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Month: March 2016

PMPD 2016-1569 Assist Public

PMPD 2015-1569 Assist Public

For the general populace reading this standardized files, they read a certain way.  They look and they appear a certain way.  ‘Unwanted Guest’.  These Officers were pissed off they had to come here and ‘assist’ me to get my own tools and property out of a home that my mother has because I helped her on a promise to keep it against my oldest brother’s wishes, the one driving the problems. These boneheads threw me out on knowingly falsely created charges.  Then they had the audacity to complain that they needed to help me retrieve things just so I could try to survive after nearly dropping dead from stress, getting rammed into the hospital multiple times, financial depletion, etc.

No wonder why they sent a SWAT Team last month, it would be easier to Shoot Me and bury their corruption.

Email Sent – Re: Missing Property

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: March 24, 2016 11:12 AM
To: Jenn Ohashi <>
Subject: Re: Missing Property

Thank you Jenn.

I assumed you went through things looking for fire arms.  I understand that part completely (although the words were taken out of context).  On my first look at your photo’s it appeared as if someone placed my clothes in the shower to make me look like I was crazy, which is exactly what Jim has been going around telling everyone over the last few years.

On a side note, my $40/hr plus extras that was good for my physical health is gone permanently as of this morning.

Have a good day,


Email Received – RE: Missing Property

From: Jenn Ohashi []
Sent: March 24, 2016 11:06 AM
To: ‘Dan Berladyn’ <>
Subject: RE: Missing Property


In response to your enquiry, I have contacted your Mom this morning and she has assured me that she has not removed any of your belongings from the basement suite and that the box you described is still inside. For your information, when I attended the basement suite to take photographs, myself and another officer conducted a cursory search to ensure there were no firearms inside the residence (this included other areas on the property beyond the basement suite), and in doing so may have had to move some items. Of course, we did our best to ensure you and your mother’s property were respected and left as found.

I hope this helps to clarify any confusion.


( I wonder if any of you are aware that there were more Garage Sale Listings for 560 Foress Dr., Port Moody, BC, this year than any other – roughly at this time period.  Google is your Friend. )

Email Sent – Re: Missing Property

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: March 24, 2016 7:27 AM
Subject: Re: Missing Property

Hi Jenn,

I should email you specifically less, but Mark told me last night that Jim Berladyn was stating during my Uncle’s 80th Birthday, that Jim Berladyn didn’t know what “he” was going to do with what you call the “Family Home” or “My Mother’s House”.  What “he” was going to do with it.

You don’t have to understand or care Jenn.  Everyone told me the Police wouldn’t help, just as they told me the Doctors, Lawyers and Courts will not help.  But if you actually knew the history, Jim laughed until my father’s funeral that my parents would lose that home and everything in it.

Mike would walk around “I don’t give @#$%” about mom and dad.  And Lisa, as good of a face as she puts on, only jumps into whatever camp suits her.  She left too, she wanted her own house and she smirked at me thinking she’d gain off of me.

You don’t feel sorry for me or understand that’s fine.  A home was the most important thing to me.  My income is forever crippled without one, Mark wants me to try from here, but I don’t think it’s going to work.  Anyways, the only reason my mother is in that home is because of me.  My family is why I never got on my feet, it cost me my ability to have my own home for that one to be kept.  My mother promised and promised, but I am always the shafted, since five years old.

I don’t think you judge me in a very good light.  Honestly though, it’s very unfair of you.  If you ever have a chance and you care, go speak with Mrs. Nadia Xxxxxx, XXX Xxxxxxx Rd.  She will tell you this is unforgivable.  Did you notice Larry Xxxxxx, the man across the street wave to me from his Office upstairs last night?  Gary Xxxxx would have done the same.  John Xxxxxxx, he’d hide, he’s a good friend but only if he’s not seen in something politically unsafe.

Anyways, it makes sense why I haven’t seen anything stolen yet.  Jim feels he’s one his game of cheating me out of doing all the dirty work and living with mom and dad keeping them going while I ensuring I get took.  Please don’t judge me, it might not seem or even have been a healthy environment for me, but…  I can’t make you understand.  I don’t want to “judge” you, but I am just not sure you have the capability.  It’s hard enough to express the history, let alone do so in a way that most others would understand.

Back to the Lithium, I was working extremely hard in 2004, locked into a personal plan after being off the tools for two years.  I had a date that just set me off, making me feel very elated.  I saw her a few times after that, but the point is, I agreed to “try” medication for a born illness that it doesn’t look like I have.  All environmental most likely.  I was on that stuff less than ten days, almost twelve years ago and they are smearing me with that.

For the record Jenn, even if you don’t think much of me.  I’m the one who was pegged to be married first and I am the one who had the most girlfriends.  No one ever asked if I was gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.  However, I am just trying to tell you, that most of the things you see in me that you may not like or that you may judge me for, are things brought on by family members who’s whole goal has been to tie me down, devalue and take from me.  Perhaps my true faults are weakness and vulnerability in my inability to avoid them pulling me down.

I don’t want to waste your time and I don’t think you believe me, but Jim Berladyn is a complete douche.  He’s a weasel as a lifelong acquaintance from the neighbourhood told me in December.  Even my recently deceased Uncle Peter Berladyn had said it.  My mother, sweet old lady…  you should hear what her friends have said over the years, or her deceased husband.   However, now I just look bad for saying all this.

I wish I had recordings of the things Jim has said over the years and the tones, the manners in which things were said.  It would help with my conveying what I know to be true.

Sorry for the long email, I just..  I let you help them take from me.

Have a good day,


Email Sent – Re: Missing Property

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: March 23, 2016 6:19 PM
To:; rfrederickson@x;
Subject: Re: Missing Property

Hi Jenn,

I do see the box in your photo’s opened, it’s in the kitchen on the table with the yellow table cloth.  The box was stuffed to the top.  I didn’t see it there today.  Perhaps it’s there perhaps it’s not.  I do not trust my brothers, I am sorry.  Hopefully when I return at another point, hopefully I can return at another point, it’ll all be there.

The story about my oldest brother stealing off of customer cars in the dealership is true.  When I bought this truck, this van, I spoke the dealership management concerned about my tools.  I told him the story.

Do you know what he said?  No wonder I don’t trust.  I might have paid too much for that van, but that’s the best dealership I have ever been to.

Anyways thank you again, it’s upsetting for me, Dan Berladyn

Email Sent – Missing Property

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: March 23, 2016 5:42 PM
To:; rfrederickson@x;
Subject: Missing Property

Hi Jenn,

Officer MORRISON said that if there was anything missing we would deal with it as it arose.  When I was forced out of my home by you there was a large box, 10″ high, 16″ wide and 30″ long sitting on top of the Washing Machine.  In that box was two wiring harnesses for the van.  That box is missing.  It would be very valuable to both of my brothers.

That box was full of color coded factor GM wire, all sorted by size and color.  Even further, there was expensive factory connectors in there, all different types.  There are parts in that box specifically for my truck. I would like to return and look for that box ASAP.

There will be no Serial Numbers and it that box would be a Prime target for my two brothers to steal. I have to say, from what I have seen, I am surprised things have not been stolen, but I wouldn’t actually know unless I had the time to look.

It’s very hard when things are all moved around.  I am trying to deal with my situation, but if that box is stolen I want you to deal with it accordingly.  Please, it’s enough that they have done this to me.

By the way, just for your knowledge, I took Lithium for no more than ten days in August / September of 2004.  It was a trial for me out of curiosity after allowing the Psychologist to talk me into trying it.

I never liked that medication, neither did my co-workers, they wanted me off it ASAP.   I kept that bottle until November of 2015.  They would have found that bottle in my bathroom, then specifically told you of that to character-build the impression of me they want.

The wire is important to me.  The one thing I will be with you Jenn is honest.  I don’t believe anything I have emailed you is out of line seeing that my life is railroaded right off the tracks as being recoverable.  I might have one option I can think of, I just don’t know how to make it happen because it involves someone helping me.

Mark Berladyn understands and his thoughts are with me.

Anyways, please that wire.  It might seem insignificant to you, but I want that wire and all those connectors and parts when I return to that house.  That box was completely full and it sat on top of the Washing machine.  You can’t buy that stuff.

Thank you for your time in reading this and thank you for helping me gather belongings,

Dan Berladyn

( Reading this and what you did to me…  – Words Withheld – )

Email Sent – Re: New Residence until 2016-03-22

From: Dan Berladyn []
Sent: March 22, 2016 9:54 PM
To: Jenn Ohashi <>; rfrederickson@x; 
Subject: Re: New Residence until 2016-03-22

Hi Jenn,

Tonight I am residing at Mark Berladyn’s.  You have the address.

I keep feeling bad for things I have said to you, but you have allowed thieves to go through my belongings while railroading my life.  There was no way it was possible for me to get my belongings out of that house when you drove me there straight from the hospital.  I still do not have a place or the means to put a roof over my head or to secure those belongs.  My livlihood is likely destroyed.  Tonight I hear my brothers were going through all my financial records happily sharing with everyone what I pay for this and that.  Then there’s all my tax information sitting there.  Do you think that is appropriate from a “Nice Family” as you labelled them?  You really have no idea how disgusting these people can be.

By the way, my father was a Berladyn.  They laughed at him and put him down.  You are not dealing with the “Berladyn Family”.  You are dealing with thieves, cheats and liars.  My sister again, stole $40,000 from her employer, was caught and lost her house.  That’s how she crashed into my life wiping me out.  My brother Jim stole and took from everywhere careful he wouldn’t get caught.

I am far from perfect Jenn, but you’ve nailed the most honest one.

All my employers like me minus the family problems.  Even my mother’s good friend had said it at one time, perhaps I am the normal one.  I know you were told I was nuts and everything so I can understand.

Perhaps if it wasn’t so stressful for me, I would have related to you as well as other Officers and things could have been different.  So like I said I want to forgive.  I know the things I am at fault for, but in my position, it’s easy to be frustrated and say things that can and were misconstrued.

You honestly have no idea what it was like growing up in that family, always being taken from. Always being taken from.  Always being devalued.  Always being cheated.  Then the biggest thing, the home, you help them take that too.  Most likely along with my personal assets and my records.  I’m not trying to make you feel guilty, I am trying to get you to see the other side of the equation here.  I am hoping you are open minded enough to help correct some of it.

Thanks, I will keep reporting my residence as much as I can.  I almost slept in the truck tonight.  I just wish I could WORK.

Dan Berladyn