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Month: June 2007

Renovations – Garden Shed

My Father set up this shed.  I have cleaned it out and organized it countless times.  When we had a new roof, I insisted the roofers leave new shingles. I used them to re-roof this shed as the tin was rusted out.

Some hat-track from work, courtesy of Modern Drywall, with permission of course, I reframed it.

Covered it in sheathing.

Covered it in tar paper and shingled it.

For some reason, this really upset my oldest brother. He started clamouring for my mother to get rid of this shed and buy a plastic smaller piece of junk. This deeply upset me because I have a lot of deep memories here and this was my Father’s. Originally, I wanted to lift the whole thing, relevel the ground and set it back down.  Everyone made an issue of it and it never happened.

The year before I had installed lighting, courtesy of BOSA Properties, they discarding the lamp fixtures installed in there.  I loved doing this stuff.