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Year: 2011

The disHonourable defending disHonour.

The same guy who was too chicken shit to deal with the browner groping you in the bar?  That guy?  You mean the same guy you would not talk to until you decided that if you sided with him, you could take from me?

How does one person with no honour defend another person with no honour?  How does that even work?

Is it really honourable to state that you are going to leave your husband, but before you do, your going to get another child out of him first?  Is that honour?

Is there honour cheating?

Is there honour in stealing?

Is there honour in lying?


Jim, you’re a fag.

Poor Indy Alright.


This was $2400 and she demanded that I pay for it.  I still have yet to give her the bill for all the missed time from work this dog cost me.  The cleaning and aggravation of having a part Husky shed all over my bed, my carpets, not to mention urinating on the floor when Lisa Berladyn and Colin Palmer fought upstairs after losing their home.  I suppose that’s what happens when you steal over $40,000 from your employer and your husband is a spoiled alcoholic teenager.

Tall Tales and Five Steps

Is that what you tell your friends when you stumble on a single step with no one around you?  That you fell down a flight of stairs?

I wonder, did you tell them that no one was within fifteen feet of you?  It probably makes for a better story to say some “grabbed you by the throat” and “threw you down” – baby in arms and all.  It’s more dramatic isn’t it?  Of course if that actually had happened you would have called the cops and you didn’t – because you are a fraud.

Did Colin ever actually hit you, or did you just manipulate the cops to meet your needs?  I wonder…