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Year: 2008

Renovations – Repaint

This was a lot of work.  The siding went neglected and the house had not been painted since I had painted it as a teenager. I likely would have done it earlier if I wasn’t so beaten down and depressed from the family dynamics.

The majority of the work went like this.  I do not do things around this house half-assed.

I removed that terrible conduit, I replaced some siding, I treat it like a restoration.  The only mistake I made, I used the wrong filler and it grows black mold that needs to be cleaned off continually. The coming in fighting prevented me from having the energy and pride to correct it.

This was 6 Days of work, at least 60 hours, $500+ in materials and 8 Gallons of General Paint “Elastocoat”.  At the time I was making $2700 bi-weekly paycheques – clear, a job just ended and I asked for a week off to do this work.