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Month: June 2016

PO WILTSE – Probation Begins

Words here are still subject to addition and edit.

Ahead of Everyone.

Given the Suggestion that I could Report to Probation today I took it.  Immediately after signing the Recognizance I marched myself over to the Probation Office.  From the front counter, I was directed to PO WILTSE.  I was ahead of everyone as of yet there was no paperwork for me.

I was very clear to her.  I expressed my deep distrust for this Court System, the Judgement and the fact that I was placed into Probation.  I let it clearly be known that the Truth was very important to me.  I had expressed my deep desire that anyone who had interaction with me to be clear on the importance of only writing down facts of anything taking place and not their opinions.

At this point, my FIPPA requests were clear in my mind.  I could see exactly how “Professionals” behaved with paperwork.  I did not want a repeat of such.

I was assigned to PO CHOW.  Looking at the last name I was not happy.  I immediately had my doubts, however later on over the weekend I decided to drop any pre-conceived bias.  I even dropped it towards the useless-ness of probation – maybe I was just being “ignorant”.

PO WILTSE did read the order at the end of the meeting.  In her opening of such I cut her off and it explained it wasn’t necessary.  My wrong perhaps, she insisted she had to.  I do not recall if her reading was complete as far as consequences, etc.

I am sure they were considering her years of service I am willing to accept everything was fully read out.  I was probably less willing to hear it after this long tiring day.  In fact, leaving the Courthouse, I regretted not signing the Recognizance in the name of “Piss up a Rope”.

TCMH – Medical Records

TCMH – Medical Records Letter 2016-06-17


Lost in the Mail

That’s an excuse not commonly accepted when paying by Cheque. Imagine your Medical Records regarding Mental Health Assessments from Psychologists, Psychiatrists and the like. That’s the excuse they gave and and that kind of thing has to change. Medical Records should be fully available online, just as CRA Income Tax Files are.

Furthermore, the patient should be able to state his recording of the visit. You often need at least two sides to a story to tell the Truth. In an Industry Rampant with Fraud, I think that would wise.  Online files, Doctors records, with a Patient being able to input his words to.

Otherwise, these people have too much control over a Person.