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Year: 2003

Psychiatrist #2

Excerpt from a Medical File

“… He reports that he lives with his parents and he pays the rent and supports them financially. However, he believes that he does not have much privacy at home. He reports his parents come down to the basement to use his phone. He is unhappy about it, he does not see any other way of dealing with the situation. In addition to that…”

Does anyone want to review the Sworn Testimony spoken on the Witness Stand? The one where my elderly mother was told what to say? Does anyone remember when I turned towards my Family and stated you belong in Jail? I was escorted outside the Courtroom for that.
As for the rest of this file.  Perhaps I will go through and explain what I said and what is written.  I used to remember it well, but now there so much to deal with.

Dr. Balaraju KATTA

2003 April 10 Consult Psychiatry


Medical File

I never like any of these, I always wish I could could go through, write my actual thoughts, the things stated, the reasons they were stated.  Most importantly of all, I’d like to go through and correct the wrong words chosen.  The ones that are important to me.  I am thinking a four letter word he written. One many have written.

Anyways, this File proves PERJURY.

Smart move Jim BERLADYN.  You weasel, you guys coerced her, an elderly lady and now she’s committed PERJURY in Court.