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Month: June 2010

PMPD 2010-3991 Assist Public



That’s great.  Except I am not Bipolar and I would have told you that then, just like I told the doctors and everyone else who kept turning around and stating I was.  Trust me, it’s not a good feeling when you are in that situation.  Thank you Psychologist Dr. Owen James and General Practitioner Dr. Brian Carlson.

Yes, I called her a fucking bitch.  Even my girlfriends said that.  As have Extended Family Members.  Her own Mother and her own Friends said the same, just in different words.

No, I never asked for money.  Not money outside of my entire Life Investment.  This conversation was a result of my siblings stepping into the financial and situational aspect of my relationship with my mother for Personal Gain.

This Port Moody Police File would have been the result of Jim BERLADYN and Lisa BERLADYN, manipulating the situation for Unjust Enrichment.   Of course, with Mike BERLADYN quietly going along for the ride.  Which, is obviously how my brother Jim’s words eventually found their way into coming out of PO108’s mouth as he read my Files.