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Year: 2013


Jim BERLADYN’s well battled ‘Football Jersey’


Grass/Mudstains… ?

At least when I ‘live in the past’ as you like to put it, I live in reality.  As Mark BERLADYN stated, you sat on the side lines and that Jersey never saw any action.  Hence your ‘Participation’ Trophies.

Of course, if Mother see’s this on your Facebook posts, which she likely does, you earn points towards your goals of undermining me.  I think it was Mark who called you a ‘little’ man.

Furnace Repairs

You know, one thing about Jim, besides having to to talk himself up every chance he gets, one thing about Jim…

He always copies me 

When I had first noticed this, I couldn’t help but think this was in response to how I handled the Furnace at home. Everything is a competition…  Yeah, he probably did.  He probably did it to garner attention from Mom. I see it like this ‘Look mom, Danny did it really cheap, but I can do it too! Don’t look at Danny – pffft… look at me, I am better!  Aren’t I am Mom?  I am better… Right Mom?’. Just like when we were kids.

I don’t know, but how did you ever burn a hole in there like that Jimmy?  I am actually wondering if that is intentional…  I would actually would not be surprised if it was.