops just to pay you.  Any of your stores carrying your name should take cash payment for a bill.  Whether they are Franchises or not.  Ridiculous policy on your part.  I and my time do not exist to increase your profits, please understand that.  Thank you for your patience until I find away.  You have no idea on the curves life keeps throwing me.

RCMP – Cancelling tonights request

These are typed ramblings from my phone to this site, logging my words.  My only true means of logging anything at this given moment in time.

I phoned back to cancel as the homeowner (Mark Berladyn) was no longer present.  I stayed on hold for probably close to 30 minutes.  I would like you to know I am only following your instruction and it is the right way to handle it as another Officer stated.  I know it’s a busy night for you, but it honestly feels like you’ve abandoned me when I am only following your own request.

I understand you arresting me as per Port Moody Police Departments request.  I think it’s a real shame that even up until today, it was still unclear as to exactly what I was being arrested for.  A lot of people seem to be confused about that.

Do you know what?  If the Probation Officer actually did her job as a Government Employee, none of that would have ever have happened.  I explained that to Probation today and they seem to have understood.  It is your take that my Probation is there to actually offer me services not available to the General Public, not as a punishment.   After all, that it was stated in the Courtroom.

So please, the next time I call, or the next time someone calls on my behalf (hopefully the Probation Office), it will only be to follow through with your own instruction.  Spend the 30 minutes to help me get through this and survive please.  Neither of us wants to be picking me off a bridge in 6 months, or a year, or two years.

You wouldn’t believe how stupid the challenges are that keep me down.  It’s so simple to get me up on my feet.  I don’t want welfare, I don’t want Government Services, I want the independence that the Port Moody Police took from this Life Long Resident who stood by his parents and did the right thing.  Funny, it actually would have been illegal for me to do what my brothers did and I’m the one nearly dies for it several times.

You fucking help me. I am not fucking bum.  As my very own Doctor said as I felt him abandon me –  “That’s too bad, you were such a hard worker”.

Update:  723pm

You were just here.  THANK YOU.

Good Officers, THANK YOU.


[Email] PO MACRAE – Fwd: Our Meeting Today

From: Dan Berladyn []  
Sent: October 31, 2016 5:28 PM  
To: Xxxxx Xxxxxx <xxxxx.xxxxxx@xxx.xx.xx> 
Subject: Fwd: Our meeting today 

I'll be in there tomorrow, I need your help asap. I can't believe people and how low they can be.  I likely will not survive without your help.  This is not suicide, this an inability to provide for myself and an inability to get into position to provide for myself. 

Dan Berladyn




I honestly cannot believe how SMALL some people are

If I had a keyboard I would type in full.

For the Courts, if you are watching this, this is the absolute end for me.  This is so flipping disgusting and small of the party across the street I am in complete disbelief that people could be so low.  How do you justify telling a property owner not to take someone in because they did not pay you, when you yourself told that person not to pay you?

You are the lowest of the low.  I heard you had sleepless nights – you deserve them. Do you know where I slept the last two nights?  You are murdering me. Furthermore, you are murdering me for foreigners you don’t even like.

You know honestly, the only thing I can conclude is that your students are scared I will see them driving without a licence.   You are scared that I will report them and hence, you just want your rent money from them.  I’m just trying to survive cousin and if you understand what it is like to be self-employed with tools, materials and a workload you do not comprehend, you might have an inkling of understanding.

My paycheques used to be between $1800 and $2800 every two weeks, plus benefits.  I don’t think you’ve ever earned that in your life or even comprehended what’s takes to make that money.  You’re going around calling me a bum.  Why don’t you own up to your own failures, it’s easier for everyone.  Once again I know mine.  Often they amount to trusting someone else to be there when they assure me they will and then that person fails me.

This is a sad case of someone claiming to be a man.  “Don’t worry about paying me, keep the money in your pocket.  Afterall I am family”.  Then because you are upset you run around telling everyone I am a bum.  This after telling me that you could not handle having your own family throw you out of your own home and that I am handling it better than you ever could. “You couldn’t imagine….” were your words.

By the way, those shoes you threw out in the rain…  they where $400.

Have to like a happy Customer

This is a selfish plug.

I’m just posting this as my life is in limbo.  Have to like it when a Customer calls you asking if it is Ok to pass your name and number to a friend in need of a guy like me.  It’s nice to hear people happy with your work long after you’ve left.

This is a perfect example of Action speaking Louder than Words.  I never say I am good at what I do, I let others and my work speak for me.

[Email] PO MACRAE – Our Meeting Today

I think it is important to point out that this letter is written in not only to the addressed Probation Officer, but to the entire Court System as well.

In regards to my tears to her Majesty the Queen, I did.  I was quite a mess after writing the words.  I am not going to be embarrassed over it even though I believe most people would not understand. I still haven’t brought myself to reviewing and tweaking those words.  In fact, at times I was intending to seek help in polishing those words.  I know there are bits that need correcting.

On the other hand, I didn’t know if I would ever have the opportunity. Seeing that this is a genuine letter fully addressed to her Majesty the Queen, I wondered if it wouldn’t be forwarded to her regardless upon appearing online.

After all, she is the Queen.

See Page2 for the Email

RCH – Psychiatry


You phoned me today, just after I finally came in the door after another two nights spent somewhere else unplanned.  I asked to phone your office back as I am literally too busy trying to ensure that I find a roof over my head and still retain my personal property.  Your Office was snarky about this stating that you do not have time to allow a patient to call you back and that you would give one more chance by calling me again tomorrow.

Seeing that the overwhelming majority of my overburdening problems as I am drowning underneath the surface here are not due to mental illness, but that they are due to real world situational problems, perhaps I should just ask you to perform what I deem to be fraudulent practice on someone else.

You cannot help me find a residence that I can actually work properly out of, nor can you help me with all of the continuously changing aspects and dynamics of work, finances and legals.  In fact you continually prove over and over that you are anything but an aide for my recovery.  You’ve also proved that if my life is actually endangered that you will do the wrong thing.

Over and over you care more about the questions you want to ask and write down than the details and information I “the patient” keeps trying to tell you.  I’m sorry, but no one on this Earth understands me, my actual needs and what is hindering me more than myself.  This is why I call you FRAUDS.

You in all your wisdom keep locking me in the hospital.  You are insane.  I am trying to function and navigate all the legal BS dumped on me, while trying to live with completely crippled finances, emotions, esteem and everything else.  You almost cost me $1400, borrowed tools and you almost completely screwed over my customer.  Why?  So some doctor could come by for 20 Min’s a day, ask questions completely unrelated to my situation and then walk away until the next day.

Are you people crazy?

I know I said outpatient and I gave my word…  That was before I was locked up again for 48 hours unexpectedly after you locked me up the last time for over 48 hours – unexpectedly.  I am not typing on a key board but if I was, I would type the whole history of the last two weeks just to show you how insane your help really is.

By the way, thank Dr. SCARTH for the horse tranquilizers, but they are way too strong and they kill my drive for finding my will to survive this mess.  I was going to take them until realized how strong they were.  I know my needs better than you – thank you.

I think I will leave this for the Courts and any help they will give me.  Once they understand my needs I should be able to get what I need from you no problem.  Until then, you and your “Doctors” are a very dangerous liability.

Thank you.


Released only find more problems

Notes written to myself.  May as well make this public.

Released at 1:30 pm.

Visited Probation, who seem actually somewhat open minded.

Returned “home” to talk to the homeowner and I find out that my cousin who “would do anything for me” is trying to tell this neighbor, this other homeowner that Mark does not want me around here.  Really nice way to admit your own faults Mark.  Way to be a man.

I suppose I will write Probation in the meantime, no keyboard, this typing is slow.  I can’t believe I am made out to be the problem when Mark is the guy who does not do what he says he will do.  The things he agrees that are necessary.

Mark wants to know what I had for appliances and belongings in the very beginning, a part of my mind can’t help but wonder if that’s what he wanted right from the start.

Just had Psychiatrists Office call.  Too busy to take it as I just came in the door.  She will try tomorrow, she was bitch…  stating that they will not let me call them back as they have other people to serve.  OK, we’ll obviously they’re too busy to help me.   And really, it’s not like a psychiatrist is going to help with real problems such as finding a place to live and dealing with all the dynamics of work and self-employment anyways.