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Year: 2014

Extended Family Reunion

I almost didn’t go.  Not many seemed interested in talking me.  I felt suppressed, nothing like I should at a Extended Family Reunion.  I showed up late, Jim looked like he was trying to garner the center of a attention with his little projector.  Something else he probably took an interest off of me.

Later I was told, that Jim Berladyn and Lisa Berladyn were telling Mark Berladyn I as nuts, crazy, etc.  They must have told others too.

Psychological Abuse

I was talking about something with my mother.  The conversation was normal. Anyways, I go downstairs and ten minutes later there’s my sister texting me.  “How dare you!”  she says, “that’s your mother!”.  “How could you say such things!”, my sister went off on me my like I did something terrible.

I was stunned, what the hell is this about?  Then I figured one of them is playing games.  I went upstairs calmly and asked my mother if something was wrong.  She just ignored me.  I asked her again and she just stared at her computer screen shrugging her shoulders.  This just kept repeating, she had no care to address me.

I finally found another angle, and I calmly asked her why my sister was sending me the text messages that she was.  I asked did I say anything wrong?  Did I do something wrong.  She said no, I did not and she went back to her computer screen.

I walked away not knowing if it was my sister, my mother or the both of them in concert.  I can only conclude that they were both abusing me.

The Reality of this, is that they were both were likely abusing me, but this all started in the initiatives of my Sister and my oldest Brother years prior.  A different face for each kid until…