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Month: February 2013

Furnace Repairs

You know, one thing about Jim, besides having to to talk himself up every chance he gets, one thing about Jim…

He always copies me 

When I had first noticed this, I couldn’t help but think this was in response to how I handled the Furnace at home. Everything is a competition…  Yeah, he probably did.  He probably did it to garner attention from Mom. I see it like this ‘Look mom, Danny did it really cheap, but I can do it too! Don’t look at Danny – pffft… look at me, I am better!  Aren’t I am Mom?  I am better… Right Mom?’. Just like when we were kids.

I don’t know, but how did you ever burn a hole in there like that Jimmy?  I am actually wondering if that is intentional…  I would actually would not be surprised if it was.