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Month: October 2015

Eviction Notice


I don’t know, I am no Lawyer, I am no Judge, but it seems to me – this Fraud.  She is not even in the country the date this is signed.  Just roughly two weeks before, the last I had seen of her, she was giggling getting into my brothers truck. Giggling like a child going along for a ride.

Let’s throw the Son out of the house that was stated was his too. Let’s throw out the only one who actually helped her before himself. The actual ‘One’ – in her own words. He’s no Good.

Why would they not be Jail for the Coercion of an Elderly?  We had agreed that I would not give her money until I was financially stronger.  Then those idiots used my weak financial position as an exploit. They almost killed me when they did this. I just about dropped dead five times.

Twelve days from my 40th birthday

Twelve days from my 40th birthday, posted to door I paid for and installed, on a house that would not be in my mother’s name if I did not support her when I was younger.  She’d have lost it and my Father, I bet he would have never of made 59 years of age before passing.

I am a terrible Son.