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Month: July 2016

Mike Clay – Mayor of Port Moody

He can delete all he likes, I will not.  Just to think, he only has the short version.  I admit, he probably did me a favour as my words could have been better.  I didn’t even say what I originally intended to, but the point was made either way.

Residents are simple, you just Delete them

Facebook Page of Port Moody Mayor Mike Clay, June 27th, 2016.

Facebook Page of Port Moody Mayor Mike Clay, August 26th, 2016.

Since the good Mayor’s words are cut off, I will quote them for you here.

So Proud to be the Mayor of the greatest City, where we celebrate our diversity and respect every member of our community. This week in particular we are standing proud with members of the LGBTTQ* community – we stand together as we are all equal. We are PROUDLY flying the flag of celebration during PRIDE week and looking forward to the 38th Annual Pride Parade this Sunday – including our Prime Minister ! An amazing opportunity to come together and celebrate our diversity. Enjoy the festivities !!!  Mike Clay – Mayor of Port Moody 

So Mayor Mike Clay, I honestly had no axe to grind with you.  I do not mean to keep expanding my list, but you deleted me.  I find that Offensive.  Up until I discussed this today with the only person who cared for my true needs, I could have easily have just moved on.  It would likely be common for Politicians and even everyday people to delete such comments like mine.  However, there are several things here.  One, Port Moody being a part of me, likely over and above many people.  Two, your own words.

You are “so proud” to be the Mayor of the greatest City, where we celebrate our diversity and respect for every member of our community.  Nevermind your LGBTTQ bs, that sentence right there does not comply with the City’s Action.  You, the Mayor deleted me.  A favourite quote of mine is “Action Speaks Louder than Words” and oh boy does it ever.

I get this from the Mayor after the Port Moody Police Department threw me out of my own home as one of their own Officers stated “They do not want to deal with… problem…”.  So in effect the Residents are there for the benefit of the City and the Officers, rather than the City and the Officers being there for the Residents.  This is the exact opposite of how things should be.

Obviously, it appears to me that Port Moody is a City that just “deletes” Life-Long Proud Residents.  All I keep repeating to myself is the word CRIMINALS, why do you suppose that is?  I do not just do this with Port Moody entities, but with a solid majority of Government Employees and Institutions.  I will get back to you on this, but for now I am just struggling each day still trying to function without falling apart even worse.  This cost me far more than the average person.

I will cut it off here to keep things short for the night, but before I do leave it for the night, I’ll leave you with the Officer’s exact words.  He spoke each sentence as I watched the next one form in his mind.  It was like watching a light bulb go on at two points in his conversing:

“You may have saved your mother’s life, but now the problem has transferred to you…  (pause)  You’ve become the problem… (pause) We do not want to deal with problem People.”  PMPD Officer Xxxxxxxx – November 17th, 2015.

I find that to be an odd statement from a Public Safety Organization who boasts “No call too small“.  One of the reasons I contacted them was to merely ask for help in saving my life as I had no further options.  For the record, I received the same appalling treatment in 2009.  My words, my request for aide was dismissed for reasons that I can only attribute to sexism and bias.  A clear outright ineptness in the Departments capabilities.  I will likely be expanding everything here, so get used to it.

I should look at the bright side, I am fortunate, because I likely would have dropped dead from my internal stress level if the PMPD had forcefully removed me from my home during the first three weeks of November.  I don’t believe for a second that that had anything to do with the why or the when or the how of what happened, I would suggest to every Officer who may find my words that you stick to one thing and one thing only.  The truth.

More to come in the future Mike Clay.  It’s a long story, meanwhile do you know what a Bolshevik is?

PO CHOW – First Meeting

Subject to improvements when I am able to retrieve my legal files from the dumbass who is holding them.

I started this day out trying to keep a positive mind about Probation and what it was going to bring.  You can see from the “Pre-Appointment” post what I went through getting to this meeting.  We are starting 45 minutes late deteriorating my psychology.  I was worried I was the one who might be late.  This was not the case.

By the time our meeting started I was in withdrawal for a cigarette.  It was a deep pull on me as I felt I could barely speak.  As I explained this to the Probation Officer, I was reminded of one of the reasons I didn’t quit as a Union Organizer.  It’s a good bonding mechanism between people.  If this was 50 years ago, I am sure she would have simply found me a cigarette to help me speak.

At this point in PO CHOW stated there wasn’t any paperwork for the file.  I believe I took this as disappointing, but it made sense.  It was disappointing because I was eager to get things moving forwards.  I tried to explain the most minor contributions to me right here, right now, would prevent all kinds of longer term damages.

For instance, if I had a cigarette I could think clearer communicating the next needs.  From there, some operating funds to get myself up and working.  Without food, gas and smokes I will not be landing jobs and I definitely will not be completing them.

On the other hand, not communicated to her was an internal nagging feeling that this Probation would only make moving forward harder.  It adds stress to my mind, having to navigate to what is happening and to remember everything when it all gets turned around against me.  Not only the added psychological stressors, but also the added time stressors.

Murphy’s Law, no matter when these appointments are booked, they are likely to deeply interfere with work.  It’s not simple for me to just book time, or schedule this, or schedule that.  I typically do not control the flow of my work, it controls me.  Missing an hour one day can cost me several days or more, it’s just the way the Trade works.

You can never make up time or lost opportunities.  Anyways, moving back to the topic.

I explained that there was a Tsunami rolling across my life at the moment.  I couldn’t communicate it, but all I could think about were my words to the bank.  I stated that I would deal with that situation this week.  The more faith I lost with them, the higher the impossibility for me to recover.

The Tsunami didn’t just affect the bank.  It affected everything as various situations became permanent.  Not to mention a loss of internal drive to work and a loss of drive to fight what I see as an injustice.  Perhaps it’s hard to explain to people who don’t physically work, but it’s deeper than just mentalities.

We discussed Community Help which just turned out to be a fancy title for Tri-Cities Mental Health.  I explained how I would not return there as in my view what happened in those offices were FRAUDULENT.  Furthermore, I had difficulties retrieving my Medical Records.  It took three tries in writing.

After being told my Medical Records (with not so nice things said) were lost in the mail, I finally received them.  However, they were still missing a document I had witnessed with my own eyes.  Upon reading the documents I was given, I just found more problems I did not like.  I found inaccuracies, ineptness and cover-thy-ass’us.

Our discussion then moved onto Forensic Psychiatry.  I was resistant.  To me, this just sounds like another FRAUD.  On top of this, the last I need was another doctor stiring the contents of the jar.  All I need to do was to be stable enough to write everything out. Upon explaining further, PO CHOW stated that they would do a home visit once and all visits after that would happen in Surrey.

Upon explaining further, PO CHOW stated that they would do a home visit once and all visits after that would happen in Surrey.  Great.  Just more BS to overwhelm me.  The only positive here was my thoughts on someone getting off their ass and coming to see me.  Rather than vice, versa.

I walked two hours to get to this meeting. I had zero dollars. There was no way I was interested in spending money I likely would not even have to drive across town, gas, tolls, etc.  Taking Transit, now it’s an all day affair which sooner or later will cost me a job. (is this why they will not come to my home in now in 2017? You want to defeat me?)

I remember having the correct words to identify my thinking, but it was something along the lines of me being so far down, the only way to get up is to make 110% of every opportunity.  Even at that, I would need some help getting the momentum rolling.  All of this Psychiatry and BS… the System had its chance…  then they Railroaded me.  It’s a total waste of time.

Our meeting concluded without any negativity.  Except for one thing.  PO CHOW had stated something along the lines of me possibly not wanting to deal with this situation.  Of having a lack of motivation. Of not wanting to help myself. If anything, this was a highly demotivating statement.  I felt it to be wreckless and callous.

I had the full intent to continue writing my history, writing the facts.  To date, I had written over 300 pages.  Seeing that just weeks earlier I had received my FIPPA files, I had a lot of hard data to get rolling with.  The primary reason I stopped was “Probation”.  There was no sense in me going down a hard

There was no sense in me going down a hard headed path while having these services demand I take another direction. So in effect, Probation was actually stopping me from doing what I needed to do. All while they demotivate me further in the process (I have to ask, are you people CRIMINALS?).

PO CHOW ended our meeting assuring me that we were just getting to know each other.  From what I ascertain, these are common words in that office they are likely expressed to everyone.  Like a blanket of death. The meeting didn’t feel very fruitful, but I wasn’t yet allowing myself to close my mind to the idea of these people actually helping.

PO CHOW Gave me a “Yellow” (Carbon) Copy of our next Appointment Date.