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Year: 2015


As posted to Facebook.


December 31st, 2015

BERLADYN, Margaret Ann – Marg
BERLADYN, James Alan – Jim
BERLADYN, Micheal Jason – Mike
BERLADYN(Palmer), Lisa Ann

This is a Notice of Intent to give you the same notice you gave myself two months ago to the day. For those who do not truly know me, I have almost died in my life nearly as many times as I have fingers and toes if not more. In November of 2015, people watched and cautioned me that I was going to drop dead from stress. Personally, I was deeply concerned that I would drop dead five times in the three-week period surrounding my 40th birthday. I thank the above people for that. Port Moody Police showed concern too.

Mother, in the middle of October I watched you get into “brother” Jim’s truck giggling like a child going along for the ride. I assumed you were off for your yearly (free?) vacation. Two weeks later I see your signature and contemplate if you committed fraud in a maneuver intended for maximum personal damage to me, your youngest son! The ONLY son who stood by you. Upon contacting the police to instill some sanity, I thought perhaps you would all wind down and come to your senses. No, you had time and then you pressed forward.

In some ways I am already dead. When I trace the root of all my problems it always traces to the persons named above. I’ve watched my life disintegrate no matter which turn I make. To date I think it could be very likely that you have all cost me up to $400,000 and more. I think it is very likely that you have stripped twenty years off of my life. Personally, I think you are all sick, shallow and selfish people. You all cheat, lie, steal and manipulate. You even do it in concert for mutual gain.

I think you made me sick throughout my life and honestly, sometimes I think you don’t know any better. After all his has been the game since childhood. You all locked into a dynamic that fed off of me, the youngest and the most vulnerable. You never let me find my pride, my self, my confidence and literally you’ve left me nothing to feel good about myself. You have actually been the exact opposite of what Family is suppose to be for little children. All of you. No different as an adolescent or an adult.

I do not see how this is my burden to carry any longer. For the last four weeks I’ve wanted to be writing, but I’ve been too sick. This is so unpleasant it makes me ill. What I can do at this very moment is two things… I can freely publish online the 20 or so emails that I have written to the Port Moody Police. That tells a story. I can release the emails from counselling with you mother. Some interesting things there regarding equity, shares, words, etc.

January 15th is still some time away. I’ll remind you that January 12th is even closer. I’d like you to start thinking because I am told I am a good writer and since I actually remember so far back, I have a lot to write about. All I have to do is abolish the shame in doing so and trust me, when people have taken this much from you, you come to a point where you just don’t care any longer. Yes, there’s court too and for me at the moment that just means more lies. More plotting, more BS and more untruths from all of you.

My father passed away at 59 years old. I know why he did so, I was with him for many years while you all laughed. And after all, I should know, I am just like him right? Isn’t that what you always told me? Just like your father? Lisa Ann Berladyn, just so you know… I never took my Father’s ashes to your wedding for you. I took them for Him.

You are all VERY lucky this is all I am writing tonight,
Enjoy the New Year,
Daniel John Berladyn