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Month: August 2016

Missing Text

Attempted retrieval 2016-12-27.

Interesting how I cannot find logs written.  I know I don’t post blank posts to Facebook.  I don’t even trust it.  Thanks, I made it pretty clear that my posts should not be removed as they were EVIDENCE.

2017-01-08 There are three of these posted to this website.  I have had a lot of abnormalities with Facebook Posts.  I haven’t determined what this particular post was.  I do know that I posted in frustration against the Court System, only to delete it a short time later. This may have been the case this day.  I am unsure at this point.  It would make sense to me if that was this day.  Or, it could have been something else.  I don’t know right now – I do know I was organizing my information on the Port Moody Police Department this day.

2017-01-09 I had checked this a few days before my last update (2016-01-08).  There was no history to the post.  Nothing.  It’s completely abnormal from what I have seen on Facebook.  I can’t look at what was originally written, or any revisions.  It’s just blank.

2017-01-09 I was thinking later today, I wonder if these are the posts to the Port Moody Police.  And the following comments where I stated that I looked down the barrels of two of their guns pointed at my head.  I wonder if Facebook would remove that for someone?  No time to check.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

  • TD Canada Trust – You should Support Me.
  • Bell Mobility – You should Support Me.

I cannot honour any obligations towards you in a Criminal Environment. Mind you, you are complicit.  Every Canadian should support me.  This system is corrupt.  It will take me a long to share what I am reading, crossed against my personal history and data saved elsewhere.

Bell, you likely do not care, I would expect TD Canada Trust to listen.  I have to write though.


A Note to PMPD – FOIPPA Files

I received your information two days before Court I believe.  I barely even scanned it.  Right now I am lightly scanning it quickly only for one purpose… as I do so my mind catches bits of information continuously, many new thoughts and realizations, but I have to admit… I am amazed about how much I understood without knowing what was going on behind the scenes, over the last year.  This information is confirmation, the details, it’s all in the details that perhaps I’ll never be able to fully share.  It’s interesting for me.